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Spain is the most popular foreign destination for British tourists so finding places to eat here is possibly more important than anywhere else! These tips and suggestions should really help you when you visit the country.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Parador de Turismo de La Granja
San Ildefonso, Segovia View On Map
They are high quality hotels, mostly located in former historical buildings. This Parador is in the Casa de los Infantes, in the village of San Ildefonso. It is a very quiet and nice building and the rooms are comfortable. It has swimming pool and a spa zone. In terms of gluten free meal, the breakfast-buffet is very complete. There are specific gluten-free products: bread, muffins and marmalade, but to my view, the most significant point is the wide variety and quality of their naturally gluten-free food: eggs, ham, cheese, omelet, yogurt, juices, fruits, nuts... you will not be hungry.

The restaurant of the Parador (Puerta de la Reina) has several gluten-free dishes in its menu as well.
Recommended By: spainglutenfree.blogspot.co.uk On: 2013-09-17

Pink Parrot
Las Galletas, Tenerife View On Map
Excellent GF choice. They have a GF menu and they made a special dessert . I had a Sunday Roast just as the rest of my table did, the difference was minimal. Gravy yes, Yorkshire pudding yes just different, no stuffing but hey I wasn't complaining. Was just mouthwatering. I was also able to get a GF beer had I wanted to. Staff very well informed
Recommended By: M Tully On: 2013-07-25

Central Mexicana
Plaza de Callao, Madrid View On Map
When we looked at the menu for Central Mexicana we were surprised to see a crossed grain symbol next to one of the dessert items. We decided to ask a few questions and were surprised to discover that they had corn tortillas only if people asked for them. I cannot say this enough but I really don't know how people are supposed to know what restaurants have hidden in the back if they don't tell people!

I chose to have the prawns which can came with guacamole while Mr G had the pulled roast lamb which came with soup, refried beans and guacamole. To be honest these dishes were probably the spiciest meals we've ever had in Spain but compared to our general London cosmopolitan eating the flavours were not as bold as we would have liked. However, despite eating in a chain restaurant, in a food court the service was very personalised and the staff really seemed to go out of their way to make clear what could be adapted for me to eat gluten free (about three quarters of the menu). We finished our meal with a very delicious slice of strawberry cheesecake thank goodness it was on the menu as that was what lured us in!
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-06

Restaurante Palangreros
Fuengirola, Malaga View On Map
Certified by Spanish coeliac organization. Lovely service, and only two items on menu not gluten free, ravioli and cheesecake. A little off the beaten track, but well worth seeking out.
Recommended By: Alan Shearer On: 2013-03-09

Placa Sant Jaume, Barcelona View On Map
Conessa is a Sandwich shop in the heart of Barcelona and they serve made to measure GF sandwiches hot or cold (for those of you that have always wanted a gf Subway equivalent). They have an English menu which clearly shows the options available to you, say 'Sin Gluten' and the guy behind the counter promptly washes his hands and stations himself behind the dedicated GF section of the tiny kitchen. It was my duty to try as many sandwiches as I could fit in I would have gladly gone there every day had I discovered it earlier in my trip! Look for the queue of people. It's that good.
Recommended By: @GlutenFree93 / glutenfreesince93.tumblr.com On: 2013-02-27

Gran Via, Madrid View On Map
Normally before I go anywhere I like to know what my options are. Fortunately I know Madrid enough now to feel that I have more than a few options and I will find food, good food! However I was more than surprised when Celicioso appeared in my internet searches. In fact what surprised me more than the fact that it existed was the fact that I didn't know it existed.

The first day we went to Celicioso it was a Saturday and a national holiday. Honestly it felt as if all of Spain's coeliacs had descended upon this little shop. Every table was rammed. I have never seen a gluten free shop so busy. The second time we went it was a lot quieter and felt very cosy and intimate.

