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Belgium - Stores

When travelling, eating out is a lovely experience but some nights you may want to just eat in. At least if you have bought the products and cooked yourself then you can gurantee it is Gluten Free. Here are suggestions of stores, both local and national, where you can go to buy Gluten Free foods.

Search for specific stores or for those in a location of your choosing using the search box below. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Delhaize (Nationwide) - Normally, my days in Belgium would be spent trawling the shops looking for something - ANYTHING! - I could call lunch. Enter Del Haize, a supermarket chain in Belgium, which appears to have entered the GF market, albeit it mostly with cakes and crackery bits, but I can't complain! Allergo (the product which features so prominently in these pics) is, I believe, a French brand which has found a way to bake cakes, that feel and taste like cakes, and cookies that.. well, you get the picture. Damn good, although I have tasted better in the cookies market. Allergo products are available, to an extent, in the UK, but not the wide range I found in Belgium. They are also expensive - the madeleines retail for around £2.99 in the UK for a packet of 5 or 6, but I would say that they are worth it.
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Added: 2011-03-07