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It may be our home country but that doesn't mean that we can't travel around the country and still struggle to find somewhere catering to a gluten free diet. However, plenty of great places exist so hopefully you'll find the right one for you here.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Fox Inn
Thorpe Waterville, Northamptonshire View On Map
Fantastic selection of dishes on the menu; all main courses are gluten free and they will adapt any other dishes. Fantastic location, great service and reasonable prices.
Recommended By: Sarah On: 2012-08-10

Dream's Cafe
Northampton, Northamptonshire View On Map
I was looking at your site as my wife has recently been diagnosed as coeliac and I notice you don't mention Dreams Cafe in Northampton. My wife and I often call in here when we're in town, they do breakfast and lunch dishes with gluten free bread and have a selection of cakes. I should also add that the staff are always friendly and helpful.
Recommended By: Pete Spencer On: 2012-08-10

Shop In The Shed
, Bulkington, Warwickshire View On Map
Fabulous little farm shop that sells a great range of Gluten Free products, including: Fresh Tiger and crusty loaves Sandwich/Sub rolls Iced buns and cakes Frozen pies - Steak, Chicken etc. Pork pie ... plus loads more. and you MUST try the delicious Chicken Kievs! Lovely lady that runs it too. :-)
Recommended By: John Goldstein On: 2012-07-26

Longniddry Inn
Longniddry, East Lothian View On Map
Good food, with gluten free alternatives to regular menu items. Just ask for gluten free menu. Includes gluten free rolls, toast and pasta. Excellent!
Recommended By: Alan Shearer On: 2012-07-26

Brooks Around the Corner
Oswestry, Shropsire View On Map
While in Oswestry for the 2012 Oswestry Games multi-sport event we booked a table for dinner at Brooks Around the Corner restaurant in the town. I had heard in advance that Brooks' could cater for Coeliacs and had looked on their website and saw quite a few options. I really enjoyed the food and the service was very good too. I ordered the Chicken Liver & Cointreau pate, which was served with Gluten Free toast - I had also been given a Gluten Free bread roll to nibble prior to being served the starter, a nice touch. It was a nice smooth and very tasty pate. For my main course I had the Bacon Steaks with Garlic Mushroom sauce and rather than chips I had the crushed potatoes. As the first meal was so nice we decided to dine at Brooks again on the Saturday evening. This time I had the Fillet Steak, with Peppercorn and Brandy Sauce, Crushed Potatoes and a very nice salad. The fillet steak was incredibly tender and was a very nice portion size. For the starter I once again opted for the pate. I dined with my wife and friends on both occasions and they told me that their choices were great too. Well worth a visit if you're in Oswestry. The town as a whole is a very nice place to spend some time in too.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2012-07-26

Royston, Hertfordshire View On Map
I would like to recommend Palazzo in Royston. They do contemporary Italian dining and have GF on the menu and very well trained staff. I have been eating there for years and always had great food and great service. Having been diagnosed as Coeliac about 5 years ago, this place has been a real life saver. I'd highly recommend this venue
Recommended By: @cwooluk On: 2012-07-26

Le Spice
Worthing, West Sussex View On Map
This Indian is amazing!! They are great at supplying gluten free, wheat free and milk free food. They cook there onion bajees and chips separate from anythibg else. Their food is just amazing and highly recommended.
Recommended By: amiee ross On: 2012-07-26

The Pump House
Durham, County Durham View On Map
We attended this restaurant for my son's graduation in June 2012. The staff were really helpful when I emailed to enquire about gluten free meals. They emailed me the Graduation Menu by return and made it very clear that this would be no problem to the restaurant at all and they are very happy to accommodate dietary requests such as this. They committed to ensuring that our gluten free son enjoyed his meal and explained he should let them know what courses he wanted when they took the order and that they would make sure they spoke to the chef and that the meal would be altered accordingly to meet his needs. They didn't disappoint, they were extremely helpful and provided extra chips (fried in fresh oil)to replace the bread bun on the burger meal. They also advised on sauces and desserts. Huge thanks to them for making our special meal possible on my son's big day. I would highly recommend them to any gluten free customers.
Recommended By: suzzanne henderson On: 2012-07-15

The Bridge Hotel
Prestbury, Cheshire View On Map
Bridge Hotel Prestbury labels gluten-free dishes on menu. Ate there on Sunday with coeliac in group. Worked out well.
Recommended By: @NotoTescoExtra On: 2012-07-02

Neffys Coffee House
Paignton, Devon View On Map
Neffys is an Egyptian themed coffee shop catering for gluten and wheat free diets, They have a huge range of cakes biscuits pies, pasties , sausage rolls and even a gluten free cream tea. Made my holiday as my partner has to follow a gluten free diet.
Recommended By: Mark On: 2012-06-26

