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It may be our home country but that doesn't mean that we can't travel around the country and still struggle to find somewhere catering to a gluten free diet. However, plenty of great places exist so hopefully you'll find the right one for you here.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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El Piano
York, Yorkshire View On Map
I spent a couple of days in my home town, York. We were staying in a budget hotel and thought we could do a little better than their breakfast so decided to venture out. We went for brunch at El Piano. I'd always been slightly put off by the concept of El Piano - vegan - and so had never tried it whilst I lived in York. But it's also 100% gluten-free. As any coeliac will testify, it's just nice to eat somewhere where there's no doubt in the back of your mind and you don't have to check and double check with the waiting staff whether things are gluten-free. How would a brunch, without any trace of meat be? I'm used to writing about perfect pulled pork and amazing ribs, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

It certainly impressed. It's like walking in to a Spanish grotto. It was small but cosy and there was a hearty aroma which I didn't expect from vegan food. Bizarrely, it's a mini-chain - with two other restaurants, one in Malaga, the other in Granada. Although the food clearly has influences from around the world the way in which your order is similar to Spanish tapas. My girlfriend and I both opted for the selection of mini plates, where you get three dishes plus rice each for £12.95. We were maybe a little ambitious as they were generous portion sizes. The 'thai, thai' - a thai potato salad which had all the essential flavours of lemon grass, coconut and lime was fantastic. The corn fritters were probably my favourite, there was a kick of chilli and served with a cool salsa, they were a winning combination. The frijoles cubanos or black beans were probably the only let down - as there wasn't a whole lot going on. However, the dhal and falafels more than made up for that - both packed with flavour. The rice was also perfectly cooked and well balanced.
Recommended By: @hungryboyfriend / hungryboyfriend.blogspot.com On: 2012-01-06

Bournemouth, Dorset View On Map
Number 1 gluten free and special diet friendly restaurant in Bournemouth is L'Assiette in East Southbourne, not far from the beach. Full Review Here
Recommended By: @FlyMe2VSpoon / hungryglutenfreevegetarian.wordpress.com On: 2012-01-04

The Edge
Bournemouth, Dorset View On Map
A very swanky place with beautiful views of the coast. When you book tell them about your dietary requirements and ask for a table with a view. Full Review Here
Recommended By: @FlyMe2VSpoon / hungryglutenfreevegetarian.wordpress.com On: 2012-01-04

Guildhall Tavern Restaurant
Poole, Dorset View On Map
The Guildhall Tavern in the centre of the old town part of Poole near the quay is a well recommended restaurant serving French food and specialising in seafood/fish. However dishes that can be made gluten free, of which there are many, are clearly marked on the menu. Full Review Here
Recommended By: @FlyMe2VSpoon / hungryglutenfreevegetarian.wordpress.com On: 2012-01-04

, Chain View On Map
When I worked for a few months in Canary Wharf, I went to Leon sometimes for lunch to pick up a gluten free salad. That branch was always crazy busy and there were never any seats free so I didn't have the chance to eat in the restaurant. I always kind of wished I could eat in though, so one day when I was having a cultural afteroon at the Tate Modern I decided to nip to the Leon branch tucked behind the gallery on Bankside for lunch.

I was impressed with the menu boards over the counter which clearly displayed the allergy information for each menu option. The menu itself contained many gluten free options for lunch. There was also a separate kids menu. On the counter in front of me were a number of sweet treats including a brownie and pecan pie which were labelled gluten free. These were not individually wrapped so you might want to check if they have wrapped versions of these if you are concerned about cross contamination.

The only downside for me was that I couldn't actually see what any of the dishes looked like before choosing. You order from the Leon menu over the counter, pay and then your food arrives. Being a bit of a 'visual' person this proved a bit difficult for me. Undeterred, I chose the BBQ Chicken. I rarely find BBQ sauce which is gluten free and it was for this reason I chose the dish. The Leon website is really informative and lists every item contained in each dish. Check out the BBQ Chicken, for example.

So how did it taste? All of the dish's ingredients tasted fresh and flavoursome. The BBQ sauce was deliciously smoky. I was really happy to find a little smattering of gherkins. How tastes change, eh? I can remember picking gherkins out of burgers as a kid but now I love them! I chose the BBQ Chicken as part of a Leon meal deal which included a fresh lemonade and a side of corn off the cob.

When I got home I spent some time reading Leon's excellent website. I was particularly interested and impressed with the information on the Sustainability page.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2011-12-30

, East Anglia View On Map
Proctor's Deli in Ipswich Town Centre sell a number of Gluten Free items and has a wide-range of great Gluten Free sausages. They are all on display in separate bowls, with separate scissors used to cut them etc. We picked out some Merguez, Chorizo, Chicken & Mushroom and Bratwurst Sausages. All were very tasty.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-20

