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Our neighbours just across the Irish Sea might speak the same language but that doesn't always help when suffering from coeliacs. Irish Stew and Guinness aren't gluten free but that shouldn't stop you having a good old time!

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Cactus Jack's
Galway, Connacht View On Map
This cosy Mexican restaurant is situated just off Quay Street and provides such a wide range of gluten-free dishes. You can find a 'C' on the menu beside the dishes that are coeliac friendly, some of which include nachos, wings, tacos, burgers and much more. I got the chilli cheese nachos and the pollo de la casa on a gluten-free bun and needless to say I was extremely satisfied. This restaurant fits the bill for both a casual bite to eat or a nice evening out for dinner.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-14

Fat Freddy's
Galway, Connacht View On Map
This American styled restaurant is located on Quay Street, which is in my opinion, the best street for restaurants and bars in Galway. During the summer (if it's not raining) you can sit outside and enjoy your meal in a friendly atmosphere. Also, if it's chilly they can provide you with blankets so the cold Irish climate doesn't have to put a damper on your evening! This restaurant serves gluten-free pasta and I would definitely recommend the pasta carbonara.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-14

The Kitchen
Galway, Connacht View On Map
On the other side of town, down by Spanish Arch, The Kitchen also offers an amazing lunch menu. Coeliac Friendly options are clearly marked and gluten-free bread is available. This little spot is also vegetarian-friendly and has delicious gluten-free treats up at the till too.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-14

, Chain View On Map
If I'm ever in the mood for a pizza in Galway I'd always opt for Milano's. Not only does Milano's offer gluten-free pizza, but also gluten-free dough balls for a starter and a gluten-free chocolate brownie for desert so you can guarantee you'll be leaving satisfied.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-14

Cape Greko
Malahide, County Dublin View On Map
A hidden gem in the seaside town of Malahide. It's so easy to walk past Cape Greko and not see it because it's not on he ground floor, but you'd be missing out. The Greek food is delicious and many things on the menu are either gluten free or can be adapted to gluten free - they even keep gluten free pita bread in stock! There are lots of menus - lunch, early bird, a la carte - which even run into the weekend, so cost shouldn't be an issue. Good selection of vegetarian dishes too. We went here on one of the hottest days of the year and the restaurant felt lovely and cool (not cold), like an oasis! Highly recommended
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2017-07-10

Ashbourne, Co. Meath View On Map
My partner and I had dinner in here recently and we were blown away by the fantastic service and delicious food. We arrived at the restaurant on a whim - we hadn't heard of it before. I informed the waiter that I was a coeliac and he went through EVERYTHING with me - the menu, the specials, the variations he could make on different dishes, the reasons he couldn't do certain dishes, how the kitchen was set up. I couldn't have been happier! As a coeliac, eating out can feel like a hassle but our waiter, Dan, was without a doubt the best waiter I've ever had in my life. Once our food actually arrived, the delight continued! Both my gluten-free pasta meal and my partner's normal steak meal were flawless and delicious. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and couldn't fault it or the service in the slightest. I can't wait for the opportunity to eat here again! The food was priced very reasonably and the atmosphere was buzzing! It was a very cool, modern place (not a hipster place though) and we really enjoyed our visit.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2016-02-14

La Bucca
Ashbourne, Co. Meath View On Map
Lovely Italian coeliac restaurant. My partner and I had dinner here and it was really lovely. They have a full gluten-free menu so make sure to ask for it on arrival. They provide a selection of pasta, pizza, burgers (without buns) and grilled meat. They also have gluten free beer on the menu. I had GF pizza while my partner had normal pizza. We both thoroughly enjoyed our food. The desserts were amazing - huge portions though, which isn't a bad thing! Although the restaurant was quite busy, we didn't feel under pressure to leave early. Very good value for money and a thoroughly enjoyable meal. Highly recommended.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2016-02-14

37 Dawson Street
Dublin 2, Dublin View On Map
Went here for Sunday brunch and cocktails with the girls. The decor is lovely, really cosy spot. The food is quite nice, if a little overpriced for what you get. The staff are a bit incompetent (not specifically with gluten free food, just in general) so my advice would be to double check everything. I had to have my food sent back as it came sitting on regular gluten bread. Overall it's a nice spot and I'd recommend it, but with the caveat that you need to keep your wits about you.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2015-04-23

