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Pizza and Pasta, is there really any other food in Italy? Obviously for a Coeliac sufferer we hope so and fortunately with our help you should be able to get by without the two Italian staples.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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La Fenice
Sorrento, Amalfi Coast View On Map
There is a specifically gluten free restaurant in Sorrento called La Fenice, which is registered with the Italian Coeliac Society. They were very aware and had a good selection of starters, pastas and mains. Be aware, though, that if you want pizza you need to order it in advance. I had the gnocchi (which is often not gluten free, as while it is made from potato it is usually dusted with wheat flour) followed by veal, which was excellent. The desserts were a bit of a disappointment as they were basically fruit.
Recommended By: @downwithgluten / downwithgluten.com On: 2013-08-25

Ristorante Donatello
Florence, Tuscany View On Map
Gluten free travellers have no worries going to Florence, right by the duomo on its northern side is a wonderful restaurant with a separate gluten free menu with lots of options including pizza and. Pasta, it was like having a normal meal with no fuss whatsoever about needing go food, prices were very reasonable and food and service excellent.
Recommended By: Rick Walker On: 2013-08-25

The Clubhouse
Florence, Tuscany View On Map
The best gluten free pizza in Florence at affordable prices!
Recommended By: Luca On: 2013-07-16

Mercure Napoli Centro Angioino
Castel Nuovo, Naples View On Map
At the time of booking the hotel I had asked them to provide gluten free items for breakfast but as I had not heard back from them and because my previous gluten free Italian experience had been dire I had absolutely no expectations. I took along my rice cakes and oat cakes for breakfast. We went along to the breakfast room chose a table with a panoramic view of Castel Nuovo and then the surprise came. There was a full section of packaged gluten free items: bread rolls, cake bars, packs of crackers, biscuits and individual cereal packets! It was astounding. This was ideal for breakfast. It had a range of things. Seriously, hotels need to be more like this. Hotels please note: there was a choice of things, there was no risk of cross contamination as everything gluten free was listed on a sign (and on packaging) and in addition if you needed to grab something as a snack for the day it was very easy to do. Full marks go to the Mercure for this.
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-06

Piazza Plebiscito, Naples View On Map
So somewhere past my third walk up to Piazza Plebiscito we were walking along the street when we looked across and saw a sign saying "Pizza Senza Glutine - Schar base". There was nothing else to do, we crossed the road, asked about the sign, got a yes and before we knew it we were sat waiting for food. At this point time was passing along and keeping in mind we NEEDED to be at the start of the Giro d'Italia and not researching gluten free pizza in Naples things had to speed up. It looked very likely that if things did not move along we would have had to pay and leave pizza-less! Fortunately my gluten free pizza arrived, I have no idea how but I managed to chop this piping hot pizza up and eat it as quickly as possible. I don't even think my brain knew how to register how amazing it tasted. It was just excellent but I had to eat as quickly as I physically could! All was good. We left bang on thirty minutes later for a very full and demanding afternoon/early evenings worth of work.

So around 8pm, I was exhausted, hungry, carrying heavy equipment and walking past Rossopomodoro it was just so easy to go back and sit outside in the shade and have another gluten free pizza. I know it is boring to go back to the same place twice but, honestly, it was very worth it. This time with plenty of time on our hands we settled into our chairs and this time actually soaked in the atmosphere of the restaurant. I guess I should point out that this place is not fine dining. First impressions it looks and feels like a tourist trap, but it should be pointed out that there were plenty of local Italians coming in and kissing the staff hello before settling down to pizza and huge bowls of salad. So I am undecided if it is a straight forward tourist trap or local haven. Either way it seems to be part of an international chain, with a website, which does not mention gluten free anywhere.