Oaks Tea Room
Felixstowe, Suffolk View On Map
On a return trip to the seaside resort of Felixstowe, Suffolk we popped into the excellent Oaks Tea Room for lunch. On our previous visit we had discovered that they could cater for Coeliacs with Gluten Free options. I remember having an excellent homemade chicken liver pate with toast, new potatoes and salad and was looking forward to eating there again. On this occasion I had the choice of Suffolk ham on the bone or Salmon fillet. I went for the Salmon fillet, which is supplied by the fishmongers next door but one to Oaks Tea Room. They had run out of new potatoes on our visit, no surprise as the Tea Room is always bustling, so I had a small jacket potato with it. The dish was served with an excellent homemade Tartare sauce. We also chose to have a Pudding and I could go for either a Pavlova or a Creme Brulee. I opted for the Creme Brulee, which was served with a fresh strawberry, strawberry sauce and two mini meringues. Well presented and very good. My non-Coeliac dining partners had excellent food too and one of them had a massive slice of a triple layered chocolate cake. They were both very pleased with the food and service too. Looking forward to our next visit in the summer.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-20

Grove Guest House
Ipswich, Suffolk View On Map
On a return visit to Ipswich we once again stayed at the Grove Guest House. It offers great rooms, parking, is a short walk into the town centre and best of all caters for Coeliacs. The rooms have fridges which are very well stocked with fruit juices, milk, cheese, butter, spreads etc. and if you notify them in advance they will make sure there are Gluten Free products available. This includes bread, cake bars/muesli bars and cereal. The owners really do make great efforts to make you feel at home. It's one of the most comfortable, friendly and hospitable guest houses we've stayed in. When we visit Ipswich we wouldn't stay anywhere else now.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-20

Cox's of Letchworth
Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire View On Map
On a re-visit to Cox's of Letchworth I once again had a great portion of gluten free Fish & Chips. The shop was very very busy on the Friday evening we popped in and the gluten free options normally take about 10 minutes to cook, but despite the business the food was still cooked to perfection and in only 15 minutes. You can phone ahead to place your orders for convenience, but I like the anticipation of getting fish & chips so a wait is not a problem. Cox's also do Gluten Free Chicken and once again the food was great. I had however thought the chicken was going to be of the "Southern Fried" variety (it wasn't), but was a quarter or Roast Chicken. I therefore ended up with two pieces as I'd asked for two pieces! The portion size was very good (you only need a quarter of roast chicken and chips, not the "greedy" option I mistakenly ordered). The chicken was cooked nicely and was very tasty. The service was quick and friendly too.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-20

, Manchester View On Map
While visiting Manchester we had a wander around the Christmas Markets. On the Clowbeck's stall we spotted that some of the dishes were Gluten Free, including a Gluten Free Cumberland Sausage. Unfortunately the invention known as "Mr Holden's Manchester Egg" was not Gluten Free, but sounds intriguing and I may have to try to make one myself using Gluten Free Black Pudding!
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-15

Findlays of Portobello
, Edinburgh View On Map
Findlays Butchers in Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland offer wide-range of Gluten Free products that are also available to order online. I ordered a Gluten Free Haggis (yet to try it) and two Gluten Free Black Puddings (one down, one to go). The Black Puddings are very tasty and although they contain Oatmeal Findlays have made sure that the ingredients going into their products are uncontaminated and as safe for Coeliacs as possible. We also ordered a Bone-In Beef Rib Roast and this piece of meat was one of the best we have ever tasted. Findlays have a wide-range of Gluten Free specialist products and plenty of other meats to choose from too. It's easy to order and they have good packaging and delivery. I would use again.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-15

Naturally Nutty
, Manchester View On Map
While visiting Manchester we had a wander around the Christmas Markets. The Naturally Nutty Fudge stall had a line on their sign that stated that all of the products were Gluten Free. Speaking with the stallholder she told me that they used to make some non-Gluten Free products but found that they could make those Gluten Free too, so now are able to be sure of no cross-contamination. I bought a mixed bag of Fudge pieces and very tasty they were too.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-15

Albert's Shed
Castlefields, Manchester View On Map
Ahead of our visit to Manchester I had contacted Albert's Shed to check if they could do Gluten Free food and had received a response saying that they could. We double checked that it would be OK on our arrival and the staff member we spoke to was aware of Gluten Free/Coeliac Disease so we decided to eat there. I chose the Roast Loin of Venison which is topped with Cropwell Bishop Stilton Cheese and served with Dauphinoise Potatoes and French Beans. I was unable to have the Port and Blackberry Jus as the waiter had informed the kitchen I needed to have the food Gluten Free and the Jus contained wheat. Despite not being able to have the accompanying sauce the dish was still very tasty. I liked the addition of the rich cheese to the meat, it really added to it and wasn't too melty, or too crumbly. My wife opted for the Pot Roast Beef which looked amazing and I'm told it was delicious. As we were eating quite late we didn't order a starter or dessert, but when we visit Manchester again we'd bear it in mind as a place to get some good Gluten Free food. The restaurant looks great, with a large patio area overlooking the canal, and is in the middle of the Castlefields area of Manchester. It's well worth a visit with plenty of historic spots to look around, museums and pubs to choose from too.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-14

