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It may be our home country but that doesn't mean that we can't travel around the country and still struggle to find somewhere catering to a gluten free diet. However, plenty of great places exist so hopefully you'll find the right one for you here.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Sabai Thai
Brighton, East Sussex View On Map
The bank holiday weekend has been absolutely glorious down in Brighton, so my boyfriend and I decided to take a wander into the city centre to soak up the sunshine and enjoy a bite to eat. With a hankering for something substantial but vaguely healthy, we wandered over to take a look at the menu in Sabai Thai Gastrobar, based just off North Street next to Pavilion Gardens. I'd never been to Sabai before today, thinking that it would be just another budget Thai restaurant. As is usually the case with Thai food, I was fully prepared to scrutinise the menu and take a gamble on a couple of dishes being gluten-free. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were plenty of dishes marked GF - the first Thai restaurant I've seen doing this in the city.

As my starter, I went for coconut and vegetable soup which was absolutely gorgeous. Delicately spiced, deliciously creamy with a great balance of flavour, it would be a fantastic marinade for mussels too. For my main, I opted for Thai spicy salad with chicken, served with jasmine rice. This is a cold dish which you can order with meat or tofu, served in a sweet chilli sauce with warm rice. My boyfriend went for the Thai red curry with chicken (also a gluten-free dish) so I had to nick a forkful - purely in the interests of research, of course. It was medium-spiced, beautifully creamy and the ideal portion size for a lunch menu. I'll definitely be trying this one next time, as red curry is a particular favourite of mine.

I absolutely love Thai food, and Sabai is definitely up there with other Thai places in the city in terms of quality and value. What sets Sabai apart though is not having to take a gamble on which dishes are gluten-free - I know exactly what I can order without worrying about whether I'm going to be inadvertently "glutened". I reckon this is where I'll be going to get my Thai fix until other restaurants in the city follow suit.
Recommended By: @GFDining / gfdining.co.uk On: 2013-06-10

Fremington Quay Cafe
Fremington, Devon View On Map
As it was a bit of a dreary afternoon and the fridge was looking bare, Steve said he would treat me to lunch and we popped down the road to Fremington Quay. Now unless I missed it, I haven't seen anything advertising they do gluten free rolls but my friend told me they did, so I chose from the range of fillings on their baguette menu. They also have jacket potatoes, which Steve opted for, and a range of gluten free Honeybuns cakes (the caramel shortbread one is to die for!) and some homemade gluten free macaroons - either coconut or almond. It's an impressive array for somewhere out of the way - and I can imagine if I was on holiday and came across this when cycling down the Tarka Trail I would possible cry with happiness. It's kind of like a gluten free oasis in a desert of bread...

While we were waiting for our food (yep, we like to do things the wrong way round!) we decided to share a coconut macaroon for a starter/dessert. Home made at the cafe, these are by far the nicest macaroons I've tried. They're not too sweet, not too sticky, and also HUGE, so you get what you pay for! When the food arrived I was pleasantly suprised. I had seen a 'normal' baguette go out and it was huge - some places tend to end up giving you a piddly little roll and charging the same price, but not here. I was given TWO generous gluten free rolls, stuffed with bacon and brie, and I couldn't wait to get stuck in! The bread had been warmed through and was soft and tasty - it didn't crumble when you tried to eat it and the rolls had held together really well. This was actually a really generous portion (it cost around £6 to eat in) and I was impressed with the amount of filling they had managed to fit in. Normally when I make a bacon roll it looks like a car crash. The salad was really fresh and the bacon was crispy - it was the first time I had eaten any bread in a long time but it was definitely worth the treat! In the summer it's also a great place to walk down to and sit outside with an ice cream. I love the friendly feeling of the cafe and the fact it's always busy come rain or shine.
Recommended By: @GFBlogger / theglutenfreeblogger.com On: 2013-06-09

Pizza Express
, Chain View On Map
It's been a while but Pizza Express have this week given me an excuse to write about (and of course eat!) gluten free pizza once more. Pizza Express have been working closely with Coeliac UK for a number of years to get this right, and have managed to get NGCI accreditation for their efforts. Feedback from the launch event was that they were taking cross contamination extremely seriously, to the extent that Pizza Express have switched from wheat flour to gluten free flour to stretch out the dough for the regular pizzas. This obviously drastically reduces any cross contamination risk and is an extremely impressive measure that they have taken.

The menu was clearly labelled with an NGCI symbol next to the gluten free choices. I thought the menu was less clear though when it came to the pizza section. It clearly stated a GF base was available and that most toppings were gluten free, though I had to query which ones I couldn't have. With regards cross contamination, Coeliac UK had this to say about Pizza Express in this month's eXG email "They have been stringent in their approach to safety, introducing a rigorous training programme for team members, new equipment and even gluten-free flour in their restaurants, which will be used to stretch their regular bases."

