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With the views and landscapes seen in films such as Lord of the Rings it is no wonder that tourists want to head to New Zealand but does this mean that we can still eat Gluten Free? Thankfully you can find ideas and suggestions here.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Auckland, North Island View On Map
A few weeks ago, we stayed in the city for my birthday and went to dinner at Eight. Eight is the restaurant at the Langham hotel in Auckland and I know several people who have eaten there and they all say how wonderful the food is. When I mentioned to the wait staff that I was gluten free, they offered gluten free bread to start with, which I thought was a nice touch. There are eight different kitchens with different cuisines that you can experience in one sitting. You can either eat from the sit down menu or eat from the buffet, which allows you to experience as many of the eight food cultures as you want. I had a walk around the buffet restaurant and spoke to the different chefs who are there to assist you with choices and to prepare food for you as you wait. There were many gluten free options and some of the chefs offered to make special meals for me in addition to the gluten free options available. The meal I finally chose was absolutely delicious, beautifully cooked and very fresh. When it came to dessert time, I decided I could not fit anymore food in. So Haitch went up to the buffet and brought back a plate of lovely looking desserts. When he came back to the table he put an ice cream cone in my hand. I thought that he was expecting me to hold it for him while he ate the dessert he had in his plate. What a mean trick to play on me. He knows how badly I have wanted an ice cream in a cone since being gluten free. But then he said "it's for you! They have gluten free ice cream cones so I made one for you!" I quickly forgot how tired and full I was. I licked that ice cream and crunched on the delicious cone and totally enjoyed the blissful moment.
Recommended By: sleepinghorse.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-08

Mexicali Fresh
, Chain View On Map
My work moved out to East Tamaki recently. We're on the lookout for good lunch spots, and a few of the crew headed to Botany Town Centre and came back raving about Mexicali Fresh. I hopped online and checked out the menu. The online menu is wonderful, and clearly shows which dishes are gluten-free, and as an added bonus, there's a nutrition sheet online, which goes through item by item, showing not only the gluten-freeness of individual items, but also the nutritional content. I took myself off to Mexicali Fresh at the next available opportunity and was delighted with what I found. Lovely fresh corn chips, fresh ingredients and a wide variety of options for me! The staff were helpful and friendly and the food was delicious. I'll be making Mexicali Fresh a regular lunch stop in future.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-02

Pt Chevalier, North Island View On Map
It was our wedding anniversary last week, and coincidentally, the Gluten Free Grocer posted on their Facebook page that they really recommended Ragu and that it had an excellent gluten-free menu. Ragu, or rather its history, has special memories for us.On my first look at the menu, I was a little disappointed. How could a restaurant which was supposedly great for gluten-free have NO gluten-free notations on the menu? I asked the waitress which items were gluten-free, and she said she'd bring me the gluten-free menu! This proved to be much the same as the normal menu, but indicated which items were gluten and/or dairy free. At first, I was confused as to why you wouldn't just have all these notations on a normal menu, but then it occurred to me that there was a much better chance of your wait person remembering that you required gluten-free options if they'd had to bring you a different menu (on different coloured paper too).

The food here comes as Main dishes or "small plates" - tapas style, and hot or cold. I was really impressed with the number of gluten-free options there were. We shared the dip, and it was lovely. The gluten-free bread was very nice and toasted on the grill, and our waitress brought us more when she saw we still had dip left. All of the dishes were lovely. Flavoursome, beautifully presented. The dessert menu had three gluten-free options - a creme brulee, chocolate brownie, and affogato.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-02

The Beach Front Restaurant
Waiheke Island, North Island View On Map
During our recent camping sojourn, we took refuge at Beach Front Restaurant in Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island. I was pleased to see their menu had the most awesome labelling on it. A nice big red GF against those items which were gluten-free. Sadly, there weren't many items which were gluten-free if you didn't like green-lipped mussels. Also, there was no offer of gluten-free bread or buns for the burgers, although to be fair, they were quite busy so I didn't ask them, just took the easy chicken satay option. The back of the menu did offer a selection of pizzas and clearly stated that they had gluten-free bases available, which was all good. The food was nice, reasonably generous proportions and fresh and tasty. The prices seemed high to me, but then I realised I was comparing against our local suburban cafe not one which is in a tourist area, and should be comparing to Viaduct Harbour prices, in which case, they were OK. The service was excellent, cheery and efficient. A good place to stop for a bite on the beachfront, with both indoor and outdoor seating. They also had free wi-fi for those who needed to connect!
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-02

