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Spain is the most popular foreign destination for British tourists so finding places to eat here is possibly more important than anywhere else! These tips and suggestions should really help you when you visit the country.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Al Solito Posto
La Macarana, Seville View On Map
When I heard about an Italian restaurant which took cooking for great pizzas for coeliacs very seriously, I knew I had to visit while we were in Seville. As soon as I told the waitress I was coeliac, my placement was promptly whisked away and replaced with a a very clearly identified mat! This was swiftly followed by heated gluten free bread (Schar I think) and bread sticks. Having heard so many good reports about the pizzas here, I could not pass up the chance to sample, So here comes a bold statement,the gluten free pizza at Seville's Al Solito Posto is definitely in my Top 5 of the world's best gluten free pizzas.
Why so good? The perfect base; thin but not over cooked. High quality ingredients. As well as the gluten free place mat, gluten free diners are served their food on a different, clear plate to ensure that the gluten free food is clearly identified at all stages. But what swings it to 10/10 is that my pizza (and indeed my dessert) arrived under a dome to protect it from cross contamination in the kitchen and reaching our table. Impressive. Never have a been served food under a dome to prevent cross contamination! The pizza was so good here, we had to come back for a second meal. The gluten eaters rated the pizza here as amongst their best ever pizzas too.
As this restaurant is rated as one of Seville's best Italian restaurants, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND booking a table if you plan to eat here. On both visits, all the tables were gone by 9pm. If you're a Coeliac visiting Seville, Al Solito Posto should be be at the top of your must visit list.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2019-01-19

Dino Gelato
Eixample, Barcelona View On Map
Loved this place. Not only was the ice cream creamy, delicious and gluten free, but they offered 'free from' cones as well. Being located at the top of the main shopping street, Dino is really easy to find..... but beware..... its convenience makes it rather addictive.
Recommended By: glutenfreealchemist.com On: 2018-06-03

Jansana Bakery
Eixample, Barcelona View On Map
This was by far our favourite find of the trip, possibly because it was the only dedicated 100% gluten free bakery that was open during our August visit. Being relatively central in the L'Eixample district on Carrer Balmes, it was a stroll in the morning to pick up a stash of gorgeous gluten free goodies for a picnic lunch or to enjoy a leisurely, late, sit-in breakfast.
There is something about finding a completely gluten free bakery or restaurant that always makes me excited beyond belief.
Although quite small, Jansana had an amazing selection of sweet and savoury breads, pastries and cakes. They were able to provide us with filled rolls (with glorious home-made breads), savoury quiches and cheese-filled pastries to take out for lunch and we ate some of the most decadent patisserie there too. We were spoilt with everything from flaky layers of pastry or profiteroles, to fillings of creamy custards, fruit and chocolate ganache. Everything we ate was incredible.
We LOVED this place. It somehow made us feel extra welcome, not least because once there, we didn't have to ask, that counts for a lot when you usually have to go through the 'can we see the allergen menu/can you do/how do you prepare...?' etc script pretty much every time you eat out.
Recommended By: glutenfreealchemist.com On: 2018-06-03

Conesa Sandwich Shop
Gothic Quarter, Barcelona View On Map
Centrally located in the city, Conesa has a fantastic range of gluten free sandwiches and rolls, hot and cold, that have been certified by the Coeliac Association in Catalonia. Quick, easy and convenient, these sandwiches are really good and with a vast range of gluten free filling options, the whole family is guaranteed to be gluten-free happy.
Recommended By: glutenfreealchemist.com On: 2018-06-03