I'd phoned in advance to ensure that the gluten free bases were available, and the staff member I spoke to was fully aware of the new menu options and keen to tell me that they also offered gluten free brownie now. When we arrived at the restaurant I was also pleased to see they had made a note that I needed to eat gluten free next to the booking. Upon being seated the first thing I noticed was the gluten free brownie being advertised loud and clear, it gave a clear impression Pizza Express were proud of the changes and were not hiding it away in small print as I have seen others do. First order of business was of course to get my hands on a gluten free beer! Hats off to Pizza Express for providing this option, and it is good to see this attention to detail. The beer itself was a pilsner from Greens, which was light and refreshing. It is the first time I have seen the option of a gluten free beer with a meal in Plymouth so a big thumbs up. I have to admit though I think I am a fully converted cider drinker now! It was great to have the option though, and a nice novelty to have a beer.

On to the main event, and the pizza. Nearly all the toppings are gluten free, the exceptions being meatballs, spicy beef and Gruyere and parmesan sauce. I went for the American Hot with jalapeno peppers. I was not disappointed. The base itself was thin and crispy. The taste and texture of the base were good and I was very pleased with my topping choices, full of flavour and a nice spicy kick from the peppers. Overall very impressed.

Whilst ordering I was made to feel very normal, like gluten free was no problem at all, and this is always a good experience. The staff seemed genuinely interested in my thoughts and enquired a couple of times on my opinion of the food. I was happy to report that I was thoroughly impressed with the whole meal and I would definitely go back for another go.
Recommended By: @kgollop / gfreebythesea.me On: 2013-05-29

Las Iguanas
, Chain View On Map
I was keen to get out for a meal for Gut Feeling week, and I've also been keen to try out Las Iguanas since it opened in Royal William Yard in Plymouth recently. So when my wife mentioned her friend had invited us to Las Iguanas for her birthday meal I was more than a little excited! I have always been a fan of Mexican so was keen to try out the "authentic South American food, made with passion, love and lots of Latin magic."

The good news is that they offer a separate gluten free menu. I had previously visited one of the Bristol branches and whilst the menus were clearly labelled with the gluten free options, I'd never been offered the separate menu before, so I wasn't sure if it existed other than on-line. However, when we arrived we mentioned to the waitress that we needed to eat gluten free we were immediately presented with the GF menu.

On this occasion I decided to go straight for the main, and I had been eyeing up a certain dish all week. The Feijoada de Puerco is apparently the proud national dish of Brazil. I have to say my dish was absolutely amazing. So much flavour and I loved every mouthful, I'd definitely have it again. The dishes were always confirmed as gluten free as they were served without us needing to ask and that gave a level of confidence. I am happy to say I suffered no reaction either. Unfortunately anything fried was not on the gluten free menu which meant salad instead of chips with some of the dishes. One disappointment was that the tortilla chips were not GF so there were no chips and dips to nibble on at the beginning of the meal. They appeared to be made on-site so presumably this was a cross contamination issue in the way they were prepared.
Recommended By: @kgollop / gfreebythesea.me On: 2013-05-29

The Georges
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire View On Map
The Georges restaurant in Market Street Haverfordwest has got a gluten free and a dairy free menu with great choice. Staff is very aware of allergies and intolerance to various foods. The restaurant is also a shop that sells everything from clothes to lights to soaps. Lovely place, great food and friendly staff.
Recommended By: Sara Rowland On: 2013-05-22

Fecci and Son's Fish and Chips
Tenby, Pembrokeshire View On Map
Fecci and Son's fish and Chips in the beautiful seaside town of Tenby is well known for their tasty Fish & Chips and have won several awards. They have a gluten free batter and separate fryer's so you can eat safely. Their staff have great awareness of coeliac disease.
Recommended By: Sara Rowland On: 2013-05-22

Celiac's Fayre
Twyford, Hampshire View On Map
Found this cafe on this site, having perused Trip Advisor and not liking what I found there. I'm gluten and soya intolerant and still breastfeeding a milk intolerant tot, so am avoiding dairy too. The cafe is small but the proprietor (a coeliac herself) was brilliant. She was as flexible as she could be - given that I hadn't warned her of our extra needs in advance. Don't expect gastro but do expect good cafe fare and at reasonable prices too. Our food was fresh and tasty. I would happily eat here again and again. She also sells gluten free products.
Recommended By: @dairyfree / dairyfreebabyandme.blogspot.com On: 2013-05-22

Norwich, Norfolk View On Map
This is an Italian influenced restaurant, with knowledable staff and fair prices. Almost all of their menu is available gluten free, including pasta and pizza. The food is excellent.
Recommended By: Carol Wilmot On: 2013-05-04

The Chancel
Plymouth, Devon View On Map
I'd recently heard good things about The Chancel on Facebook so I emailed them to check their gluten free options. I had a call back to say they offered gluten free bread, pasta and even pizza in addition to much of the menu being naturally gluten free. They did warn me that they had a very small kitchen and they did prepare gluten containing dishes, but were able to give me enough confidence that they would take cross contamination seriously. We arrived at the restaurant in St Andrews Street and when we were seated at our table we found an anniversary card waiting for us, a lovely touch which was much appreciated. The staff were extremely friendly and immediately came over to discuss the gluten free options with me and the vegetarian options with Abby, without us needing to ask. Abby was told that if there was something she fancied and she could see the ingredients on the menu they would do their best to make it for her.