Whangaparaoa, North Island View On Map
Went to JAC's and they offer a lot of gluten free options, pizza, pasta and burgers. The chefs wife is coeliac so is very helpful will definitely go back
Recommended By: Toni On: 2013-05-22

Naturally Organic
, Albany View On Map
If you haven't already had a look at Naturally Organic as a place to buy gluten-free products, I would recommend it. Based up on Rosedale Road in Albany, I'd seen the signs for it a few times as I drove past to work meetings. I was on the shore fairly early one morning and had missed breakfast, so I popped in to see if I could buy a gluten-free muesli bar.

The shop is all about everything organic, be it beauty products, cleaning products, baby products or food. But in amongst the food, they have a huge range of gluten-free products. They're not quite as big as the Ceres shop in Ellerslie, but have about four times the floor space of the Gluten-Free Grocer in Mt Eden. And I would have to say that their range of products was exceptional. They had about 15 different kinds of gluten-free biscuit, a good range of breads, muesli bars and flours, an excellent range of breakfast cereal, a large number of packet pre-mixes for everything from bread to cakes and quite a few items that I haven't seen anywhere else.

The prices are comparable with Ceres and the Gluten-free Grocer, so those items which you can pick up in a supermarket are a little more expensive than supermarket prices. But it is well worth a look at this shop, simply for the range of products they carry. They also operate a comprehensive delivery service.

I'll be stopping by again, maybe later in the day this time, to see if they have any baking I can try! But for the moment, I'll continue munching on my Nutty Corners from Marx Bakery as stocked by Naturally Organic. Yum yum!
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2012-07-15

Sal Rose
Mt Albert, North Island View On Map
I've always thoroughly enjoyed Italian food, but we haven't been out to an Italian restaurant in nearly two years. Full of pasta and pizza as they are, they're not generally friendly places for the gluten-intolerant amongst us. One of our older children had mentioned that they thought they had seen the magic words "gluten-free" on the menu of Sal Rose, so we thought we'd give it a try.

I was delighted to look at the menu and see that certain items were identified as gluten-free, and also to see "gluten-free pasta available" and under the pizza section "gluten-free bases available". Yippee!! I fondly remembered their caramelised onion and cheese flatbread, so my first question to our waitress was "is this available gluten-free?" She was lovely, responded with enthusiasm and went away to check - the answer was yes. So we got one of those, and a gluten-free pizza to share between us.

The food was excellent and service speedy. Even though we were the last diners to come in, they didn't rush us. It was really nice to be somewhere where the wait staff didn't make me feel as though it was a problem for them that I wanted gluten-free options. And the food was great.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2012-05-09

Alley Katz
Orewa, North Island View On Map
We came across a cafe with a list of gluten free options in the window. Oh how wonderful. They have a gluten free pancake stack with bacon, banana and maple syrup. This is the first time I have seen this on any gluten free menu since being gluten free. So we went in and ordered our food and I sipped my coffee while waiting in anticipation for my pancake stack. I don't want to be disappointed so I tried to keep my expectations low.