Il Piccolo Focone
Sant Marti, Barcelona View On Map
Located just round the corner from the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, this is a family-run Italian restaurant that offers an extensive menu of fresh gluten free pasta, pizza, risotto, breads, salads, meat and fish dishes. They have over eight years experience in preparing gluten free food, with a separate menu specifically for Celiacs and gluten-avoiders. We tried lunch here with a visit to the Cathedral and weren't disappointed. The pasta was one of the best I have eaten. Miss GF had Pizza which was also extremely good. You even have the option of GF Tiramisu for dessert, although sadly the last piece had been sold just before I ordered, I settled for a creamy, Italian Panna Cotta instead.
If you love Italian eating, you have to visit this place, you won't be disappointed. Although the surroundings are quite basic, the food is exceptional. You can check out their gluten free menu here. Although it is not in English, if you use a basic Catalan translation tool, you will get the gist.
Recommended By: glutenfreealchemist.com On: 2018-06-03

Lolita Barceloneta
Seafront, Barcelona View On Map
If you are looking for an easy, low-key, relaxed meal, we found Lolita Barceloneta down near the seafront. Although not a specifically gluten free restaurant, the staff were friendly and knowledgable and were able to offer a variety of safe gluten free tapas and a selection of gluten free paellas. We ate here a couple of times and although both meals were great, on our second visit, the staff were a bit slow.... Nonetheless worth a visit if you are in the area.
Recommended By: glutenfreealchemist.com On: 2018-06-03

Sensi Tapas
Gothic Quarter, Barcelona View On Map
Although I didn't come across any restaurants that specialised in gluten-free tapas, Sensi had a lovely variety of tapas with the ones which are gluten-free are clearly distinguished on the menu. As well as the original tapas, they also have the chef's specials and oriental tapas. However, I just tried the classic chorizo croquettes, patatas bravas and seafood paella! In most restaurants many of the classic tapas are already gluten-free, however with the patatas bravas and paella it is always best to double check with regards to the sauce.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-06-03

Flax & Kale
L'Esquerra de l'Eixample, Barcelona View On Map
This place is perfect if you want to stick to a diet but still treat yourself to dining out. Furthermore, they have amazing gluten-free options. The one thing to be aware of is that because their menu relies on healthy alternatives and is heavily plant-based, a lot of the meals contain almond flour or nuts. There is an allergen list at the back of the menu so its easy to determine which meals are suitable for you, however, if your only food restriction is gluten then you will have no issues! There are three branches of Flax & Kale- Tallers, Passage and A Porter. We went to Tallers and I got the Spaghettini which was so satisfying and tasty. They also had an amazing range of gluten-free deserts on the menu, but because of my allergy to kiwis and nuts I was very limited, so the chef was as kind as to make me my own, personalised desert!
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-06-03

M2 Gluten Free
Les Corts, Barcelona View On Map
This quirky spot is ideal for a gluten-free lunch. The menu was filled with authentic meals made from fresh, wholesome food. Not only is this spot great for coeliacs, but it is also great for those looking to eat healthy foods that taste amazing too! The menu changes weekly so I'll definitely be returning at some stage to try out another dish.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-04-08

L'Esquerra de l'Eixample, Barcelona View On Map
Hands down the BEST gluten-free menu I have ever seen. They had such a wide variety of options that it took me a good thirty minutes to chose what to have. I went for the pancakes with poached egg while my friend went for the kale eggs with gluten-free bread. Any person on a gluten-free diet knows how rare it is to get a gluten-substitute meal that isn't just a little bit dry or bland, so I didn't have my standards set too high. However, the pancakes were the perfect texture and even something so simple-sounding as the kale eggs managed to be one of the tastiest meals I have ever tried. I would honestly travel back to Barcelona just to have this meal again. If you're on a gluten-free diet, this place is a MUST go to.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-04-08

Eixample, Barcelona View On Map
Anywhere that does a gluten-free doughnut gets an automatic 10/10 from me, but this little spot goes above and beyond with regards to gluten-free treats. Croissants, profiteroles, eclairs, donuts, it is a heaven on earth for a coeliac with a sweet tooth!! I would definitely recommend stopping by and stacking up on snacks before leaving to go home, because I haven't come across another spot which caters a wide variety of gluten-free delights.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-04-08