Kingsley Hotel
Victoria Cross, Cork View On Map
Stayed here recently and was completely blown away. The hotel itself was beyond amazing but the food was so great too. Had chowder in the springboard restaurant and they provided gluten free bread simply based on my asking if the chowder was suitable for coeliacs. The next morning I was treated to a freshly made omelette and gluten free toast. I only wish I had stayed longer to try more meals! Beautiful hotel, super friendly staff and great food!
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2015-01-01

Forchetta Italian Grill
Blanchardstown, Dublin View On Map
This Italian restaurant is located within the Crowned Plaza hotel but is open to non-guests of the hotel too. The staff are extremely well informed about gluten, including cross contamination. I had mussels to start, seafood risotto for my main and pancotta for dessert and it was to die for. I made a pig of myself as I couldn't leave any delicious food behind and I look forward to my next visit to do the same!
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2014-01-18

The Church
Jervis Street, Dublin View On Map
The Church, as its name suggests, is located in an old refurbished church. It has both an a la carte menu and a bar menu, but it is the bar menu I'm reviewing. The selection is quite good, with the gluten free foods highlighted on the menu (they also do 2 for 1 cocktails on Thursdays). The staff are also quite used to dealing with coeliac customers. The only let down really is the food itself, which I found to be a bit bland. However I would still go back due to its convenient location and lovely atmosphere. If you are looking for a top class meal though, perhaps try out the a la carte menu instead.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-15

El Cordobes Tapas
Blanchardstown, Dublin View On Map
El Cordobes is a part of Browne's Steakhouse, but has its own menu. The restaurant lets you mix and match between the two menus, but I only ate from the tapas menu. There was approximately six to ten gluten free tapas, which our waited advised us on. I had one cold and two hot tapas and found them very tasty and filling. The meal was very good value also, which was a nice surprise as tapas can be expensive. Our waiters were really friendly, and I thought the atmosphere was warm too. Looking forward to going back again!
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2013-01-12

Bellini's Bar
Ballsbridge, Dublin View On Map
I had dinner in Bellini's Bar in the Burlington Hotel. The menu identified what was gluten free, although there was a limited selection. I ordered the Thai chicken curry and was delighted to find it both mild and delicious. Our waiter was very accommodating and had no qualms when I asked him to double check something with the chef. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal but be warned - they make strong cocktails!
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-12-28

Lucan, Dublin View On Map
I have eaten in Prego's a number of times, however I had recently heard it had changed management so I decided to check it out. The menu is still amazing, with almost all the dishes marked as either suitable for coeliacs or available in a coeliac version. This means that you can order proper Italian dishes, such as pasta and pizza without having to compromise on the taste. I have had the pizzas numerous times and they never fail to delight. On our last visit, we even met the chef who was asking for feedback on the various dishes we had ordered. The restaurant is quite small in size, so I would advise booking a table in advance. The prices are extremely reasonable also. This is one of my favourite Italian restuarants in all of Dublin. Prego's also offer a takeaway and delivery service, but I haven't ordered from that so cannot comment on its quality.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-08-28

Tyrrellstown, West Dublin View On Map
I ate here recently for a friend's birthday. The service was very good until it was time to order my food. The waiter said that they couldn't do me a dish without sauce. He did however recommend a few dishes (mainly duck) that I could choose from. I ordered my food with chips so I do not know if the fried rice is suitable. My meal wasn't to my tastes but everyone else thoroughly enjoyed theirs so I would not mark them down based on that
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-06-26

Jury's Inn
, Chain View On Map
My partner and I ate here before a show in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre. Despite a full menu, the selection of main courses suitable for coeliacs was quite limited. However, if you like chicken, I highly recommend the chicken supreme - most succulent chicken I've had in a long time! The staff were very helpful in tailoring the menu to my requirements. The prices were great value, especially in light of the large portion sizes. I would suggest checking out the menu beforehand, in case the limited selection is not to your liking.
Recommended By: @otaku_twerd On: 2012-06-05

Maximilans Bistro
Blanchardstown, Dublin View On Map
While a special gluten free menu is not available, the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable regarding suitable options from the a la carte menu. There is a varied selection of suitable starters and mains at reasonable prices. There is also a tapas menu available but I have not ordered from it so cannot comment on its suitability. Eating here is always a very enjoyable experience due to the delicious food, wonderful service and overall friendly atmosphere.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-05-31

