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Germany - Restaurants

The hardest thing when suffering from coeliac disease or following a Gluten Free diet is obviously finding somewhere to eat. Here are our suggestions of places particularly friendly if you're looking for somewhere.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat (e.g. Newcastle, London Pizza). Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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HafenCity, Hamburg View On Map
Highly recommend this restaurant on Poggenmühle 5. Gluten-Free pasta and pizza for normal prices! Delicious, everything we had. Not worried about cross contamination. I'm terribly sensitive to gluten and wheat and had no problem.
Recommended By: Teresa On: 2013-08-11

Neumarkt, Cologne View On Map
Amazing South African food! The chef - who is African - came out to visit with us and ended up making the sauce especially for me without flour. I have no idea what it would taste like with the flour but without it was absolutely delicious - I'm convinced that I missed nothing! I had an antelope filet while others had ostrich and there was even crocodile. I highly recommend going here if you want a little variety along with high quality food (good value as well), full-flavor, nice atmosphere, and nice drinks.
Recommended By: Brittany On: 2012-12-28

Eis Voh Bundesallee
Friedenau, Berlin View On Map
This family-run cafe has a wide range of really yummy home-made gluten free cakes (offer about 7 every day) and also has glutenfree ice cream. Even though it's not anywhere near tourist attractions, it's worth going there!!! (Prices are inexpensive - less than 3euros a piece.) I dont know if they speak English.
Recommended By: Anne On: 2011-12-05

Essen Fassen
Tiergarten, Berlin View On Map
The two men running the restaurant are really nice and definitely know what they are doing. I especially recomment the schnitzel so if you want to eat something typical German (they offer a glutenfree version). Prices are not cheap either but still okay. At lunchtime I heard it's quite packed. The restaurant is not far fromm the western city centre (Ku-Damm and Zoo).
Recommended By: Anne On: 2011-12-05

Sauvage Sauvage
Treptow, Berlin View On Map
This restaurant does paleolithic cooking. This means that the whole restaurant is gluten free. It's yummy as well. Prices are not cheap for Berlin but still okay (for me as a student it's expensive because there are so many other places which are cheaper, but for "normal" working people and especially for English people prices are okay). You definitely need to make a reservation beforehand. Website is also available in English.
Recommended By: Anne On: 2011-12-05

's Baggers
Boxdorf, Nürnberg View On Map
Our last road trip after three years in Germany was yesterday to Nuremberg. We were on a mission to finally see one last city and what better place to visit than a city with another gluten free restaurant, 's Baggers. We spent the afternoon on a quick walking tour of Old Town past all the market vendors and one specifically that caught my eye, a Gluten Free baked goods stand!! Wow, that was a first to see. We ended our walk at the Toy Museum, Spielzeugmuseum. Nuremberg is known for their wooden toys and trains and I knew the boys would love to see the trains.

A quick 15 minute drive from Old Town and we were at 's Baggers restaurant. I was told that this family restaurant would be fun for the kids and had a gluten free organic, Bio, menu, all of which I was excited about. When we arrived I felt like we had walked into a Fun Park... bright color, balloons, many levels and a rail system that you've got to see. This is not a train rail system but rather a food delivery system. Yep, the wait staff doesn't deliver anything but hot tea and coffee because both of those probably wouldn't make through the quick travel down the rails. Everything else on the menu is served in small pots hot from the kitchen! The food races down the rails directly to your seat and sometimes has a fireworks display during its travel. It was by far one of the craziest things I have seen and only in Germany, they are masters at engineering!

On to the menu... Each table has two computers and the entire menu is on the touch screen. It is like a Japanese Steak House style where you might share a table with strangers, adding to the fun. There are no paper menus and you order as you go Tapas style with a card system that allows you to pay at the end. All items on the menu that are gluten free are marked "GF" and if you want to see the entire GF menu you can do a search and all items will be brought up together. It is great to have a restaurant that does all the work identifying things for you, however the items on this menu that were GF were for the most part naturally GF. What I mean by that is they haven't taken the time replace things with any alternatives, not much creativity there. For instance, I order the GF Schnitzel, which I was pretty excited to see since that is a signature German dish that I'm never able to eat. I was expecting to see a gluten free breaded version but instead they just eliminated the breading (for sticking with the Paleo this was ideal). But not exactly schnitzel if you ask me. We also ordered the GF Potato cakes with GF dipping sauce and a white asparagus soup... Mmmm good! Again not too difficult to make potato cakes gluten free but the dipping sauces were awesome with no worries of hidden gluten.

Overall the food was fresh and delicious, the place was fun and the prices were reasonable. I highly recommend it! It was under a two hour drive from Stuttgart and we made it into a day trip which worked out great. I hope you all enjoy the experience.
Recommended By: @gfconnoisseur / gfconnoisseur.com On: 2011-04-25

City Centre, Stuttgart View On Map
Yes, it is true... A gluten free restaurant right in our home town! Thanks to our friends for the recommendation, Chris and I enjoyed a great dinner date last Friday and tasted as many gluten free dishes that our tummies could handle.

