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The Czech Republic is world famous for its selections of beers and the national dish is dumplings, not a great combination for eating gluten free. However, it is possible and here are our suggestions to get around.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

Prague |Nationwide |
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Grand Majestic Plaza Hotel
Praha 1, Prague View On Map
This hotel was just beside the Palladium shopping centre and served us very well for a short stay in Prague. We ate breakfast (they had gluten free bread available on request - it doesn't say this anywhere, you just have to ask) and decent allergen labelling on the buffet. The hotel was really nice and the rooms were a standard size. We would stay here again.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy On: 2018-04-29

Praha 1, Prague View On Map
Amazing ice cream parlour with gluten free cones (on request) and a vast selection of home made flavours. I had the hazelnut and the salted caramel - absolutely amazing. Check their website before you visit to see which flavours are gluten free (although almost all of them are).
Recommended By: @SineadFoy On: 2018-04-29

Good Eats
Praha 1, Prague View On Map
This is a good spot for a light lunch. I had an omelette (it came with gluten bread on the side but I didn't tell them I was coeliac so I just gave it to my partner). My partner, who is not coeliac, had a full English and said it was very tasty. The omelette was light and fluffy. The menu said most of the soups are gluten free, though I didn't try them.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy On: 2018-04-29

Pizza Nuova
Praha 1, Prague View On Map
This was a really nice find, that we almost walked past. Despite the name, they do a full menu of pizza, pasta and meatballs dishes. The menu said they had gluten free pasta so that was what I went for. The carbonara was really tasty, generous portion size too. A nice touch, the waiter asked if I wanted penne or spaghetti. He also offered a selection of desserts. A bit of a busy spot, the food here is delicious and the service is great.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy On: 2018-04-29

Charles Bridge, Prague View On Map
I was in Prague this weekend. I found a great place, where you can eat gluten free: Alriso. It's near by Charles Bridge. They have a lot rice flour products (they bake they own gluten free bread). That's a great place.
Recommended By: Anna Wysokinska On: 2014-03-22

, Nationwide View On Map
This store had a great selection of gluten free goods. Although there was a special free from area, I noticed as we walked around the supermarket that many of the gluten free goods were on the shelves with the regular versions of the product. I don't have a particular problem with this (other than with flour, which I wasn't buying anyway) but personally I like to see the gluten free goods in the same place because it's easier for me to shop that way. We picked up some Dr Schar brown ciabatta rolls. Yep, even in Brno it's possible to pick up my favourite little gluten free brown ciabatta rolls! We also bought some ham and cheese and made ourselves a picnic on the train back to Vienna.

Billa are a leading Austrian supermarket chain who have supermarkets in 10 countries in central/eastern Europe. If you're in Austria or Czech Republic, look out for Billa supermarkets. As well as this supermarket in Brno, I also visited several Billa supermarkets in Vienna and found they all carried a selection of gluten free goods.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2012-05-02

Restaurace Na Zlaté křižovatce
Florenc, Prague View On Map
When we last visited Prague 5yrs ago it was our first trip away after diagnosis and we ended up eating each night in our hotel where the head chef was Irish. This time we were better prepeared after this restaurant had been previously added to the site.

After exploring the Christmas market we walked out towards the Florenc region of the city to find the restaurant. It was lunch time and on arrival there were 3 or 4 other tables in the quaint downstairs location. Na Zlaté křižovatce serves a 100% Gluten Free menu, a menu that even includes draught beer which was a first in 5yrs! It was so nice sitting down enjoying a beer and a bread basket while checking out the menu. After a starter of soup for Mrs TGF and a caesar salad with chicken, bacon and some of the nicest toast I have ever tasted. They were of a great size and very soon we were tucking in to mains of gnocchi and spaghetti. Again both were large and delicious. We were so full we couldn't manage desert but the range did look very appetising.

