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It may be our home country but that doesn't mean that we can't travel around the country and still struggle to find somewhere catering to a gluten free diet. However, plenty of great places exist so hopefully you'll find the right one for you here.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Cafe Andaluz
2 Locations, Glasgow View On Map
While in Glasgow I headed to the Spanish Tapas restaurant Cafe Andaluz in the city centre knowing that they were able to cater for Coeliacs and have Gluten Free options. I had eaten at the branch of Cafe Andaluz in Edinburgh in August and had a great meal. Our server was aware of Gluten Free option, and the menu has 'GF' denoting the many many Gluten Free dishes on offer. There are so many dishes to try it takes quite a while to whittle down the choices to just three or four tapas dishes. As my friends were sharing a Paella (all of the three on the menu are GF) and had Garlic Bread to start, I had Vierras con Serrano (Seared king scallops with basil creamed leeks & crisp Serrano ham) which was three larger scallops and a great choice to start and well recommended by my waitress. The three Tapas I had for 'main' were Patatas Bravas (Fried potatoes mixed in a spicy tomato sauce & alioli), Carne de Res Picante (Spicy beef on a bed of rocket with a Manchego cheese & chorizo dressing), and a Paella Valenciana (a combination of rice, chicken, pork, shellfish & seafood, flavoured with saffron) The Mayador Cider served was a nice accompaniment to the meal too. I definitely had no room left for any dessert which, oddly, is the only section on the menu with no Gluten Free options. There are three Cafe Andalaz restaurants (two in Glasgow and the Edinburgh branch). I can't wait to give the other Glasgow one a try next year.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-11-22

PJ.s Bar And Grill
Covent Garden, London View On Map
I had a great meal at PJ's in Covent Garden on a recent revisit. The menu still has plenty of Gluten Free options, with at least one starter and one dessert too. I chose to go for a main and hope I'd have room for the Sticky Toffee Pudding dessert. The main course I chose was the Rump of Lamb served with Dauphinoise Potatoes and Spinach, a dish I've eaten there before and one that is very tasty. You get a very good portion too. I did manage to have room for dessert and it was a treat to be able to have a pudding like Sticky Toffee Pudding while dining out. As PJ's is in the West End they have entertained a lot of stars over the years, as you can see by the photos of them visiting dotted around the restaurant, as well as the many gold plaques lined up around the tables. On my visit I sat on the Su Pollard and Amanda Barrie table! If you're a Coeliac and heading to London then I suggest you make a visit to PJ's where the food and service are very good, at prices that are reasonable too.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-11-16

Herbal, Floral & Victorian Delights
Hoyland, South Yorkshire View On Map
A lovely Tea Room in a Victorian Setting, as well as serving freshly made food, home made soups, Cakes and scones. you can get advice on Health matters From Sue Who has over 30 years experiance of Experience of complimentary remedies, stockist of Bioforce tinctures. A specialty is Gluten Free Apple pie and chocolate cake as well as cream tea & scones the proprietor has nearly 40 years of experience of catering for a Gluten Free diet, so you can be rest assured when they say it is Gluten Free they know what they are talking about. The tea room is very relaxing, while you are waiting for your food to be freshly prepared there is an abundance of gifts and small specialty furniture to browse! You wont be disappointed with the quality and friendly service so call in and say hello to Sue & Rhona.
Recommended By: Steven G King On: 2011-11-15

Heathwick House
Weymouth, Dorset View On Map
After my hubby was diagnosed with the coeliac condition last year we have been looking for an establishment that caters for gluten free diets and at last we found it. Nothing is too much trouble; chocolate gluten free biscuits in the room, sausages for breakfast even pancakes if you want and toast yes toast (my husband was completely made up !!) also all the nice touches like home made preserves were lovely. The hotel and rooms are also very clean and well presented; additionally things like glasses for wine were put in the room when Ruth noticed we had wine on the side. I would recommend to anyone perfect, quiet and accommodating.
Recommended By: jacqui3668 On: 2011-11-01