The option of bruschetta to start was extremely tempting, but we had walked from home on a cold night so we both decided to go for some warming tomato and basil soup to start. This was extremely tasty and we both loved it, and as you can see from the photo mine came with some extremely impressive looking gluten free bread. The bread looked so impressive, that I immediately had one of those "is that really gluten free" moments. However, the waitress had stated it was GF on bringing it to the table and it was suitably different to Abby's Tiger bread to put me at ease. The bread was good and overall this was a very impressive starter and perfect for the cold occasion. The portion size was generous too.

For the main course, I decided to go with one of the naturally gluten free steak dishes rather than gluten free pasta or pizza. I decided to go with my favourite fillet steak, and was extremely happy to be told all the steak sauces were already gluten free. This meant I could have peppered sauce, something I love and a rare treat! The only downside was that the chips were not gluten free. Again I was told this without needing to ask, and received new potatoes as a substitute. Another enjoyable course, though I have to say the steak was not quite as tender as I usually expect of a fillet, but enjoyable none the less. I definitely enjoyed being able to have the steak sauce for a change too.

For dessert I was given a choice of creme brulee, or surprisingly sticky toffee pudding. I am a big fan of creme brulee and was too full for (and maybe slightly wary of) sticky toffee pudding. The creme brulee was creamy and delicious as you would expect, and a nice light dessert to finish off the meal. Overall we were very well looked after, the food was good and there was plenty of gluten free choice. I suffered no ill effects so they managed to prevent any cross contamination in their small kitchen with no problems. I would definitely go back for another meal, and it's great to be able to add another restaurant to the gluten free friendly list.
Recommended By: @kgollop / gfreebythesea.me On: 2013-04-20

Stratton House Hotel
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire View On Map
Me and some friends from the Beds and Mid Herts Coeliac support group recently visited the Stratton House Hotel in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire for a Gluten Free meal. One of our group had dined there a number of times before and we were all looking forward to the meal. It didn't disappoint. The options for Coeliac diners is extensive with plenty of choices for starters and main, and it was unfortunate that we were all so full from the very large portions that we had no room for dessert as one of the choices was a Black Forest Roulade! There was also gluten free beer available, in the form of Pathfinder Ale from Glebe Farm. The starters were very good, with my wife having a huge portion of Mussels and I had the liver pate, served with a good amount of bread and salad. We had also been given gluten free bread rolls while we looked at the menus. A very nice touch. For the main course I went for the chicken and ribs, served with some excellent big fat and crunchy chips. Unfortunately I wasn't expecting quite such a large portion so couldn't finish it. We'll definitely be going back, I really want more of the chips - they were delicious and I'll save room for dessert next time. Well worth a visit for the good food and service. All reasonably priced too.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2013-04-20

Village House Coaching Inn
Findon, West Sussex View On Map
We stayed at the Village House Coaching Inn in Findon near Worthing and when we booked we asked if they could cater for a Gluten & Wheat Free breakfast. Upon arrival we were told that gluten free bread and GF sausages (from the butchers over the road) had been bought for breakfast. A nice way to start a day out :-)
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2013-04-20

The Crown at Mickleton
Mickleton, County Durham View On Map
Warm friendly, atmosphere, good-quality food, well above standard pub fare, everything clearly labelled if it's gf/df, and the staff know what they're doing. Food served all day - this has become one of our regular haunts
Recommended By: Mark NW On: 2013-04-09

Dawnay Arms
Newton on Ouse, York View On Map
Good, reliable pub fare, with plenty of gf choices and a friendly welcome - they even stock Hambletons gf beers!
Recommended By: Mark NW On: 2013-04-09

Teesdale Hotel
Middleton in Teesdale, County Durham View On Map
What a pleasant surprise! This place has certainly improved in quality since last year. New chef produces interesting menus and great quality food, very reasonably priced (3-course meal for 3, including wine, for under £70) - and really understands gluten free. Friendly, welcoming service too. We'll certainly be coming back.
Recommended By: Mark NW On: 2013-04-09