The best bit about this shop is that there is so much to choose from. I really couldn't decide what to choose. On top of that everything looks so pretty which just makes the choosing process even harder. Just be prepared to wait a bit in the queue because you know the person infront will be having exactly the same dilemma! I just love pretty cake and their cake is most definitely pretty. The first time we went I chose the Tiramisu cake and a strawberry cheesecake. Both were amazing, soft and fresh. They tasted amazing and there was no way you could tell that they were gluten free beyond all the signage outside and inside the shop making clear their stance on gluten. The second time we went, it was quite literally before we went to the airport, so we had chocolate cupcakes in their café. I picked up some American sized cookies for the plane ride home but I was more than astounded that they made it all the way in one piece!! The biscuits like the cakes were really good, no horrible after tastes just the taste of goodness.

I absolutely love this place and cannot wait to go back again. If anything I would make a detour in Spain just to come here!
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2013-01-12

NH Palacio de Tepa
Cortes, Madrid View On Map
Before I went to Madrid, I emailed and asked about gluten free breakfast items and heard nothing back. To be honest I wasn't stressed as I knew we were within a 5 minute walking distance of gluten free food, so I was relaxed to say the least. When we checked in the reception staff said nothing about gluten free, so then I panicked! Fortunately I decided to vocalise my panic to which the lovely reception staff confirmed that they indeed had gluten free food items and it was all ok. Calm returned to me.

The next morning we went down to breakfast and I have to say I was impressed. There was clear signage of the gluten free food (by the way when I mean gluten free food I mean things like bread as opposed to apples) and best of all they were in jars!! Seriously a lot of hotels could learn from this. How many coeliacs have got to a hotel breakfast, been very lucky enough to find a gluten free section, only to find that another hotel guest has abandoned their gluten croissant on top of the gluten free biscuits? I admit this has never happened to me but thought stays with me nonetheless! They had about 4 jars of things: croissants, biscuits, and madalaine style cakes. Happy days! The croissants were a bit stiff but they were fine once I smothered them with butter and jam much to shock of MrG. Overall I was really pleased with our stay and breakfast here.
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2013-01-12

, Canary Islands View On Map
Larger selection (and better prices) of gluten-free groceries than the smaller supermarkets found around each corner. If you are obsessed with decent bread, though, make sure to bring it from home. I couldn't get a piece out of the package without it crumbling into tiny smaller-than-bite-sized pieces. And everything is still very expensive, so if you like to have things on hand, it may be worth it to take an extra little piece of baggage.
Recommended By: Brittany On: 2012-12-28

Bianco Ristorante
Playa de las Americas, Tenerife View On Map
I had an amazing experience at Bianco. The kind Swedish greeter understood immediately when I said 'celiac' as did our waitress and the other staff. While there was no special 'gluten free' foods (i.e. gf pizza), the greeter said that they have prepared special pasta dishes for guests who brought their own pasta. It's possible to pick up at the hiperdino supermarket a couple blocks away. Besides great food and service, the atmosphere was very nice and the wine was great!
Recommended By: Brittany On: 2012-12-22

El Meson (by Parque Santiago III)
Playa de las Americas, Tenerife View On Map
This is not somewhere I would necessarily choose to eat again, but it is worth noting that they do provide gluten free options. I was able to have the Canarian Potatoes which come with a green and a red sauce. I've read that not all restaurants make these gluten free, but El Meson does, so if you want to try this traditional 'dish' (more of a side) then you can go here especially if on a budget or trying to tend to a diverse set of tastes. I had also a chicken breast which came with some garnish. Not too bad.
Recommended By: Brittany On: 2012-12-22

Thai Botanico
Playa de las Americas, Tenerife View On Map
I'm usually weary of asian restaurants as I find they often are unaware or confused about what I mean when I talk about celiac disease/gluten allergy. Not at Thai Botanico. Like its sister restaurant, Bianco Ristorante, the greeter knew exactly what I was talking about and quickly assured me that I could have ANYTHING on the menu - if something had flour, they would simply make it with a gluten free alternative. I had satay, curry, pad thai and there was so much more to choose from. Also, if you are irritated by those pushy greeters that are so common to touristy areas in the Southern European countries, you do not have to dread it at these restaurants. They are very pleasant. Highly highly highly recommended!
Recommended By: Brittany On: 2012-12-22

Santa Lucia
Callao Salvaje, Tenerife View On Map
In Callao Salvaje we went to Santa Lucia. The chef (female) and her husband are running this restaurant. Very nice people and also very nice delicious glutenfree meals special made.
Recommended By: Bart Noels On: 2012-10-28