Le Bistrot Pierre
, Chain View On Map
Le Bistrot Pierre have Gluten Free food sorted. Why other restaurants cannot follow their example is beyond me. We went mid afternoon and had an absolutely delicious meal and dessert . All the staff were extremely helpful , and I was not made to feel a freak , which was an absolute treat . I would recommend this Bistrot to anyone gluten free or not. Excellent value for money . Thank you
Recommended By: spyro3 On: 2011-11-01

Honest Burgers
Brixton Village, London View On Map
We arrived at Honest Burgers to find that as a result of a delayed delivery that they hadn't quite opened up. In retrospect, this was lucky for us since the tables would certainly have gone and we'd have joined the queue which, although moving, I never saw less than 10 people in it at any point. The menu is very straightforward. On offer was a choice of 5 burgers, including one vegetarian, plus a special. The burgers range in price from £6.50 to £9 (for that day's special) and this price includes a side of triple cooked rosemary salt chips.

The main reason why we chose to eat at Honest Burgers is that they serve their burgers in a gluten free bun from the WAGfree Bakery. Yep, this was one burger I didn't have to have with salad instead of the bun. The bad news was that the buns weren't ready when we arrived. The waitress said they'd be about 20 minutes and did we want to wait? If we did she'd put the ticket for the order on the side and would check back on how they were progressing. I looked at the queue, remembered the hour's walk I'd had to get there, thought about having a burger in a bun and decided to be a bit less British. Um, actually, yes please, I would like to wait for a gluten free bun. "No problem" said the waitress.

I went for the cheese burger with Stilton. So how did it taste? The burger patties are made from 35 day Ginger Pig chuck steak and are served medium rare. The burger was delicious, juicy and perfectly seasoned. The red onion relish was sweet and this complimented the Stilton which had melted on top of the burger perfectly. The triple cooked chips were equally amazing. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Cooked with rosemary and salt they were simply delicious. What about the WAGfree sesame bun? It was SO worth the wait! Light and sprinkled with sesame seeds, I was impressed with the texture as well as the taste of this gluten free bun. It did not crumble at all. This is definitely eating with your hands territory so what you don't need is a crumbly bun. The WAGfree sesame bun, however didn't suffer from any crumbling which is a common problem with gluten free bread. It was the perfect partner for my juicy burger. What I really liked about the Honest burger was that it was the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. I came away feeling satisfied but not stuffed. I should also say the service here was fantastic. Despite us wanting to wait for a gluten free bun and therefore taking up one of their precious tables in the process, they volunteered to take off the cost of our drinks from the bill. This was definitely not required by us, I was really grateful to have a burger in a gluten free bun.

The only drawback - and this is really a result of their popularity -was the large queue of people waiting for a table. I felt a little uneasy as we waited for the delivery of the gluten free buns from WAGfree with the eyes of 15 people in the queue checking out why our food was not being served! If (like me) you don't like queuing, come early. But make sure you do come. Honest Burgers is honestly brilliant.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2011-10-27

Pollen Street Social
Oxford Circus, London View On Map
It was my birthday last week and this time last year I had my first taste of Michelin starred food at Maze, London, by Gordon Ramsay. I was instantly converted. The Head chef at the time, Jason Atherton, crafted some simply stunning dishes. One year on, I'm a year older and Jason Atherton has opened his own restaurant, Pollen Street Social. It's rapidly becoming one of London's hottest restaurants and just before we dined there, it was awarded a Michelin star within 6 months of opening.

We went on a Wednesday lunch time, the place was packed but had a real buzz and atmosphere. The service was impeccable from the moment we entered. I informed our waiter that I was gluten free and he ran through what options I could have and what they could adapt. We decided to go for the very reasonably priced lunch menu (£25 per head). For starter, I went for the pressed ham hock, coco bean, squid, piccalilli gel and wild watercress. The dish tasted as stunning as it looked.

Jason Atherton takes a lot of inspiration from Spanish cuisine and that was clear in my main course. I had roasted black bream on a bed of Catalan paella with sprouting brocolli and black olive. This dish was less about inventive cooking and more about sheer flavour.

I'm not normally much of a dessert person, but I need to save a few superlatives for this! Unfortunately, the two desserts on the lunch menu weren't gluten free, which gave me the rest of the menu to choose from! It was an easy choice, I love rice pudding and judging by the previous courses I knew this one would be something special. It all worked together brilliantly, easily one of the best desserts I've had.