The routine in Rossopomodoro seems to go a bit like this; you go in and say you would like gluten free pizza. The waiters say yes. They seat you at a table. Then the waiter heads off towards the kitchen for about 10 minutes. They come back and hand you the gluten free menu and then you can order. I guess it's when they go off to the kitchen that either the Schar bases come out of the freezer or the dough gets made up. The bases did not remotely taste like a premade base so I am baffled as to how they did things. The actual base was amazing, it was crispy, but not hard. It was doughy and soft but not get stuck in your teeth type soft. I don't understand what they did or how they did it. It was amazing. For me this was the ultimate base. Tourist trap or not this place does fantastic gluten free pizza for a walk in clientele I wish more places in the world were like this.
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-06

Nomentana, Rome View On Map
This is the place to be for all the gluten free intolerant who know what it means having to constantly check the food you are served. I have picked My Guest Roma carefully. I was immediately conquered by their customer service. My e-mails were answered within minutes, even after I have already secured the room. For months Gioia and Stefano helped me finalize the smallest details of my trip such as finding a gluten free bed and breakfast in Florence, restaurants, trains . My expectations were fulfilled. The room looked exactly as on their website, so did the breakfast room with its marble garments on the wall. Breakfast was incredibly rich, nothing comparable to what I was ever served in other bed and breakfasts or even at a 3 star hotel. Not just with regard to the gluten free variant my daughter had ordered. For instance, hot drinks were prepared in a professional machine which had some 15 options of drinks ( from the chocolate milk based to the water based one, to the mocha, the expresso, Black coffee,cappuccino, or light cappuccino...). There were 5 -6 kinds of juices, pastries, cereals, cheeses, seasonal fruits, yogurts. My daughter was offered everyday a different dish with a variety of salted /sweet croissants, cookies, rice bread, cereals or crackers....all gluten free, and all served by Stefano himself. Nothing was ever too much of an issue. Once were late at breakfast , but Stefano insisted we would sit and take our time. He responded with a to every request with smile. Actually, things didn't even had to be mentioned. For instance, we were helped with our luggage upon arrival and were offered to leave it a secure place upon departure. We particularly appreciated such a service as we felt it to be safe, not being accessible to other customers at all. The staff personally delivers cases from and to it. With no hesitation I consider My Guest Rome the best gluten free b&b I have ever stayed at.
Recommended By: ROBERT KAULEN On: 2012-12-28

L'Antico Dolo
Rialto Bridge, Venice View On Map
As ever, it took time to find among the narrow maze of streets, but it had gluten free pasta (the only time I ever ate GF pasta in Italy). I also got rice cakes. Traditional Venetian cooking, lovely, but over-priced, par for the course in this most overrun of cities.
Recommended By: @downwithgluten / downwithgluten.com On: 2012-11-11

Trattoria Da Nico
Rialto Bridge, Venice View On Map
Another restaurant we stumbled upon and seemed to know about coeliacs was the Trattoria Da Nico, between the Rialto and St Mark's Square. We had the naturally gluten free classic of parma ham and melon followed by freshly prepared mushroom risotto. The risotto was just right, still with a bite to it and creamy without being glutinous, and excellently seasoned.
Recommended By: @downwithgluten / downwithgluten.com On: 2012-11-11

Hostaria Vite Rossa
Venice Mestre, Venice View On Map
We turned up one night without booking, which was a mistake, because the place was spilling out onto the pavement. Despite the crowds, and while we couldn't get a table, a waiter took the time to sort us out with some gluten free cicchetti (snacks) in the bar, including aubergine with cheese and anchovies, a couple of chicken legs, and pickled artichoke. When I eyed the gratings on the cicchetti dubiously he explained they were parmesan and not breadcrumbs.

We booked a table for our last night and had tasty plate of seafood and white fish followed by the most enormous Florentine T-bone steaks. As it was in Venice Mestre and not in Venice, the price was very reasonable. A good value option where we weren't treated like 'tourists' and a great finale to our holiday.
Recommended By: @downwithgluten / downwithgluten.com On: 2012-11-11

Hotel Tritone
Venice Mestre, Venice View On Map
We stayed in the Tritone in Venice Mestre on the mainland, a 15 minute bus ride from Venice itself, because it was convenient and a third of the price of many Venetian hotels. And then we found they provided breakfast items for coeliacs! There was a special plate of gluten free products including mueseli, cakes, biscuits and crackers (no bread) in the breakfast room. The very helpful waitress also pointed out the ham I couldn't have. She brought several extra items to our table as well.
Recommended By: downwithgluten.com On: 2012-11-11