Molys Creperia
Los Christianos, Tenerife View On Map
The waitress is very friendly and the glutenfree pancakes ( not so easy to eat glutenfree pancakes in restaurants) are delicious.
Recommended By: Bart Noels On: 2012-10-28

Los Gigantes, Tenerife View On Map
In Los Gigantes you have Mirandas. Nando (the boss) his grandchild has also coeliac, Here you can ask what ever you want, the make it for you. Really nice over there.
Recommended By: Bart Noels On: 2012-10-28

2 Locations, Madrid View On Map
I've been to Pizzasana a couple of times and it never ceases to amaze me how late the people of Madrid have their lunch. Pizzasana as the name suggests is a pizza place and rather unusually they offer a variety of different dough to their customers: wheat flour, organic wholemeal, gluten free and lactose free. Pizza for everyone! The first time I read their menu I was slightly concerned as to how things went on behind the scenes, but this is Spain and the Spanish Coeliac Society (FACE) are very big on educating restaurants on kitchen related cross contamination issues. This effectively means that they want to make sure that none of the coeliacs who eat here will get glutened.

We chose starters so that I would be able to try both. For the main course we deliberately chose a gluten and a gluten free pizza margarita so that Mr G could do taste comparison. Plus it is interesting to see how pizzas which have the same topping are presented. This is what we ordered: GF Nachos, GF Chicken salad with apple and pesto, GF Margharita pizza, Gluten Margharita pizza.

I'm not sure what the difference is between the gluten free nachos and normal nachos is. Essentially they look the same. None the less it does show that sometimes even the most obvious things can be unsuitable for us. When the pizzas came they looked the same, presented on wicker plates (mine was white) with paper doillies. The gluten free pizza came with a little "sin gluten" flag, so it was obvious which was which. On first inspection they looked exactly the same and according to Mr G they tasted pretty similar. The only obvious distinction we could find was that the gluten free pizza was slightly brittle on the underside. Also after I had finished eating mine I had lots of crumbs on my plate where as Mr G's pizza held together and he had no crumbs. Would I go back? Absolutely.
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2012-10-05

Taberna Giron
Candelaria, Tenerife View On Map
Off the beaten track, away from the resorts, but well worth the trip. High quality food, cooked perfectly at a reasonable price. Recommended by celiacostenerife.com. Steak and pork lovely, with good selection of seafood dishes too.
Recommended By: Alan Shearer On: 2012-09-21

Hotel Reina Petronila
Zaragoza, Aragon View On Map
In my usual fashion, after deciding on the hotel, I emailed the hotel to ask if they would be able to provide gluten free items for breakfast. Sadly I received no response. I decided not to worry myself and mentally prepared myself to pick up some bread from a local supermarket once in Zaragoza. However I was more than surprised when we arrived at the Hotel Reina Petronila that staff confirmed that they had "plenty for the coeliacs" at breakfast. "Ok" I thought to myself, strange phrasing. I then promptly went for a wander in the Argonia Shopping centre where had a reasonable sized Mercadona (note in Mercadonas the gluten free food is mixed in with normal food; gf bread is with bread, gf cake is with cake etc) and bought some back up bread for breakfast the next morning.

Well breakfast was a surprise. They had a whole section labelled sin gluten! I was utterly shocked and little hyper at the prospect of all the things that I could get a sugar rush off! If we are being brutally honest, the whole joy of a hotel breakfast is having a choice of things to try and I have to say the Hotel Reina Petronila delivered! Not only did I have bread, I had muffins, cakes, biscuits absolutely lots to choose from. It was amazing. I only wish more hotels could be like this. Most importantly the bakery products, although kept open, were kept on the other side of the room from the gluten bakery breads. There was a very minimal chance of cross contamination because of the level of segregation.

I don't know why but one of my strangest habits when going to hotels is looking at their room service menu. I have no idea what I expect to find but I just like looking at the things I wouldn't choose even if I were not a coeliac. If nothing else I think it would be fun one day to compare a standard room service menu item from various hotels around the world just to see how much local tastes would influence it. But, I digress. I was more than surprised to note that in the Hotel Reina Petronila they had a note on the last line of the menu which stated that: gluten free bread was available as well as gluten free beer. I have to say I was very impressed with this as I have never ever seen gluten free bread available on a room service menu. I don't drink so I wasn't interested in the beer, but I still thought wow!