You're given a little something to take away with you when you leave, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone thinking of going! After only 6 months, Jason Atherton has created a very special place indeed, Pollen Street Social has a very bright future ahead.
Recommended By: @hungryboyfriend / hungryboyfriend.blogspot.com On: 2011-10-25

Paradise Place, Birmingham View On Map
An excellent sushi bar which now has gluten free soy available for any Coeliac's who visit. They understand what is appropriate for this and other conditions and are very friendly.
Recommended By: @Kate_Millin On: 2011-10-25

La Tasca
, Chain View On Map
They provide Spanish style tapas meals although the menu has changed recently and there are now no options to have a meal that is not tapas. Having said that, the menu is great with all gluten free options clearly marked, the staff bent over backwards to help me with my meal. A few years back I had a lunchtime party for twenty people at this restaurant and they were very accomodating, provided a totally gluten free menu with the exception of the bread, haha ... everyone had to live my life for the day! Excellent meal and service on that occasion
Recommended By: glutenfree-journey.blogspot.com On: 2011-10-24

The Seine Rigger
Banstead, Surrey View On Map
A nippy October evening found me in Banstead, Surrey in search of fish and chips. But just not any fish and chips, gluten free fish and chips. I'm not sure how long it is since I last had fish and chips but since I don't have a deep fat fryer at home, it must be a really long time. I had heard amazing reports of The Seine Rigger in Banstead and the high quality of their gluten free fish and chips.

The Seine Rigger operates a very successful take away fish and chip as well as a restaurant. As we approached the restaurant we were greeted with a huge queue of people waiting for their takeaway fish and chips. On a Thursday night, at 7pm. A very promising sight indeed. Peering into the restaurant we saw it was very busy and there were only 2 tables left free, one of which had thankfully been reserved for us. We settled at the table and I decided to go traditional. Cod, chips and shared portion of mushy peas. In order to provide truly gluten free fish and chips the Seine Rigger have recently bought a separate standalone fryer where all the gluten free fish can be cooked without any chance of cross contamination.

When my gluten free fish and chips arrived I was impressed. And very glad that I'd barely eaten that day! The cod was chunky, fat and firm. The batter tasted to me just as I remembered regular batter tasting and it stayed crispy even when it took me a fair while to eat it as we were chatting so much.

Chef James later explained to us that their fish comes directly from Billingsgate and they always use fresh fish, never frozen. Given how busy the take away and restaurant was I assume their turnaround must be short on using the fish too. Chef James said he'd prefer people to let them know in advance if you'd like to order gluten free fish and chips so they can prepare the batter fresh. However this isn't essential and if you go there on a spur of the moment decision, providing gluten free batter won't be a problem.

For dessert, I didn't even need to look at the menu. I'd already heard they offered a gluten free pineapple fritter. Wow.cWhen the pineapple fritter was placed in front of me I could barely contain my excitement. It was, frankly, a taste sensation. The gluten free batter for the fritter was slightly different to that of the fish. It was more biscuit like in texture, I think from the sugar in the pineapple. The service was fun and friendly. I guess some restaurants would consider us to be the troublesome table. Three women all needing gluten free food. Despite our repeated questions, we were looked after fantastically well by Kim. For the record, the tartare sauce is gluten free and is made by the restaurant. The ketchup is made by Heinz and is gluten free. Really looking forward to the next time!
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeMrsD / glutenfreemrsd.com On: 2011-10-21

Portsmouth, Hampshire View On Map
I went to this bistro last night and was amazed by the whole experience. Nice friendly staff who made sure I was able to eat gluten free food, good service and good food. As I live local to this eaterie I will definately going back as there were a few gluten free choices and I need to sample them! I highly recommend this place as there were no problems or hassles with my food.
Recommended By: glutenfree-journey.blogspot.com On: 2011-10-21

