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Netherlands - Phrases

With the languages of the world come the difficulties in explaining your condition to others. Below are the key phrases that you will probably need to know. These phrases are of great benefit but I also fully recommend the credit card sized reference cards that you can order from www.dietarycard.com, or for those languages not provided try www.celiactravel.com. Alternatively, maybe you would like to pick up a translation dictionary?

  • Ik ben allergisch aan gluten/tarwe/rogge/gerst/haver
    [I have an allergy/intolerance to: gluten/wheat/rye/barley/oats]
  • En alle producten die daarmee gemaakt werden. Bijvoorbeeld: bloem, broodkruimels, sojasaus
    [And all the derivatives. eg. wheatflour, breadcrumbs, soy sauce]
  • Als ik deze producten, of sauzen en garnituur die gluten bevatten eet, word ik erg ziek. Kan u me helpen met een keuze te maken uit uw menu?
    [Eating foods, sauces or garnishes containing these ingredients will make me ill. Can you assist me in making my choice from your menu?]

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