Nomentana, Rome View On Map
I remember MyGuestRoma with great fondness. We stayed there for some days during a celebration of our 46th wedding anniversary. The owner's (Stefano) knowledge of a gluten-free diet is accurate and dependable. A kosher diet is also possible. The accomodations at this bed and breakfast are excellent ...quiet, immaculate, beautifully appointed. The quiet location is but a short distance from the 'sites' and affords the traveller peace and quiet, but easy access. We ate many times at Ristorante Franco which can 'do gluten-free' ..one of the staff there has a child who is celiac. There is a supermarket very nearby as well!
Recommended By: Holly Bristow On: 2012-09-21

Trattoria Antipastoteca di Mare alla Voliga
Trieste, Adriatic Sea View On Map
This small restaurant on a quiet side street away from the bustling areas of the city, but just under the Castle, does not look like much. Although empty when we arrived, its 10 tables quickly filled with locals. It has excellent seafood. The waiter/chef/owner was very familiar with gluten-free (senza glutine) food. Upon hearing my additional allergies to corn and milk, he shook his head in amazement, and then cooked something specially for me. It was exquisite. I would highly recommend this restaurant.
Recommended By: Cecily Morrison On: 2012-06-05

Ciro & Sons
Florence, Tuscany View On Map
Located in the historical centre, just behind the Basilica di San Lorenzo. Ciro & Sons website even states they can offer gluten free food. Thankfully I'd booked a table in advance because the restaurant was packed on the Saturday night we visited. I'd also notified the restaurant in advance that I'd like to order a gluten free pizza. They request that you do this so that the gluten free base can be prepared.

Even though we'd booked, we still had to wait a short time for our table. Our standing spot was just inside the door and right in front of the guys making pizza in the open wood burning oven. It was fascinating watching the chefs pick out the pre-prepared dough from a tub using an implement that looked like a chisel, roll and shape the dough into a round, add the toppings and then slide the pizza onto a specially shaped wooden paddle, stretch it and finally sliding it in to the oven. Despite my interest in watching the activity in front of me, I stood there wondering how they would prepare a gluten free pizza in there without the risk of cross contamination? And then I saw another chef appear from a separate kitchen carrying a separate paddle with a pizza ready for the wood fired pizza oven on top.

When our ringside seat for the pizza action was interrupted to take our table, I asked the waiter about the gluten free pizza. I'd mentally prepared myself for steak and salad if I didn't think it would be safe enough. The waiter explained they take precautions to avoid cross contamination and that although the pizzas do go into the same wood fired oven with the regular pizzas, a separate paddle is used and the gluten free pizzas are placed on an aluminium base to protect them from any stray flour which they might come in contact. The waiter told me Ciro & Sons been making gluten free pizzas there for 10 years and that many Coeliacs safely eat with them. Just after I ordered I overheard the Italian lady on the table next to me saying "lo sono celiaca" (I am Coeliac) so I guess the waiter was right. She also ordered a gluten free pizza.

The pizza arrived and - oh wow - was it good! The tomato base was fresh and tasted like a Tuscan summer. The pizza base was thin and wonderfully crispy from being baked in the wood burning pizza oven. I didn't have room for dessert but the menu did have three gluten free options including a cheesecake. I'd recommend Ciro & Sons for a deliciously crispy gluten free pizza. Providing an alternative to bread with our drinks before the meal scored highly with me as did the long established precautions they take to prevent cross contamination.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2012-04-24

Hostaria Il Desco
Florence, Tuscany View On Map
Best freshly baked gluten free bread ever found on this planet so far and double choc cake very good too. Loved my bolognese pasta starter. Mains were good but not off the chart in the same way - salad was so so. I had salmon. Very very celiac friendly and huge menu with plenty of vegetarian dishes too.
Recommended By: @FlyMe2VSpoon / hungryglutenfreevegetarian.wordpress.com On: 2012-04-15

