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Spain is the most popular foreign destination for British tourists so finding places to eat here is possibly more important than anywhere else! These tips and suggestions should really help you when you visit the country.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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, Chain View On Map
Wandering into the Arragonia shopping centre I was more than surprised to see a branch of Frutolandia and then doubly surprised to see them proudly displaying a sign saying "sandwiches apptos para celiacos". That was dinner sorted there and then! Sometimes, when you are coeliac, the smallest things can make the biggest difference for example to be able to have a sandwich in public, without telephoning and confirming in writing. Wow, the simplest things can provide such pleasures!

The menu for gluten free sandwiches was smaller than the normal list of sandwiches but there was still quite a bit to choose from. I opted for a pollo y manzana (chicken and apple) sandwich and had no idea of what it would be like. The kitchen at Frutolandia was open plan and it was great to see the staff member wash her hands, get separate equipment out before making my sandwich. My sandwich arrived, a totally different shape of bread from MrG's gluten sandwich. Both breads had been toasted, but his looked as if it had been toasted in a panni maker whereas mine looked as if it had been toasted on a different maker or in a pan. My sandwich held together while eating and tasted good. It was filling and the combination worked. If I hadn't had such a long list of places to try in Zaragoza I would have happily gone back for another sandwich.

The other must have in Frutolandia is their smoothies. Forget fresh smoothies in the UK made from frozen or unripe fruit. The fruit quality in Spain is amazing and as such it means that the fresh smoothies are fantastic. We did go back more than once for the smoothies.
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2012-07-26

Mario's Steak House and Restaurant
Adeje, Tenerife View On Map
During the course of a week, I ate in this restaurant twice due to its good food and excellent service. The waiters are all friendly and jovial while the menu is quite broad. Upon showing the waiter my card explaining what I couldn't eat in Spanish, he asked me what I would like from the menu and if he was not sure if I could have it, he would check with the chef. Both times I ate here, I had chicken, which was delicious. The fish was priced a little higher so I refrained from ordering it. The portion sizes of the starters are very large; it might be a good idea not to finish them! Overall, I found this to be a lovely restaurant to eat in and they even gave us a free dessert each the second time we visited. Highly recommended.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-06-18

Moli's Restaurant
Playa de las Americas, Tenerife View On Map
This was an average restaurant to eat in. I was not astounded by the food, although the waiter was helpful with the menu. I ordered the grilled sole but found it to be a little dry/overdone. My (non-coeliac) friends ordered chicken in various sauces while another ordered scampi. These looked more appetizing than my order, however I cannot fault the restaurant as a whole.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-06-18

Chaplin's Restaurant
Adeje, Tenerife View On Map
Ate here twice for dinner due to their offer of a three course meal for 7.95€. The selection of food was very broad, bar desserts. Portion sizes were larger than expected and some of us failed to clear our plates despite the food being delicious. The service was impeccable, some of the nicest people I've ever met. I would suggest the potato skins with garlic sauce as a starter. They also provide a cheap breakfast but I didn't order it myself as the gluten free selection seemed limited. Overall, highly recommended.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-06-16

Mamma's Pizzeria
Avenida de Europa, Tenerife View On Map
Despite the name, this restaurant has a fair selection of food aside from their pizzas (which are not gluten free). I had a card with me explaining what I couldn't eat in Spanish, which the owner/waitress understood perfectly. I felt very confident in ordering a dish in a sauce, which I would not normally do. However, despite the fact that it was gluten free, it tasted quite bland and the sauce was very watery; more like a stock than a sauce. It also came with potatoes and veg, which is not to my liking on holidays. If you like a traditional dinner while abroad, I would recommend this restaurant. Otherwise, I'm sure you can find nicer places nearby.
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-06-16

La Veccia Roma
Denia, Alicante View On Map
We recently returned from Denia, Alicante and were looking for an Italian restaurant that made gluten free pizzas and someone recommended La Veccia Roma. It did not disappoint. The service was brilliant-they could not do enough for us and they were willing to make me almost anything on the menu as everything is made fresh. The pizzas were excellent and the pasta was great. The owner, Giampaolo, is very proud of his food and the experience. Its very cosy. Food is very good quality and the whole evening for us was just fab.
Recommended By: Alex and Lola On: 2012-04-24

El Andaluz
Corralejo, Fuerteventura View On Map
We recently returned from Corralejo and had booked in here as it was the most recommended restaurant on trip advisor. It did not disappoint. The service was brilliant-they could not do enough for us (I have a gluten allergy and they were willing to make me almost anything on the menu as everything is made fresh). The staff, I think, are proud of their food and the experience. Its very cosy-depending on your table you could feel sat too close to the next table so I would advise if you like more privacy to pop in and book one of the tables in the window. Food is very good quality and the whole evening for us was just fab.
Recommended By: Revvie23 On: 2012-03-23

, Chain View On Map
Telepizza has branches throughout Spain and with the help of the proactive national Spanish coeliac society (FACE) they brought in gluten free pizzas throughout Spain!!! Yes you read that correctly. Gluten free pizza in public!