Another night, we went to the hotel bar (which is also a very popular cafe) to watch the football and once again were surprised to see that they offered gf bread and gf beer. The gf bread was a baguette style bread that had previously been frozen. Sadly I had left my camera in my room so no photo. However the bread, was crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside.

All in all staying at the Hotel Reina Petronila was a fantastic experience and highly recommended.
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2012-07-26

Heladeria Tortosa
Zaragoza, Aragon View On Map
Walking down a relatively deserted street on a baking hot afternoon, you know the type where anyone with any sense would be asleep, we began our search for Heladeria Tortosa.

Looking around it was like being in a coeliac dream world, every ice cream was labelled with a crossed grain symbol to indicate its suitability for coeliacs; the ones that were unlabelled were the type that I would avoid anyway: cookies and cream, doughnut etc. Honestly, there was so much to choose from. Then MrG pointed up at the board (I was still too busy trying to decide what ice cream I would have) "Look" he said "barquillos sin gluten!" Well I don't think I can remember the last time I had an ice cream in a cone, it must have before coeliac disease.

When it was our turn, we mentioned the ice cream we wanted with the barquillo sin gluten, now here is the amazing bit. The woman nodded her head, picked up the ice cream scoop and a spatula went and washed them and her hands. Then she cleared the first bit of the ice cream we wanted with the spatula, and then scooped the ice cream. Wow. I wish more places could be so cross contamination aware. Normally when you even suggest to places that maybe they'd like to clean the ice cream scooper they think you mean a dip in the communal bucket thing. I'm pretty gun-ho when it comes to ice cream but if anything this experience made me realise how open to cross contamination ice cream is and if anything that I should be more careful! Top marks to Heladeria Tortosa. The ice cream cones were kept wrapped up and apart from the normal cones and they are the ones that can be bought in El Corte Ingles.

The ice cream was fantastic. Not only was it obviously cooling (remember it was 40 degrees at the time), it tasted amazing. The flavours really came through and it reminded me that good ice cream can be so much nicer than cake. Naturally we went back more than once, all in the name of research. I can confirm that each time we went back we were served by different people and each time each member of staff went through the same precautions before serving up the gluten free cone. How wonderful is that?
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2012-07-26

La Antilla
Zaragoza, Aragon View On Map
When I looked up places to eat in Zaragoza, Bar Antilla's name kept on coming up. What wasn't clear what the deal was with the place, was it a bar? Was it a Prets style sandwich place? The truth is it is somewhere between the two. It looks and feels like a bar, but the menu is strictly bocadillos (so slightly like Prets) but the sandwiches are made to order (so not at all like Prets).

When you go in there is a list of fillings on the wall, and again so outward signage of gluten free anything, so we went through asking and they replied with a loud "of course" and then went off and brought back the "menu para celiacos" and then another menu in English and then explained on the English menu what could be made gluten free. Frankly we could not have got a warmer welcome.

I chose to have the strangest sandwich filling ever here: lettuce, tomato, white asparagus, hard boiled egg and anchovie. I could imagine it in a salad for what ever reason I felt and to an extent still do feel that it is a strange sandwich combination BUT I'll put my hands up and say it works. In fact I'd go far as to say it tastes really nice. The bread was a good baguette. I find it quite strange that the Spanish seem to have mastered the art of making good gluten free baguettes and yet the UK seems so far behind..meh! Anyway I enjoyed my bocadillo. Again another strange experience of walking in off the street and ordering a gluten free sandwich without phoning ahead and without any drama!
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2012-07-26

Todos Celiacos
, Zaragoza View On Map
If you do by any chance make it to Zaragoza you absolutely must make the effort to visit Todos Celiacos, totally coeliac edible shop aka a must visit! This shop is crammed with various pre-packaged gluten free items but also lots of fresh items made locally such as fresh croissants, doughnuts and cakes. We got here just before they closed up for lunch and managed to purchase some fresh dark chocolate doughnuts. The doughnuts were absolutely amazing, really fresh smelling, dense dark chocolate and left me wanting more
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2012-07-26