The Post Office Tea Rooms
St Leonards, East Sussex View On Map
The Post Office Tea Rooms in St Leonards, East Sussex is one of the best places for Gluten Free options I have ever visited. The food, service and prices are great. We've visited Hastings on a number of occasions and always struggled to find many places to eat out Gluten Free, this has now changed with the discovery of the Post Office Tea Rooms. We were visiting the area for three days and we ate at the Tea Room on each of them as there was so much variety on offer. On my first lunchtime visit I opted for a dish from the Breakfast menu (served all day), this was the Scotch woodcock. I'd never heard of it before, but it was delicious. It consists of scrambled eggs on toast topped with anchovies and capers. It's a must try meal. I finished off with a dessert of the Lemon Sponge Cake. On our second visit I tried one of the special, the Lamb Hot Pot with Vegetables. My wife chose the Bubble & Squeak as we had seen a fellow diner order this the day before. The Hot Pot was a big portion full of lamb and potatoes and was very filling and very tasty. On our third visit I opted for the Bubble & Squeak, which comes topped with two fried eggs. Again it's a big portion of very tasty food, well prepared and at a great price. My wife chose the Cream Tea which looked very good. I also found out that GF Cheese Scones are always stocked so I'll be trying those next time too. The Post Office Tea Room run a number of events throughout the year, including Fondue Nights (Fridays), Knitting Nights (men welcome too) and special nights with food chosen from/inspired by a favourite/famous cook book. There is also a Christmas menu which can be Wheat and Gluten Free (including GF stuffing). I dined with my wife and friends who are not Coeliacs and they all said their food was great too. The fact that we were told that most of the dishes are made to be Gluten Free (e.g. no flour in the stews, and the dumplings can be made GF too) means that if you're dining there you'll be able to work your way through most of the menu. That's something I plan to do on my future visits. The Post Office Tea Rooms is not only a great example of a Tea Room from a bygone era, but is also a blueprint of how Coeliacs/Gluten Free can be catered for. I can't wait to go back again!
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-10-18

Salute @ The White Swan
Rothwell, West Yorkshire View On Map
Recommended by the Coeliac UK Society, Salute @ The White Swan in Rothwell is my go to restaurant for any occasion. I''ve been there for work lunches, to kick off nights out with friends, family meals, romantic meals... I'm not a coeliac myself but my sister-in-law is and their menu says they can provide any of their pasta dishes as a gluten free option (well worth the additional £2). The menu is MASSIVE and has so much more than pasta dishes...and they have a great wine selection too. I'd recommend this restaurant to anyone, and knowing that I can recommend it to coeliac sufferers too is a great bonus. Oh, and they do all this as takeaway too!
Recommended By: Richard Surey On: 2011-10-11

The Old Harbour Fish & Chip Shop
Weymouth, Dorset View On Map
The Old Harbour Fish & Chip Shop in Weymouth is a great place to get Gluten Free Fish & Chips. The food tastes great, the service excellent and very good prices. There's always a friendly welcome from the team there too. Coeliacs/Gluten Free diners can choose from Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Rock & Chips and they also serve Cod Roe! On our recent visit I pigged out and tried the Cod & Chips (with two Cod Roe on the side) and on our visit the following day I had the Cod & Chips, with the double serving of Cod Roe too - it's something I really miss from my pre-Coeliac days. We visit Old Harbour Fish & Chip Shop every time we're in Weymouth (more often than not for the town's annual Miniature Golf competition) as it's such a great Chippy. Well worth a visit.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-10-11

The Plan Café
City Centre, Cardiff View On Map
A sign on its window indicated that, according to The Independent, it is one of the top 50 coffee shops in Britain. We peered inside. The tiny café was open for breakfast. Not only that, the menu included vegetarian, vegan, organic, and gluten-free options. Looking at the GF cakes and pastries on the counter, I started salivating. "It's really gluten free?" I asked the tattooed woman behind the counter. She nodded reassuringly. "And you can even have gluten-free 'eggs and soldiers,' if you'd like." "What's that?" I asked. "A popular English breakfast. It's toasted bread, cut into sticks that you dip into soft-boiled eggs. We can make it for you with gluten-free bread." I sighed happily. Away from home, I had come home. Actually, The Plan Café was better than home, since at home I don't buy gluten-free bread.