Il Desco Bistrot
Florence, Tuscany View On Map
This place caters for everyone and the guy running it is a vegetarian so you will find seitan and proper protein rich veggie stuff here as well as meat. They can do gluten free and understand it well. We had a table in the street which was nice as street does not have that much traffic given it leads to the cathedral. Open 12-3 for lunch only. Loved my gluten free pasta starter with white meat ragout. Staff can get a little stressed in lunchtime hurly burly but their heart in the right place obsessing about perfect food from their farm!
Recommended By: @FlyMe2VSpoon / hungryglutenfreevegetarian.wordpress.com On: 2012-04-15

Ristorante Il Santo Graal
Florence, Tuscany View On Map
We walked down into town from the hotel the evening we arrived and none of the restaurants en route that Saturday night were willing to feed a hungry gluten free vegetarian until that is we walked into here. The guy was so friendly and so helpful. The kitchen so careful. They took our bit of paper explaining what could and could not be eaten in Italian and kept hold of it to make sure. 10 out of 10 for effort but they did bring us normal bread basket (a waitress we had not spoke to) and we failed to usher it away quickly enough so bit of a waste. I had a lovely bit of steak with crispy leeks although I failed to manage to successfully order potatoes to go with it which would have cost extra. The free first course they brought out was a yummy potato based soup which really hit the spot. The house wine from Antinori Andrew found the best of the whole trip. He ate poached eggs on a delcious cheese sauce so good for protein. Had he got fries with this it would have been a perfect meal. Excellent service in a lovely restaurant with lots of brickwork arches and not forgetting delicious modern Italian food. Menu is much bigger than that on the website by the way.
Recommended By: @FlyMe2VSpoon / hungryglutenfreevegetarian.wordpress.com On: 2012-04-15

Osteria Del Teatro
Cortona, Tuscany View On Map
On a day out in the hill-top town of Cortona with our friends at Villa Rossi Mattei in Arezzo, we came across Osteria Del Teatro. It's a delightful place and it was great to stumble upon a coeliac-friendly restaurant like Osteria Del Teatro. For lunch I chose the GF gnocchi which was very nice but quite rich, washed down with a chilled white wine. The GF dessert option was oven-roasted pears with cinnamon, drizzled with chocolate. The chocolate was more than a drizzle, which I endeavoured to work off climbing the steep cobble-stoned Cortona streets.
Recommended By: gluten-freeaustralia.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-24

I Quattro Amici
Florence, Tuscany View On Map
In Florence we enjoyed a nice GF meal at I Quattro Amici which is close to the city's main Santa Maria Novella railway station The staff were very knowledgeable and all the GF options were highlighted on the menu. My main course choice was the grilled sea bass with potatoes,olives and red pepper, followed by creme caramel for dessert.
Recommended By: gluten-freeaustralia.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-24

Il Portale Trattoria-Pizzeria
Florence, Tuscany View On Map
We dined at Il Portale Trattoria-Pizzeria. Around the corner from I Quattro Amici, at 29 Via Luigi Alamanni, it turned out that this restaurant shared the same kitchen. The entree servings of pasta were huge and easily served as a main meal. I enjoyed the spaghetti allarrabbiata with garlic, olive oil, red pepper and tomato.
Recommended By: gluten-freeaustralia.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-24

Osteria del Gallo
Vatican, Rome View On Map
This is a cute little restaurant in one of those typical narrow Roman streets not far from Piazza Navona. While it was a bit windy the night we dined there we persevered in sitting outside as it was fun watching the passing traffic and taking in the atmosphere in Vicolo di Montevecchio. Perhaps the most delicious part of this meal was the bruschetta served on toasted GF bread. The traditional tomato and garlic bruschetta was nice but the eggplant and zucchini one was sensational. For the main course I chose one of my favourite sauces - pesto with GF spaghetti. There were plenty of GF choices for dessert including panna cotta and torta al cioccolato (gf chocolate torte).
Recommended By: gluten-freeaustralia.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-24