The Sportsman
Whitstable, Kent View On Map
I write this on behalf of my parents who have visited this Michelin starred restaurant in Seasalter nr Whitstable in Kent twice now. They informed the restaurant at the time of booking of my mother's gluten intolerance and were reassured that it would not be a problem. On arrival they were not disappointed - a member of the kitchen staff came to their table and discussed their requirements and advised what could and couldn't be eaten. They provided gluten free alternatives where possible i.e bread. Mum enjoyed wonderful foods and a lovely relaxed atmosphere and actually was made to feel rather special (in a nice way). Based on their experience, well worth a visit.
Recommended By: S Claydon On: 2013-03-30

Vittoria On the Bridge
George IV Bridge, Edinburgh View On Map
On Friday evening I went to Vittoria's on the Bridge with friends. The place was packed and the restaurant does advise booking, however we were found a table and made to feel welcome. Vittoria's has a huge GF menu and take GF very seriously. I advised them I needed gluten free food and they advised me of dishes which could be adjusted to be GF on top of those that already were. I ordered chicken in a tomato sauce with rice and my meal arrived with a little flag on it I think to differentiate it in what is an undoubtedly busy restaurant. The waiter checked that who the GF dish was for. The food was hot and tasty and all my companions enjoyed their meals. I was impressed by the generous portions and could not finish my meal. The waiters were great especially considering how busy the place was. Vittoria's has a sister restaurant on Leith Walk with a similar menu.
Recommended By: Nicola dQ On: 2013-03-30

The Health Box
, Newcastle View On Map
Sooo happy to find a gluten free and super friendly little shop in my home town. I got Soup and cakes with loaves available too !!!
Recommended By: Emily On: 2013-03-19

The Wetherby Whaler
Guiseley, West Yorkshire View On Map
Situated on the former site of the first ever Harry Ramsden's, the Wetherby Whaler in Guiseley has kept much of the charm of the old building, along with an excellent reputation for fish and chips. There are high ceilings and glittering chandeliers, and most importantly, a gluten-free fryer. We turned up at about noon on a Saturday and it's lucky we turned up early as the place was packed by the time we left, mostly silver haired women turning up in droves. As we sat down, I asked the waitress what I could have that was gluten-free, as there was no mention of it anywhere on the menu. She can't have been much more than about 18, looked nervous, and said "I'll just check for you". That.s GOOD service for us coeliacs. We LOVE it when you check for us, as it puts our minds at ease. When she returned, she let me know that I could have any fish done gluten-free for me. I chose the regular haddock. Every fish dinner they do comes with bread and butter plus tea included in the price, so I was very impressed when the bread and butter for the gluten-eaters was put on the far end of the table from me. When my fish was brought to me, I almost got a bit scared as it looked so... normal! Perfectly golden brown.

The taste didn't disappoint. The fish was succulent, meaty and wonderful, while the batter was crispy and flavoursome. It certainly didn't taste "gluten-free". The chips were wonderful - I just wish I had remembered to bring my own vinegar. The portions were huge - so big that my boyfriend and his mother didn't finish their plates. I, on the other hand, ploughed through, for it is not often that I get to have fish and chips that is so good!
Recommended By: @TheHappyCoeliac / thehappycoeliac.com On: 2013-03-16

Coronation Restaurant
Gorebridge, Midlothian View On Map
I visited Coronation Restaurant last week with my father for his birthday. I was pleasantly surprised by their gluten free menu which had a lot of choice, the speciality being steak. Food was very nice and the Lady serving us was very helpful.
Recommended By: Nicola dQ On: 2013-03-03

Fratelli Sarti
3 Locations, Glasgow View On Map
Sarti's is my all time favourite restaurant. We've been going there on every family birthday, anniversary, special occasion etc for years now and I was delighted when my dad phoned up and found out that they'd started doing gluten free pasta. We mentioned that I was coeliac on arrival, and I was pleased to notice that the menu stated that gluten free pasta was available. My dad had been told on the phone that they did gluten free bread but it wasn't marked on the menu and I didn't want to make a fuss and ask.

I ordered my usual favourite (pasta pomodoro) with the gluten free pasta and the order went off to the kitchen. It took a little longer than usual, as gluten free meals often do, but it was just as delicious as I remember it. I know pomodoro always sounds boring since it's just a plain tomato sauce, but Sarti's do it best! My mum asked them what they put in it one time and I know carrot and celery are both on the ingredients list! I don't cook very well so this seems a bit random to me but it obviously works. We love it so much that we used to buy the sauce in bulk to have in the freezer! They stopped selling the sauce on its own a couple of years ago so I hadn't been able to have it since my diagnosis until they started doing the gluten free pasta.

Sarti's is still my favourite restaurant in Glasgow and probably always will be. My family couldn't even find food that compared to it when we were on holiday in Italy in 2006! I'm so glad that it's still somewhere I can go and enjoy a meal just like I used to.
Recommended By: theglutenfreecheerleader.wordpress.com On: 2013-02-23