One of my most favourite experiences while in Bilbao was randomly walking down a street and finding a branch of Telepizza. Excited doesn't even begin to describe my reaction. Now what was not apparent on the menu (in fact it was not listed anywhere in the shop) but Telepizza does gluten free pizza. A conversation followed with a 15 year old and more of my very limited Spanish and we were able to gather that they had 4 types of gluten free pizza (4 cheese, cheese and bacon, barbeque and carbonara) and it would take them ten minutes to cook them, but most importantly they were available! As we had just had lunch, we went back in the evening and then were faced with another 15 year old server who did not bat an eyelid when we asked for the gluten free pizza. The best bit the pizza cost exactly the same as the gluten pizza and it was part of a buy one get one free meal. Fantastic.

The pizza arrived in a silver container, it was pretty much the same size as the gluten containing pizza maybe a couple of millimetres smaller. Mine had not been cut but who has objections to cutting your own pizza if it cuts out cross contamination? The base was slightly thinner than the normal pizza but it tasted so good. It was stretchy and soft. It just tasted so good and so real. The toppings were generous and that's all there is to say it was the best gluten free pizza that I've had.
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2012-03-09

Hotel Miro
Bilbao, Basque Country View On Map
We stayed at the Hotel Miro on Alameda Mazarredo, 77 which is opposite the Guggenheim museum and within easy walking distance of Bilbao's shops, restaurants and the Old Town. This hotel is part of the Design Hotels group which are a group of independent boutique hotels. Hotel Miro is a stylish, modern hotel which offers free wifi both in your room and throughout the hotel and even a free bar to guests. Which seemed like a very dangerous proposition, for the hotel at least!

In advance of our trip, I'd contacted the hotel about gluten free dining options. They confirmed they would have gluten free food available at breakfast for me. When I arrived at breakfast I spoke to waitress and she brought me a gluten free baguette, freshly warmed. It tasted absolutely amazing with its crispy outside and light bread texture inside. It was especially delicious with some jamon serrano. So good in fact it was hard to believe it really was gluten free. Perhaps I wasn't the first to wonder this since I was presented the gluten free bread in its packaging!
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2012-03-06

Zortziko Restaurant
Bilbao, Basque Country View On Map
Although our trip to Bilbao was only booked a couple of days before we left, I still had enough time to research gluten free dining options. I used the incredibly useful Madrid Coeliac Society website (key pages are in English) and printed from there a list of restaurants it recommended in Bilbao. The link will take you to search for restaurants throughout Spain. We then cross referenced this list with our Bilbao guidebook and a map. It was very fortunate that the restaurant I liked the look of most happened to be close to our hotel. The website for Daniel Garcia's Michelin starred Zortziko restaurant even noted that they catered for Coeliacs. We asked the hotel to call and make a reservation and they advised the restaurant that I was Coeliac at the time of booking.

I was provided with the menu which focuses on Basque specialties and the waiter explained which dishes could be made gluten free. The tasting menu looked very exciting but I thought this would be challenge too far to make the adjustments for the dishes to be gluten free and the options on the main menu all looked very appetising. This was approximately half of the starters and he said all of the main course fish and meat could be prepared gluten free. Of course, the waiter said, the alterations might mean you can't have the sauce or perhaps an ingredient should be omitted but I was to let him know what I'd like to eat and he'd discuss it with the chef and advise what the substitutions would be. The waiter said any fish would be grilled or baked (not fried) for me. The service throughout the meal was attentive and our waiter spoke excellent English which helped when discussing the ingredients in each of the dishes and the adjustments to make them gluten free. The waiter brought me this gluten free bread. I can honestly say this bread was amazing. Whilst the middle didn't have the same light as a feather texture of a French baguette, the outside was crunchy and just like the regular, gluten filled version.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2012-03-06

Altzatenea Restaurante
Zugarramurdi, Navarre View On Map
In Zugarramurdi, we had a fantastic, big Basque lunch at the Altzatenea Restaurante. The staff spoke Spanish, Basque, French and English and the food was delicious and almost all naturally gluten free. Plus, the staff understood about gluten free. For example, they knew to tell us right away that the oil was only used for cooking french fries. Meats, seafood, and vegetables were all mainly grilled and simply seasoned. For dessert, the adults had a lovely plate of cheese, walnuts and quince paste and the kids had ice cream (all gluten free).
Recommended By: @GFKidsTravel / glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2011-11-09

, Chain View On Map
In the midst of updating my gluten free research, I ran across the exciting news that all McDonald's restaurants in Spain now offer gluten free buns on request.