Resikorn is simple to find by car or by taking the S-Bahn to the Stuttgart Stadtmitte stop. They are located at Torstrasse 27 Stuttgart-Mitte. You'll want to make a reservation because it is small and fills up fast. My sister would love this place... She lives in Portland, Oregon and when we walked in I felt like we were in her city. Very hip, in vogue, style to the space that welcomes you to a "living room" dining experience. The menu was over the top in English perfection. I'm not sure who they hired to do the German to English translation but this was the BEST I have seen in Europe! The details were so well written that my mouth was watering when I read them. You will be pleasantly surprised with their Asian Fusion menu. On the menu you will find a legend at the bottom with different color stars that annotate the following: gluten free, vegetarian, lactose containing and vegan. Genius!

We started the evening off with a little Bodegus El Meson red wine from Crianz, Spain with our soup appetizer, Spicy Siamese Noodle Soup, that we shared. Mmmmm delicious and great way to start the meal. Then came the Vietnamese Lucky Rolls (Spring Rolls) in chicken and duck. The chicken was by far the better choice especially the two dipping sauces that came with it. The duck was just kind of there, nothing wowing about it and the sauce not as good.

My main course was the Mongolian Beef in a Sake Flush and Chris had the Wild Cashew Chicken which was the better choice of the two. The beef dish was not what I was expecting. When I hear mongolian I think of grilled meat like when you go to a Korean BBQ restaurant but this meat was more like stew meat. So if you are in the mood for a Beef Stew then this is the dish for you. It was very tasty just not what I was hoping for. The Cashew Chicken was fantastic and exactly what you would want in this type of meal.

Since we did not consume the amount of rice on our plates we were ready for more. Just one more dish that sounded very interesting and inviting... Number 7, Vegetarian GF Crisp Rice-Schlupfer (doughs) stuffed with spinach and goat cheese. Now tell that doesn't sound like heaven. Anything with word dough has got to be good. :) And to top it off we shared the Chocolate Chili Creme Brulee. It was just the right size to share. If you are wondering about cost... very reasonably priced! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
Recommended By: @gfconnoisseur / gfconnoisseur.com On: 2011-04-13

Cafe Vux
Neukoln, Berlin View On Map
The (almost) holy-grail of my gluten-less search in Berlin, a place that has a permanent selection of glutenfrei, freshly baked goods (read cake and cupcakes). Now, they're not the be all and end all of gluten-less goods, they're are no sandwiches, cookies or anything as exotic as that. But, they are about the only place in Berlin that is making an effort and actually selling gluten free wares.

After a lengthy journey down into the bowels of Neukoln I arrived to a very busy little cafe. Fortunately I managed to grab the last seat in the place near to the window and set about perusing their two glass cases.

In one was a cake with a little tag containing the magical words "glutenfrei". I scouted some more, but alas this was the only offering with such a label. My heart sank a little, but after checking with the friendly woman behind the counter, I was assured that these were also gluten free.

Joy! I spent around 2.3 seconds debating whether to have a cupcake or the cake and decided on both. A large coffee order later and I was sat waiting for the goodies to arrive.

Ahh, it was everything that I'd hoped it would be. Chocolaty, just soft and moist enough with a generous dollop of yummy tasting icing on top. Needless to say it didn't last long and the couple sat next to me were a little disturbed by my groans of joy at consuming it.

I was also informed by the owner that in addition to what they had that day, there is usually a proper glutenfrei cream cake on the weekends! And that I just happened to come on a weekend when they didn't have one (probably good though, I would of definitely ordered all 3).
Recommended By: @glutenfreiberln / glutenfreiberlin.wordpress.com On: 2011-03-08

Cafe Hilde
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin View On Map
Easily my favourite Pberg cafe, its relaxed, has comfy seats (a must in my mind), good coffee and free wifi (plus many power points). Gluten-less wise, they do have plenty of options for both breakfast and an evening meal.

Mostly the breakfasts do, alas, come with bread, but they're quite happy with you taking in your own gluten free variety (they have one regular who keeps a stock of it in their kitchen). Otherwise, there are soups and baked potatoes with various fillings. The owners are quite aware of people desiring Gluten-less food (plus they speak perfect English for those lacking of deutsch) so you don't have to worry about being served something with normal flour in when asking for wheat free.

As mentioned their coffee is most good and they usually have a seasonal drink or two on offer (pumpkin Chai Latte and cinamon hot chocolate have been the two most recent). Well worth a visit for coffee and delicious food.

They also have many events on each week, check out the listing on their website.
Recommended By: @glutenfreiberln / glutenfreiberlin.wordpress.com On: 2010-12-19

Nibelungenallee, Frankfurt View On Map
Went there with a colleague because I read on a German coeliac site that this Greek restaurant, known as "Frankfurt's Edelgrieche" (Gourmet Greek), knew how to accommodate people who need to eat gluten-free. The server was indeed not only friendly but very familiar with the gluten-free diet and could recommend a number of dishes. I had a wonderful fish dish and salad outside on their beautiful patio, and I'd highly recommend this restaurant. The menu seems to change every two months, so it makes sense to check out their menu online.
Recommended By: trav0815 On: 2010-08-26