Bewley's Grafton Street Café
Grafton Street, Dublin View On Map
I visited Bewley's Grafton Street Café recently on a trip to Dublin for brunch on an early Sunday afternoon. As the name suggests, the restaurant is located on the popular Grafton Street. From the outside, the restaurant doesn't look particularly big but once you enter you immediately notice how big it is (and how there are a number of levels). We decided to sit upstairs as downstairs was a little busy and we chose a table that looked down so that we could see what was going on. The menu itself is nothing special with salads, pizzas and pastas but I immediately noticed in the pasta section of the menu the magical words to any coeliac "All dishes are available with gluten/wheat free pasta." I was immediately sold and decided to have the penne pasta with bacon and mushroom in a Gorgonzola and thyme cream sauce. I was impressed! Even though I was full after the pasta, I had noticed earlier that they had a chocolate fudge cake which was advertised as gluten-free. Upon asking the waiter about the gluten-free cake, he said that the carrot cake was also gluten-free. As I am a bit of a self-confessed chocoholic, I decided to have the chocolate fudge cake. It was served with a generous helping of whipped cream and after eating all of it, I was well and truly full. Luckily I had the opportunity to burn all the calories of the gluten-free cake and cream off by walking and seeing the lovely sites of Dublin.
Recommended By: @glutenfree_city / glutenfreeinthecity.co.uk On: 2012-04-15

The Kitchen
Grafton Street, Dublin View On Map
After doing a last walk down Dublin's popular Grafton Street before heading back to the airport, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat. Just off Grafton Street I spied The Kitchen. Although the weather was gorgeous, we were not lucky enough to get a table outside in the sunshine as they were already taken so we decided to sit inside. The restaurant itself is quite small inside though I believe they had more seating upstairs. As we were quite early (just after 6pm) we qualified for the earlybird menu which effectively was a starter and a main for a fixed price which was a good deal. When I asked the restaurant what items on the earlybird menu were gluten-free, I was pointed to the main menu (as the earlybird menu was effectively a slightly restricted version of it) and all the gluten-free dished had a (c) next to them (I'm assuming c for coeliac!).

I decided to go for the soup of the day which was potato and leek. Unfortunately I was too hungry to remember to take a picture when it arrived! For my main I decided to have the chicken pasta dish as they had gluten-free pasta available. It was a nice gluten-free meal to end a weekend in Dublin.
Recommended By: @glutenfree_city / glutenfreeinthecity.co.uk On: 2012-04-15

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
Upper Merrion Street, Dublin View On Map
While on a recent trip to Dublin, visiting Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud was a very special treat which was truly an experience. The restaurant is the only 2 star Michelin restaurant in Ireland and forms part of the Merrion Hotel. They describe their cuisine as contemporary Irish with classical roots. The dining room itself is a large and bright room. When walking from the lounge/bar area which is fairly dark, you are almost blinded by the brightness of the dining room. The restaurant crockery and glassware all has the restaurant's monogram picture featured.

We chose to eat from the set lunch menu which is very reasonably priced (for a 2 star Michelin restaurant!). First they treated us to a terrine of rabbit which looked almost too good to eat and was delicious. They had lovely hot gluten-free rolls on offer and, as usual, I couldn't stop myself eating them and had 3! For starters I really wanted to have the "paella" with Iberian Ham, however, unfortunately instead of rice, they used orzo which is not gluten-free. They offered to make me a special dish of a confit of aubergine and goat's cheese. I appreciated the effort and it was very nice. For mains I had a the veal loin in pancetta, garlic, parsley, grelot onion and xeres jus. Again, the dish was stunningly presented and tasted devine. You also received your own little side of vegetables.

For dessert I had the Jivara chocolate and exotic fruit cylinder which was the perfect end to the meal. A little bit of chocolate with refreshing fruits (you could definitely taste mango in there). I must specifically mention the service that we received as it was just amazing. If you got up from your table to go in the direction of the bathroom (you had to walk back through the lounge/bar area to get there), a waiter would quickly walk ahead of you in order to open the door for you (whether you were a guy or a girl). Everyone who was working was very smily and friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Overall the food was beautifully presented and tasted wonderful and the service was first class. If you have the opportunity to visit Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud on a trip to Dublin, I highly recommend it and I know you won't be disappointed!
Recommended By: @glutenfree_city / glutenfreeinthecity.co.uk On: 2012-04-15