Other people's food coming out of the kitchen looked good. Then along came mine. It looked beautiful. A little stack of pancakes with bacon in between and grilled banana on top. A fresh fruit salad on the side with blueberries, pineapple, melon and golden kiwifruit, a little jar of maple syrup and a bowl of whipped cream and a light dusting of icing sugar. My pancake stack was delicious.
Recommended By: sleepinghorse.wordpress.com On: 2012-05-09

, Chain View On Map
I was in Wellington this week for work. I had an hour or so at the airport over lunchtime, so looked for food. I spied Wishbone, and as I was walking towards it, noticed an enormous pink sign! Yes, gluten-free sandwiches in the same nice little packs as everyone else's sandwiches. The only difference is a pink stick on label clearly showing the difference. The sandwiches were 30c more expensive than the non-gluten-free ones, coming in at $6.80 (ouch, airport prices). They used Vogel's gluten-free bread and were fresh and nice and possible to eat as a sandwich. They also had a small selection of gluten-free slices and cakes, and I bought a piece of ginger crunch for after. The slice part was very crumbly and the ginger topping quite sticky and a bit liquid, but Yum.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2012-03-21

Amora Hotel
Wellington, North Island View On Map
"We've been experimenting with gluten-free baking in the kitchen and wondered if you could give us your opinion on these," were the words out of the Amora Hotel chef's mouth partway through the morning of our Wellington Roadshow. I swallowed my threatened giggle, ate the (very nice) chocolate chip macaroons, and reported back to him that they tasted excellent. The same chef had brought me gluten-free toast, and the banquet coordinator had made sure I saw their menu which clearly showed the gluten-free options on the buffet breakfast and made sure I had plenty to eat. It's the first time at a conference that I have felt so pampered and cared for! Morning tea was a honey soaked polenta cake - gluten-free - not just for me but for everyone. It was very tasty.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2012-03-21

New Gusto Cafe
Albany, North Island View On Map
I am often over on the North Shore visiting customers and I regularly stop by New Gusto Cafe on the corner of Rosedale Road and Apollo Drive. When I swung by on Friday morning to pick up coffees for my meeting, I was greeted by the specials board with loads of Gluten Free items.

I appreciate their menu board, which has orange stars, denoting gluten-free items, and it is over two thirds of their menu. They also have in their cabinet a selection - normally half a dozen - cakes and sweets which are gluten-free and more savoury cabinet items as well. But the specials board was really, well, special! I cannot recommend them highly enough. I have been going there for over two years now and have been consistently impressed with their service, quality of food, and commitment to those of us who have a restricted diet.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2012-03-21

Woodturner's Cafe
Ngatea, North Island View On Map
Ngatea is about half-way between Auckland and Katikati and over the years we've experimented with different cafes there to stop and have a cuppa. By far the best, is Woodturners Cafe on SH2 south bound, just after the Coromandel turnoff. The quality of the food and service have remained the same however - extremely high. The savoury scone is an especially good product, although sadly not gluten-free. I was pleased on my last stop in to see a sign on their blackboard saying to ask about Gluten Free options, so I did, and was delighted to be told they could offer a lemon muffin. I was quite impressed that they reached into their freezer, pulled out a frozen muffin, heated it perfectly and added yoghurt. Why don't more cafes do this? Bake or buy a batch of gluten-free product and freeze it? The just haul it out on request? And be proud and advertise it, just as Woodturners' do? Full marks to Woodturners for their sensible use of a freezer, and good advertising! Oh, how was the muffin? Excellent! And my husband assures me the coffee is excellent too!
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2012-01-17

Galbraith's Alehouse
Auckland, North Island View On Map
We decided to go to Galbraith's Ale House, partly because the food was great in the past, partly because it's just across the road from the Gluten-Free Grocer. We looked at beer first. Now Galbraith's brew their own beer, so my husband took some time deciding on what to drink. I had resigned myself to wine until I noticed the last item on the list of beers - "Gluten-free beer - Scott's Pale Ale". Woohoo!!