This is according to the Spanish celiac website "Infoceliaquía." The website is entirely in Spanish, but click through to an English translation here, which also includes the original press release from McDonald's. Importantly, this introduction of gf bread is being carried out in collaboration with the well-respected Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations (FACE).

The availability of gluten free bread in several big fast food chains in Scandinavia was already a boon to celiacs. Now celiacs in Spain can also be assured of a quick meal on the fly. It may not be healthy, but this is a real win opening up many options for those traveling with young gluten free kids.
Recommended By: glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2011-06-08

Los Cristianos, Tenerife View On Map
My husband and I have just returned from Los Cristianos and really wanted to recommend this restaurant. I have previously found eating out on holiday quite difficult and limited. No so this time!! The owner, Mo, has a friend who is a coeliac and was fully aware of the condition and what we can and cannot eat. He devised the menu himself and can tell you the precise ingredients of each dish. Mo and his staff speak perfect English so no translation cards are required! I was able to pick from a very wide selection of gluten free starters and main courses, including pasta.

The food was absolutely fantastic and all freshly cooked - no packets here!! We ate here 4 times and the food was, without doubt, the best I have eaten since I was diagnosed. Most importantly I had no bad reaction afterwards so feel confident in recommending this restaurant to other coeliacs or those with a special dietary requirement. The restaurant is clean and modern and the atmosphere is very relaxed. We never felt we had to rush off after our meal so stayed and had brandy & coffees for the rest of the evening. Thanks to Mo and his team we had a really enjoyable holiday and will certainly try to return to Los Cristianos & Rubina's.
Recommended By: cmgbh On: 2011-05-31

The Point
Corralejo, Fuerteventura View On Map
Just had to post on here about The Point, which is a great wee place tucked up behind one of the town beaches, lovely views, and wonderful warm and friendly service.

The proprietor, Louise is Coeliac herself, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to safe and tasty gluten free food.

We had burger and fab home made chips (yes, the chips are safe!!), prawns with garlic and pimiento, mussels with home made pesto, and amazing flambeed bananas for dessert.

They also have gluten free beer (!!), gf pasta, can make you sandwiches with gf bread etc etc, so much choice. A veritable haven for Coeliacs, and we were made to feel very welcome!

Eating out can be a bit stressful sometimes, and this wee place helped us to have a relaxing and fab holiday!
Recommended By: Frauke On: 2011-03-29

Hesperia Lanzarote
Puerto Calero, Lanzarote View On Map
My hotel - the lovely NH Hesperia Lanzarote - provided gluten free bread at the breakfasts - I only requested it once, after that they noted down my room number so that each morning when I came in they would go and get it for me. It wasn't the softest, but who on earth is complaining when you can smother it with nutella and honey. It felt very naughty. I loved the fresh spanish omelettes and large array of high quality cured meats - serrrano ham with my eggs, yum. That and loads of fresh fruit, ahem. And free champagne. Which is always gluten free!

I didn't stay there for dinner - but check it out on the dining bit of their website - they mention the gluten free food they provide. I like!
Recommended By: @gffoodie / glutenfreefoodie.co.uk On: 2010-12-06

Puerto Bahia
Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote View On Map
We took a trip to the nearby Puerto del Carmen for dinner, picking Puerto Bahia in the old town harbour area on the basis that it had the nicest views and a black ink paella on the menu.

When I asked if the scampi on top of the paella had any flour on it he said "Are you a coeliac?". I nearly missed it - it was my companion that heard him say it - me being so unused to hearing such a thing. He came back and said that it was gluten free, and asked if I would like some gluten free bread. It was soft and warm and fantastic. I may have eaten a bit to much of it before receiving the massive, freshly prepared and scrupmtious squid and scampi paella, but what they hey, it's so rare!
Recommended By: @gffoodie / glutenfreefoodie.co.uk On: 2010-12-06

Hotel Palmanova
Palma Nova, Majorca View On Map
We all enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Palmanova, the rooms were cleaned every day with fresh towels, the staff were pleasant and friendly and we could not have asked for more. The main reason for this review is the restaurant staff esspecially the restaurant manager Pedro, I am a Coeliac, that means I'me on a Gluten Free diet and Pedro bent over backwards to help me in my choice of food and if there was not a lot of choice he would get me either meat or fish grilled, he was just great, THANK YOU PEDRO, it was he and Jaun who made my holiday the success it was. This is a message to all you Coeliacs out there, the Hotel Palmanova will look after you and tend to your Dietary need's. Thank you all at the Hotel Palmanova.
Recommended By: michael_watson733 On: 2010-09-20

Stay Restaurant
Port de Pollenca, Mallorca View On Map
Right over the water of the bay of Port de Pollenca, this restaurant offers really special food. Phone ahead to arrange gluten free. Everything is taken care of, even gluten free 'amuse bouche', home made bread rolls. You won't feel like you are going 'without' at all! Not cheap but worth it for a really special meal.
Recommended By: Cath_GF On: 2010-08-24