The Rusty Gun
Hitchin, Hertfordshire View On Map
We visited the Rusty Gun in St Ippolyts, near Hitchin, on a Sunday lunchtime and I had a good Gluten Free meal. They do not have specific Gluten Free menus, but when we asked if they had a table I also double checked they could do Gluten Free and the waiter said a lot of the food was OK as they don't use flour in many dishes and that I'd have to avoid bread. I had previously asked if the restaurant could do Gluten Free and was told they could. When I mentioned to the waiter I needed to order Gluten Free he asked what I was looking at ordered and I mentioned the steak, he said that it would be OK, without Onion Rings. I opted for a Ribeye steak and asked to swap the chips for new potatoes. The Peppercorn sauce was served separately and is Gluten Free. The steak was cooked to my liking and apart from having to miss out on having Onion Rings with the meal the other accompaniments were all OK. Having a quick look at the dessert menu it didn't look like anything bar the ice creams would be Gluten Free so I didn't order. My wife and friend's (not GF) Haddock & Chips looked great and they said it tasted very nice too. For future Coeliac diners and for ease of choosing it would be handy if the Gluten Free dishes could be marked with an asterisk or similar and/or if a separate Gluten Free menu was available. The menu had plenty of choice for diners, but when dining Gluten Free it was one of those times where you would have to ask lots of questions and go through each item listed to see if it was OK or not. The steak meal was the easiest and safest option to choose. The Rusty Gun is worth a visit. Good food and good service.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2012-06-18

Marylebone, London View On Map
I had wanted to go to Texture since I saw the creator Agnar Sverrisson, put together a stunning looking dish on Saturday Kitchen. Sverrisson is from Iceland and combines the best of British ingredients with those from his native country to create some outstanding dishes. The service was superb, certainly the best I've received since being gluten free. We opted for the very reasonably priced lunch menu and they were more than happy to adapt dishes, with seemlingly nothing being too much trouble. The main I opted for was served with fregola, a type of pasta, but our waiter said the dish would work just as well with quinoa. Coeliacs will agree, it's really positive when they can actively suggest alternatives rather than the "we'll just leave it off" attitude. Their understanding of catering for coeliacs was very impressive. They immediately brought me an alternative to the breads, a type of thin crisp served with a dip that tasted like an incredibly fresh tzatziki which woke up the taste buds for the beautiful food which followed.

I proclaimed my main course at the time to be 'the best I've ever had' and looking back I think I still stand by this! Cornish Pollack cooked to perfection, served with lemon, sea vegetables and as mentioned quinoa which had bursts of fennel seeds. All of the dishes were exquisitely presented showing off some very exciting cooking. The waiter informed us that the dessert was something new that they were trying out. If this is experimenting, then they shouldn't stop. Actually Texture may have gone one step further and could quite possibly be the best restaurant I've ever had the pleasure of dining at! Sublime food combined with exceptional service - it doesn't get much better.
Recommended By: @hungryboyfriend / hungryboyfriend.blogspot.com On: 2012-05-31

Wimbledon, London View On Map
I had an excellent gluten free meal here. The waitress knew which dishes were gluten free and made sure the chef knew not to add any gluten containing ingredients to our food, they even offered us grilled calamari rather than deep fried in batter. I had none of my usual gluten after effects.
Recommended By: Alison Nolan On: 2012-05-26

Peak Restaurant
Llanberis, Snowdonia View On Map
We love gluten free Italian Chocolate Cake from the majority gluten free menu at our favourite Peak Restaurant by chef Angela Dwyer.
Recommended By: @JaffaWoo On: 2012-05-26

Bar Frizzante
Theatres, Edinburgh View On Map
Bar Frizzante is a wonderful little restaurant we found on Lothian Road, just round from the main theatres. They had a range of gluten free pasta, and numerous gluten free options on the menu. On top of this the staff could not have been more helpful, they were happy to discuss the menu options and offered to alter existing dishes to make them gluten free. The food was delicious, and the wine options were great too. The restaurant itself was very tranquil, a welcome escape from the hectic street outside, and so nice to not have to worry about getting a coeliac-friendly meal!
Recommended By: Sarah On: 2012-05-09

Grail Court Hotel
Burton On Trent, Staffordshire View On Map
This restaurant at the hotel does gluten free food, ask staff for what is gluten free and they are happy to help.
Recommended By: jenny On: 2012-05-02

Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire View On Map
Having been Wheat/gluten intolerant for a year, and unable to have dairy (due to cmpi baby) I was relieved to find somewhere that serves both Gluten Free bread and cakes, as that's a start! Unfortunately, they are unable to tell me which bread/cakes are dairy free, but as they serve Jacket Potatoes too (butter is served separately). It seems they can cater for even me! Not sure how hot on avoiding cross-contamination they are, as was minding the baby, but that is not such an issue for me. If it is a problem, as it is a deli-style sandwich bar, you can see what they're up to. I'm sure you could politely ask them to use a new chopping board, if necessary, as they're quite friendly. Watch out, if you drop in for lunch, as they're usually very busy!
Recommended By: @dairyfree / dairyfreebabyandme.blogspot.com On: 2012-04-24

Nigel's Butchers
, Ashbourne, Derbyshire View On Map
For home cooking, Nigel's butchers stocks frozen gluten-free sausages and understand that it's not just about leaving out the rusk, the skins must also be gluten-free. They also have gluten-free oatcakes which are very close to the real thing.
Recommended By: Leah On: 2012-04-25

Da Carlo's
Ashbourne, Derbyshire View On Map
Dinner is the lovely Da Carlo's Italian restaurant, just moved to bigger premises with plenty of delicious gluten-free choices, including gluten-free pasta.
Recommended By: Leah On: 2012-04-24

St John Street Gallery
Ashbourne, Derbyshire View On Map
Lunch at the St John Street Gallery is always a treat, where Rob has won Great Taste awards for his food, and won 2011 Derbyshire Café of the year. Always great gluten-free lunch options available, including bread to go with the soup, and they are making their own gluten-free foccacias and other goodies too.
Recommended By: Leah On: 2012-04-24