Then I turned to the menu. At the bottom of each page it shows that they mark items as GF (gluten-free) or GFO (gluten-free option available). There are a significant number of dishes on the menu which are either GF or GFO, including fish and chips, which is what I had. The fish was lovely, with a tempura batter. I thought the menu overall was very good. There are interesting combinations of flavours and foods, far out of the norm for a pub. Prices range from $10 on their cut-price lunch menu up to about $35 for their eye fillet steak, duck breast and pork dish, and we felt it was good value. So impressive menu for a pub and great that they have gluten-free beer. I'd definitely go back again.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2012-01-17

Pannikins Cafe
Arrowtown, South Island View On Map
I was doing really well this weekend. Ever conscious of trying to cut down on sugar, I roamed the streets of Arrowtown enjoying the historic gold mining town and looking for gluten free food that wasn't sweet. Most cafes either don't have any gluten free options or they have a sweet slice, made of course with sugar. So I got very good at saying no to food and just having coffee whilst relying on raw food bars from my handbag for snacks. That was until I got to Pannikins Cafe. Suddenly "cutting down on sugar" was not even an option. On this Arrowtown cafe's menu was gluten free devonshire teas! I haven't had devonshire tea for what seems like years. Oh how I love devonshire tea.

It didn't disappoint. The scone of course, was not quite as good as a glutinous scone but who cares. Look at it! A delicious scone with lashings of jam and piled high with whipped cream. Pannikins Cafe has lots of gluten free options and I even bought the sweetest looking caramel square to take away with me and I ate it on the plane on the way home. I should have felt guilty, but I didn't.
Recommended By: sleepinghorse.wordpress.com On: 2012-01-16

Hamic Café
Milford, North Island View On Map
My sister came to stay for the weekend and we went to lunch. She took us to a wonderful cafe called Hamic in Milford on Auckland's North Shore. We had stumbled across this cafe during the week, which was not easy as it is tucked away off the main street. You almost have to know it is there. We checked it out to see if it was "suitable" and yes, it had gluten free options available.

As usual I had to ask a number of questions when I was ordering to understand where the hidden gluten may be lurking but the girl was very patient, checking with the chef if she was unsure. When we had finished ordering I apologised for asking so many questions. Her friendly reply was that she didn't mind as it helped her to understand. It probably helped that we were there towards the end of the lunch service when it wasn't so busy. The potato rosti was absolutely delicious and the eggs were poached perfectly.

We finished our lunch with a gluten free pineapple coconut cake. When the girl bought it to our table she asked if icing sugar was gluten free and had said that because she wasn't sure, she hadn't put the shake of icing sugar over the cake in case it wasn't. And by the way, she wasn't being facetious. I hear some of you wondering this but she was just extremely friendly and interested in the whole hidden gluten thing. She (and the excellent food) made for an excellent lunch experience.
Recommended By: sleepinghorse.wordpress.com On: 2011-11-25

Burger Wisconsin
, Chain View On Map
This is a very quick shout out to Burger Wisconsin, Mt Albert. We just ordered dinner, and once again, had the BEST experience possible with a takeaway. I asked for a chicken avocado bacon burger on a gluten-free bun, and was asked if I'd like the grilled chicken tenderloin rather than the crumbed breast. Big tick. Then they said "Our mayonnaise and our relish do contain some gluten. Would you like to have those removed as well?". I need to say that I know a previous commenter to this blog has had an issue with Wisconsin (not the Mt Albert one). I have now been eating gluten-free for 14 months, had burgers from Wisconsin about 6 times from the Mt Albert shop, and EVERY SINGLE TIME they have asked me about the mayo and relish. To me, that's outstanding service and awareness. As I've previously mentioned, I also like that they have a complete list of ingredients on their website and available in all their stores.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2011-11-06

New Brew
Albany, North Island View On Map
There I was again today at lunchtime, settled into the New Brew in Albany. I didn't hold out too much hope for an easy lunch choice having experienced many pub lunches with no labelling. I was however, pleasantly surprised to open the menu and see: Available in Vegetarian (V) Available in Gluten Free (**) Even some of their burgers were available on a gluten-free bun. How good is that? I had the chicken, bacon and avocado salad and requested it gluten-free. My dining companion had the non-gluten-free option and hers came with noodles on top while mine had kumara crisps. A lovely fresh salad, lots of greens and enough bacon and avocado to make it really tasty.

The service was excellent with a very personable waiter. The food was slow to arrive however, about half an hour from the time of ordering. I don't know how they go on cross-contamination, but it was refreshing to see a pub with not only a wide selection of gluten-free options, but one who labelled them as such.