Brighton, East Sussex View On Map
Metrodeco in Kemp Town are showcasing gorgeous mini Carrot Cakes, great for a treat or as a gift to the gluten free person in your life. Metrodeco are committed to stocking gluten free food there. There is a lot of demand in Brighton and only the usual two cakes are normally available and no savouries, things are selling well so I shall be there for the long term.
Recommended By: verygoodfood On: 2011-12-08

Everly's Continental Cafe
Yarm-on-Tees, Teesside View On Map
While in Yarm-on-Tees we couldn't find anywhere that had a dedicated Gluten Free menu, but when I asked in the restaurant One-O-Four they sauid they could cater for Gluten Free options. I chose the Pork Belly with Root Vegetables and Apple Sauce. It was very nice, if a little on the small size portion-wise. A few more vegetables would have added to the dish. The menu offered a range of dishes and the service was very good. The other food served looked good and I am told it tasted great.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-05

The Book Inn - The Book Cafe
Leigh-on- Sea, Essex View On Map
The Cafe at The Book Inn on Leigh-on-Sea, Essex offers a selection of Gluten Free cakes. On our trip to Leigh-on-Sea on Saturday, our first visit to the town, we were very pleased to see that "gluten free cake"was being advertised on the board outside the shop. I went for the Chocolate Cake and I also bought a Chocolate Brownie to have later in the afternoon after our nice long walk back to Southend-on-Sea. The cakes are well priced and if I'd had room, and time, I might have tried more! The Book Inn bookshop was well stocked too and the split between the bookshop and cafe is very well done. One of the walls of the Cafe was also being used as a display for a local photographer, David Shields, and showed his Football and Seaside montages. A very pleasant experience in all.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-05

Parmo's Italian
Middlesbrough, Teesside View On Map
While up on Teesside we stayed at the Best Western Middlesbrough and asked when we checked in if the restaurant could do Gluten Free food. We were told they could, so booked a table. The choice for Coeliacs is very limited, but I did have a very nice Fillet Steak with seasonal vegetables. Even though I'd stated that I'd prefer the vegetables rather than the chips (which were not Gluten Free, and rarely are anywhere) I was still served a bowl of chips. When I mentioned this to the waitress she took them away and brought out the vegetables. The Parmo in the name of the restaurant is a nod to the famous Teesside dish of 'Parmo', unfortunately these are not Gluten Free so I'll be having a go at making one at home!
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-05

Churchills Chippy
Southend-on-Sea, Essex View On Map
While walking along the Eastern Esplanade in Southend-on-Sea we noticed that a new Fish & Chip shop had opened since our last visit. We had a look in the window and I noticed that a small sign showed that they could do Gluten Free batter. I asked the staff and they could do Gluten Free batter. Before I ordered I ask how the Fish was fried and if they used a separate fryer for the Gluten Free orders and was told that the didn't. Unfortunately I could not order. A shame that they were going to the effort of making up Gluten Free batter, only to then cross contaminate by using the same oil/fryer as regular orders.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-05

Saf Restaurant
Shoreditch, London View On Map
I'd heard about Saf from a friend who did a raw food course earlier this year. Saf stands for "simple authentic food" and also means "pure" in Turkish. The theory behind the raw food movement is that raw foods are more nutritious than those which have been cooked and consequently lost their nutrients. Heating food is OK as long as the temperature stays below around 46C, on the Saf menu all items heated to over 48C are marked.The décor of Saf Shoreditch is clean and modern. The restaurant extended back some way and I could see a pleasant looking courtyard garden out at the rear. The waiter advised a new menu had been introduced the day before my visit. In 2010 Saf Shoreditch won the Evening Standard award for best vegetarian restaurant in London.There was a good range of starters, salads, sandwiches and main courses and the gluten free items (of which there were many) were clearly noted on the menu. I chose the Thai red curry which included butternut squash, aubergine, okra and tofu in a spiced coconut curry sauce served with black rice on the side.

Would I go back? Yes, the food was delicious. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed; I felt totally at ease dining there alone. However next time I would choose something more filling and not go on a day when I needed fuel for a high impact aerobics class later that evening!
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2011-11-23

Handmade Burger Co
, Chain View On Map
The Handmade Burger Co shows on the menu that many of the burgers can be made/served Gluten Free, so I gave it a try. The ordering system sees you choose your food and then pay for it at a till, rather than waiter/waitress service. However, I asked the staff member who showed us to our seats about Gluten Free options and she said that all of the burgers would be OK without the buns, or by not adding certain sauces. I was told to tell the person taking my order at the till and that they would be able to answer questions about the side dishes too (which are large portions that are enough for two to share). I opted for a Bacon & Cheese Burger, the Fries & Homemade Coleslaw. The staff member made sure the order went through as 'Gluten Free' and said that they would make the meal without the bun and with no Worcestershire Sauce. I also asked about the Fries and was told that they were cooked in a separate fryer that was not used for any other gluten containing food items. The Handmade Coleslaw was also Gluten Free. The food came out and it was really tasty and so nice to be able to have a Burger and Chips. Eating the burger without the bun was not a problem as the food was so filling anyway, who needs any stodgy starch filler! Well worth a try and great to know the staff have been made aware of Gluten Free options.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-11-22