Sants-Montjuic, Barcelona View On Map
As you can probably guess from the name, this is another stunning little bakery where everything is gluten-free. This bakery stood out to me for their savoury products, like multiple types of bread, pizzas and quiches. However, they also cater personalised cakes and biscuits along with cupcakes and sweet treats traditional to Spain, such as magdalenas.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-04-08

100 Montaditos
, Chain View On Map
There is a variety of this chain restaurant located around Malaga but the one that I ate in was in Larios Mall. 100 Montaditos is one of the rare places that provides montaditos for celiacs! They had a large range to chose from and I thoroughly enjoyed mine at such a cheap price.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-14

Malaga, Costa del Sol View On Map
This was my favourite tapas restaurant that I found. On each of the dishes listed on the menu the allergens were clearly shown, including gluten and nuts, which was handy for me as I have an allergy to both! Here I ordered a spanish omlette, boiled prawns and gluten-free patatas bravas. The dishes were very generous and all for a low price! The tapas cost 3-4 euros each and you could also order a variety of salads for 7.50 euros.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-07

Bodega Bar El Pimpi
Malaga, Costa del Sol View On Map
This bar is high on the list of the top go to places in Malaga. I ordered a platter of ham and cheese and when asked, the waiter provided me with a warm, straight out of the oven, gluten-free roll. Not to mention a glass of wine costs as little as 2.50 euros! It is also located in the city centre and open from 10:00 am to 2:00 am Sunday through Thursday and until 3:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-07

Restaurant Bar La Bouganvilla
Malaga, Costa del Sol View On Map
This restaurant was the only one that I managed to find that could prepare me a special paella without gluten accompanied with a gluten free roll. It is located right in the city center. It is open from 10am to 1am in the morning and I would highly recommend it.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-07

Da Nicola
Gran Via, Madrid View On Map
Another place I discovered is called Da Nicola, in Madrid, just off the famous street of Gran Via, Plaza Mostenses, 11. I went for the gluten free pizza of course, but you can also order gluten free pasta and many other dishes, and it comes with a lovely plate of gluten free bread.
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-01

Maestro Churrero
Sol, Madrid View On Map
My favourite spot I came across was a lovely place just outside of Sol, called Maestro Churrero, located on the Plaza de Jacinto Benavente. Here they provided the very rare gluten free churros, which I've yet to find anywhere else in Spain! (They also do gluten-free burgers if you're looking for a more savoury meal)
Recommended By: naturallyfuelled.com On: 2018-01-01

Ted's Grill
Playa de las Americas, Tenerife View On Map
I 100% recommend Ted's Grill in playa de las Americas- Tenerife. As soon as I walked in and mentioned that my other half was coeliac they started reeling off the items on the menu that he could have, they was 100% clued up and they double checked everything. My other half decided he wanted the Texas steak burger, they changed the bread to gluten free and even did him gluten free garlic bread. The chef came out afterwards and made sure everything was ok. The food was amazing and not overpriced. Will be coming here for the rest of our holiday,
Recommended By: Loren Jade Louise Froggatt On: 2017-10-14

Pasta Fresca
Benalmadena, Costa del Sol View On Map
Pasta Fresca in Benalmadena is a Gluten Free heaven! I tried this Italian restaurant after reading good reviews online and I was not disappointed! There are two along the main street in Benalmadena, one near Mcdonalds and one further along towards the Marina (this is the one I tried).

I felt instantly at ease when I asked the waiter for the 'Sin Gluten' menu and he brought me a menu and informed me that they tried to be very careful with cross contamination and fried gluten free in separate oil. They even offer Gluten free beer. I enjoyed garlic bread to start, mushroom and ham pizza and chips. The menu offers good choice with gluten free pasta, gluten free pizza and meats they even have gluten free desserts!
Recommended By: The Gluten Free Food Feed On: 2017-09-03