Soon I was greedily thrusting my crisp, buttery gluten-free "soldiers" into runny yellow organic egg yolks and washing it all down with excellent Fair Trade cappuccino. It turns out the "barista" has won numerous awards for the café's coffees. Gary's organic oatmeal porridge with seasonal fruit and specialty green tea were equally good. Contented, we promised our friendly server that we would return for lunch. And return we did, reveling in the vegetarian chili, homemade soup, and gluten-free sandwiches.
Recommended By: Elyn Aviva On: 2011-10-06

Llys Meddyg
Newport, Pembrokeshire View On Map
We treated ourselves to several dinners at Llys Meddyg. A three-course dinner cost about $50, but it was worth it for the ingenuity, flavor, and presentation. The food was not only delicious, it was also amusing. An appetizer of "smoked salmon" consisted of locally cured salmon served under a large glass bell filled with "smoke"; "duck served three ways" included crispy thin slivers of duck breast prosciutto contrasting with creamy duck-liver mousse and pressed duck-liver terrine, drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette. The main courses were invariably good, and the desserts were memorable.

For dessert one evening I chose the warm, gluten-free chocolate mousse with homemade passion fruit sorbet, sprinkled with tiny candies that exploded in my mouth like fireworks. I could hear them crackling and popping as I crushed the tiny confections between my teeth. Gary chose "mock poached egg on toast." It was impossible to tell that it wasn't a real egg by looking at it. You had to taste it to discover what it really was-and oh, what a delicious surprise! The "egg white" was warm coconut mousse, filled with a hidden globe of bright yellow mango custard "yolk"; the "poached egg" was placed on top of a caramelized slice of pan perdu and accompanied by a color-coordinated scoop of mango sorbet. This edible trompe d'oeil was served with a cup of half cold, half hot green tea. Using some alchemical secret, the chef had divided the contents of the cup vertically in half-and the contents stayed divided until Gary had finished drinking it.
Recommended By: Elyn Aviva On: 2011-10-06

The Beachcroft Hotel
Felpham, near Bognor Regis, Hampshire View On Map
The restaurant at the Beachcroft Hotel (a Best Western) in Felpham, next to Bognor Regis, offers a good range of very tasty Gluten free food. I had Garlic Chicken to start, followed by the Lamb Cutles for a main course. They also had Gluten Free bread available, which is always a nice touch. Unfortunately they didn't have any Gluten Free desserts on offer. Good prices, great serivce and good food.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-10-06

Portsmouth, Hampshire View On Map
On our second visit to Abarbistro in Southsea we were able to have a brilliant four-course Gluten Free meal. We had Houmous and Tabouleh dips with GF bread (in place of Pittas) as an appetiser, for a starter I had the Ham Hock Terrine, followed by Belly Pork for main and a Creme Brule for dessert. An absolutely great dining experience.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-10-06

The White Horse Pub
Southsea, Hampshire View On Map
The White Horse Pub near Southsea common doesn't offer a Gluten Free menu, however as the town has a severe lack of places to dine Gluten Free we asked at the bar if they could make anything. The barmaid knew about Coeliac Disease/Gluten Free and was able to tell me what would be OK, upon ordering the fact it had to be GF was relayed to the kitchen too. I opted for the Ham, Egg with mash rather than chips, and it tasted good and was OK.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-10-06

The Cherry Tree
Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne View On Map
We dined at The Cherry Tree with friend's as part of a birthday celebration. As there was a large group of us we were ordering from a set menu rather than the a la carte option which struck fear when received in case none of the options were Gluten Free. However, after a quick phone call prior, we were reassured that 2 out of the 3 starters, all of the mains (albeit one with a slight change) and 2 of the desserts would be safe. Not bad considering that our friends had chosen the items for the menu without considering GF requirements.

We started with a tomato salad served with peach and feta, an odd combination that tasted great. We then had beautifully cooked rump steak with a friend ducks egg and hand cut chips for main before an elderflower jelly for dessert. All in they charged £30 per person for the set menu.

I did have a quick look at the a la carte menu and it isn't immediately obvious what is/isn't GF but the staff were all knowledgeable and based on the success rate we had, I am sure there are plenty of safe items on the a la carte as well.
Recommended By: @TravGlutenFree On: 2011-10-03