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Finland - Phrases

With the languages of the world come the difficulties in explaining your condition to others. Below are the key phrases that you will probably need to know. These phrases are of great benefit but I also fully recommend the credit card sized reference cards that you can order from www.dietarycard.com, or for those languages not provided try www.celiactravel.com. Alternatively, maybe you would like to pick up a translation dictionary?

  • Sairastan keliakiaa ja noudatan tarkkaa gluteenitonta ruokavaliota. En voi syödä pieniäkään määriä vehnää, ruista, ohraa tai kauraa. Voin syödä esimerkiksi riisiä, maissia, tattaria, perunaa, lihaa, kalaa ja kasviksia. Voitteko kertoa minulle mitkä ruoka-annokset ovat gluteenittomia ruokalistallanne tai mitkä voidaan valmistaa gluteenittomiksi? Kiitos avustanne.
    [I have an illness called Coeliac Disease and have to follow a strict gluten-free diet. I cannot eat the smallest amount of wheat, rye, barley and oats. I can eat e.g. rice, maize, buckwheat, potatoes, meat, fish and vegetables. Can you point out dishes suitable for me on your menu or prepare my dish without gluten, please? Thank you for your help.]

www.dietarycard.com www.celiactravel.com