Most of the patrons while we were in the restaurant were overseas travellers so it is good to see that it is becoming well known as it is off the beaten track so knowledge is power! Here's hoping that it will continue to prosper and be of help to all future Prague travllers.
Recommended By: @TravGlutenFree On: 2011-12-13

Švejk Restaurant U Karla
Nové Město, Prague View On Map
I discovered Švejk Restaurant U Karla as another gluten-free option while searching the Internet. I emailed the restaurant to confirm that they were still serving a bezlepková (gluten-free) menu. The owner emailed me back to tell me that they were still serving a gluten-free menu and that his daughter has Celiac Disease. Immediately, this gave me a sense of relief since the owner clearly understood the need for a safe, gluten-free menu.

I had arranged to meet a new TravBuddy friend, Limora, on Saturday night for dinner, so I suggested Švejk Restaurant U Karla which happened to be right near her hostel. We were seated promptly as we passed by the accordion player and tables full of big meals and bigger beers. I asked for a gluten-free menu and the waiter quickly brought one over.

I was pleased to see the gluten-free menu at Švejk Restaurant wasn't much different from the traditional Czech menu my friend had in front of her. I was pleased that I was going to get another traditional meal that was safe for me to eat. On a recommendation from the waiter, I decided on the gluten-free beef goulash with roasted sausage, onions, homemade gluten free dumplings. I also asked for a side of gluten-free bread and the waiter insisted the dumplings were "enough bread!" I ordered a Celia beer as well and then began to explain Celiac to my dining companion.

My goulash and dumplings came and I was excited to see a "GLUTEN-FREE" flag right in the middle of my plate. Another happy sigh of relief escaped my mouth. I explained to Limora that is just so comforting to know that your food is safe. The meal was heavy and saucey and bready and exactly what I wanted from this traditional Czech dish. I think I started to realize why Czechs drink so much beer; it is the perfect balance with the salty and thick sauced-meal that I was having that night. It was all so filling that I didn't even have room for dessert.

I went back to Švejk Restaurant U Karla my last night in Prague because I really wanted to try the Pork schnitzel in cheese gluten free dough. I was excited that my waiter remembered me and he immediately brought me the gluten-free menu. If you don't know what schnitzel is, the best way I can describe it is breaded and fried meat. Can you say delicious?! This was the first time I ever had a deep-fried anything in a restaurant and I devoured the dish. Of course, I also washed this down with another one (or two!) gluten-free beers. Seriously, I think this was my favorite dish in Prague. Can you go wrong with deep-fried anything? This was the perfect last dinner in the Czech Republic. Check out the picture of the food and the gluten-free flag.

You should definitely add Švejk Restaurant U Karla to your list of gluten-free places to eat in Prague. Make sure you go to the right "U Karla" though, because they seemed to be a chain of restaurants.
Recommended By: @gfreefun / glutenfreeglobetrotter.com On: 2011-05-31

Restaurace Na Zlaté křižovatce
Florenc, Prague View On Map
I was not going to post from my trip, but I was too excited not to share this restaurant with my readers. Literally the day I was getting on the plane, I found this new restaurant in Prague through a Czech page on Facebook of all places. As of April 1st, Restaurace Na Zlaté křižovatce is the first 100% gluten-free restaurant in all of Prague.

Traditional Czech cuisine is very unfriendly to those of us on a gluten-free diet. The dishes are heavy on flour-thickened sauces, dumplings, and fried foods. Now, you can enjoy traditional cuisine in a very safe environment at this new restaurant where everything is gluten-free. I will update more about this meal when I get home, but I wanted to share this great news with everyone right away! The staff was fantastic, the meal was delicious, but more importantly where the language is impossible and the food is usually unsafe, this is truly a safe haven for us with Coeliac Disease.

Check out the "no wheat" symbol on the front of the restaurant. How reassuring is that! Full Review Here!
Recommended By: @gfreefun / glutenfreeglobetrotter.com On: 2011-04-18

Hotel Jalta
Wenceslas Square, Prague View On Map
Located just off of Wenceslas Square in central Prague, this was the hotel that we stayed at during our first overseas travel after coeliacs had been diagnosed. We were obviously fearful of what to expect going to a country with a language so removed from English but the staff were amazing in helping us find gluten free options. The experience was further helped by the head chef who happened to be from Cork, Ireland and we ate at the in house restaurant, 'HOT' every night of our stay. I would MASSIVELY recommend.
Recommended By: @TravGlutenFree On: 2010-08-21