Great value for money with generous sizings. And because I was with my boss, I also got to try their hot chips, which were home-made, with the skins on, and very tasty indeed. A big thumbs up for New Brew!
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2011-10-07

The Falls
Henderson, North Island View On Map
I had begun to forget what fish and chips tasted like. Well OK, not so much the chips. But battered fish? Forget it! Steamed, poached, grilled and the like, but never battered. At The Falls, in Henderson today, this lack of fish and chips was rectified - and rectified beautifully!

I began to cast my eye over the food menu, and lo and behold, there were signs - V for vegetarian, GF for Gluten-Free or something which could be made gluten-free. Over half of the menu fell into this category. Better than that though, the second to last item on the mains was Fish and Chips. I skipped past it, as I normally do with fish and chips, then on a second read through noticed the GF next to it, and read a bit more carefully. "Cider and herb gluten-free batter" the description read. So it's not that they COULD make it gluten-free, it was that they offered it AS STANDARD as gluten-free. How awesome is that?

The meals arrived in due course, and were lovely. The batter was crispy - nicely flavoured and not too greasy. The chips were big and thick cut and the side salad was small but very fresh. It was all beautifully presented and delicious! Even more impressive is that they had a wedding on downstairs, but our meals came promptly, all at the same time and were beautifully put together.

Service was great, attentive without being pushy. The atmosphere was lovely - the room we were in was beautifully done up and we didn't quite feel flash enough for the room. So all in all, a lovely lunch.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2011-09-07

Groucho's Cafe
Auckland, North Island View On Map
I checked out the Coeliac Society's Dining Guide and decided to try Grouchos cafe. I had been wanting to try this place for a while but it is quite a walk from work but a great opportunity today having the car.

What an amazing place for Coelaics! There was so much to choose from that I couldn't decide what to have. I was pointed out the beautiful home made pies and guess what, there was even a gluten free bacon and egg mini pie. I just had to try it. The pastry looked too good to be true. I also ordered a chocolate caramel slice and a ginger crunch slice to have later.

The pie was amazing! It looked like pastry and do you know what? It tasted like pastry! These guys are amazing. The chocolate caramel square was just right and didn't have too much caramel like some slices. Caramel was dotted throughout the slice, rather than being smothered thickly (and sickly) in the middle.

I will definitely be making the trip back to Grauchos, even if I have to walk. Twenty minutes there, twenty minutes to decide what to have and to eat and twenty minutes walk back to work. Not a problem! And the coffee was great.
Recommended By: sleepinghorse.wordpress.com On: 2011-07-29

Monsoon Poon
Auckland, North Island View On Map
I've been to Monsoon Poon a couple of times before, the first before I became gluten-free, and at the time, I loved it. The second trip was for my birthday and I was fairly nervous as it was the first time I'd eaten out gluten-free. The staff here couldn't have been more helpful or knowledgeable about their menu, the contents of mixed entrees and when the meals were served, making a point of coming back to me and saying "that one's gluten-free, and that one, but you should probably stay away from that".

The menu is extensive and there are many gluten-free options, although none of them are labelled as such! There is labelling for vegetarians. The poppadums are listed as "lentil flour poppadums" and when I checked, the waitress confirmed that there was no wheat flour in them. She then checked to make sure I knew what would be gluten-free on the menu and confirmed that my choice of Beef Rendang was gluten-free. They were extremely pleasant and didn't make me feel like I was being unreasonable or demanding, which was very nice. My Beef Rendang was perfectly done. The beef was so tender it was falling apart and the gravy was thick and rich, with the delicious bite of tamarind. Like any good rendang, the sauce wasn't too liquid, and the flavour really exploded in my mouth. Yum.

The atmosphere at Monsoon Poon is great. Largely wooden chairs and tables, with a bamboo and oriental feel to it. There is a separate bar area with tables and chairs for pre-dinner drinks cunningly tucked behind a wooden half wall. The food came promptly, but at no time did it feel rushed. We were in and out in just on an hour, which was excellent given that it was a Tuesday lunchtime.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2011-06-28