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Sweden - Restaurants

The hardest thing when suffering from coeliac disease or following a Gluten Free diet is obviously finding somewhere to eat. Here are our suggestions of places particularly friendly if you're looking for somewhere.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat (e.g. Newcastle, London Pizza). Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

Stockholm |Karlstad |Halland County |
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Cafe Mignon
Varberg, Halland County View On Map
Lovely cafe with friendly staff and several choices of gluten free sandwiches, baguetes and sweet cakes.
Recommended By: Erica On: 2015-04-23

Norrstrands Pizzeria
Lagmansgatan, Karlstad View On Map
If you're in Karlstad, don't miss Norrstrands Pizzeria! It's a great pizza-place with superb pizza! I haven't eaten a better gluten free pizza yet.
Recommended By: @Ionawen On: 2013-06-30

Under Kastanjen
Gamla Stan, Stockholm View On Map
This place is a hidden gem for tourists. There are no other word to describe it. Frankly if you have made the effort to go to Gamla Stan you absolutely must make the effort to find it. It is not far from the Royal Palace and worth the wander through the old cobbled streets to find it. By the time we got to Under Kastanjen we were quite soggy and cold. It was so nice to wander in and see a bottle of gluten free beer proudly displayed on the counter. There was no other signage of gluten free anything but frankly considering I don't drink it was fantastic that I recognised the brand and didn't think "this is the wrong place". In fact they are so committed to safe gluten free food here that they even prepare gluten free food in a separate kitchen so there are no issues regarding cross contamination!

We ordered one gluten cheese sandwich, which was taken from the front counter, and a gluten free cheese sandwich was prepared from within and brought out a short while afterwards. The bread was significantly different so there was no chance of any mix ups. It was smaller and had different seeds on top but it was all perfectly normal and yet the experience was in a sense abnormal! Afterwards we ordered some cake. It was so great to have a choice of which fresh gluten free cake to have knowing that I would be safe and not get sick afterwards.
Recommended By: @itsgottobegf / itsgottobeglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2012-12-31

Friends Of Adam
Hornstull, Stockholm View On Map
The Friends of Adam bakery is located in Stockholm, in the Södermalm area. Their mission is to produce bread which is naturally gluten free. They use various flours including rice, teff, coconut and buckwheat, instead of wheat starch and use real (not powdered) eggs and real butter. In this way they seek to produce bread which is not only naturally gluten free but is also high in fibre and nutritious. They use two ovens (one of which is a stone oven) to bake their breads and undertake a lot of experimentation to come up with the best possible results. An extensive list of the stores Friends of Adam supplies both within Stockholm and throughout Sweden is available on the website here. Non-Swedish speakers can use Google translate. On chatting to the lovely lady in the bakery, she advised that Friends of Adam have just started supplying their gluten free bread to the Espresso House, a Swedish chain of coffee houses which seemed to be everywhere.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2012-01-16

Restaurang Slingerbulten
Gamla Stan, Stockholm View On Map
A brilliant Swedish restaurant with very knowledgeable staff. I was able to eat two courses (and could have had a dessert too, had I had room left!). I had a starter of Herring - pickled three ways - followed by Reindeer steak. The portions were very generous, the tastes amazing and service was very good. I would go back again. The food was enjoyed by all of the members of the Great Britain Minigolf Sport Team and Coaches on our visit.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-06-15

Celine Italiensk Bistro
Hornsgatan, Stockholm View On Map
A great restaurant with very knowledgeable staff. We spotted a sign/blackboard advertising Gluten Free Pasta available, so headed in to ask what was available. I was able to choose from six items on the menu, which could be made with Gluten Free pasta. I had the Al Pollo Chicken Pasta dish - which was an enormous serving :-) The food was enjoyed by all of the members of the Great Britain Minigolf Sport Team on our visit. We also made a second visit to the Bistro before we left Stockholm and I opted for the All Manzoni, again it was delicious, and a very filling portion. All of the pasta dishes are cooked in the open kitchen area at the front of the Bistro and are served in very good time :-)
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-06-15