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Canada's main export of maple syrup may well be gluten free but I think that you may struggle to survive on just that for your visit! Coupled with the fact that different languages are spoken in different areas then it might seem dauniting, hopefully we can help.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Bombay Mahal
Montreal, Quebec View On Map
This is my favorite Indian restaurant that I have found in any city. The service is always friendly and as someone who suffers from Celiac disease they have always been awesome about answering my questions. The quality of the food is awesome- cannot say enough good things about this place.
Recommended By: thecanadiansoutherner.weebly.com On: 2017-02-26

Enoteca Mozza Pizzeria Moderna
Montreal, Quebec View On Map
Mozza has a gluten free menu and a regular menu. The pasta is very good!
Recommended By: thecanadiansoutherner.weebly.com On: 2017-02-15

Montreal, Quebec View On Map
This is a gem in Montreal. The restaurant is small and family run. The quality of the food is always fantastic and the prices are beyond reasonable. The food is certified gluten free so those with an allergy can feel safe eating here. Be sure the try the mango juice!
Recommended By: thecanadiansoutherner.weebly.com On: 2017-01-31

Mint Garden
Newmarket, Ontario View On Map
My son and I are both celiac. There are many rice noodle dishes available to eat here. Tanya is very friendly and a great Vietnamese cook. We're here at least a couple of times a week. Corner of Elgin St. and Leslie St.
Recommended By: Kathy On: 2016-08-27

London, Ontario View On Map
Local Italian bakery in London, Angelos, offers gf baked goods, ready to take gf pizza dough, pasta bar, it's awesome!
Recommended By: denise On: 2015-07-24

Joy Of Gluten Free
Ottawa, Ontario View On Map
Joy of gluten free bakery in Ottawa is incredible.
Recommended By: denise On: 2015-07-24

Jane's Gluten Free
, Moncton, New Brunswick View On Map
Nice store with good selection of gluten free products. EVERYTHING sold in store is checked out extensively by the owner to ensure it truly is GF before it appears on the shelf. Peace of mind GF shopping!
Recommended By: Barry Boyle On: 2014-03-15

The Irish Tea Room
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario View On Map
The Irish Tea Room is not a strictly gluten free eatery, but they take the issue very seriously. The following is directly from their website regarding gluten free items: "In The Irish Tea Room we are very strict about the preparation and storage of our gluten free dishes. In the kitchen we have separate equipment (including a separate oven) for use in cooking gluten free dishes only, which are stored in their own separate containers and cupboards. Out front in the Tea Room, all of the display cabinets contain gluten free items only to avoid the chance of any cross contamination." Separate oven, separate containers, dishes, cupboards & display case. Most restaurants don't take this kind of care when offering gluten free options. Our server was very knowledgeable, and was able to answer all of our questions. The menu clearly marks all gluten free items, and the entire front display case of pastries & desserts was gluten free.

I ordered the gluten free Boxty, which is a crepe stuffed with curry chicken. I ordered a mixed bean salad and a beet salad as the sides, and the whole meal was divine. So good that I am going to try and recreate it. Service was friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. There was a large selection of gluten free desserts, so we had to try them. My husband ordered the cheesecake, and I ordered the Banoffee pie.

I have to say, everything from the atmosphere to the service to the food was fantastic at the Irish Tea Room. The food was reasonably priced, and the small but diverse menu had offerings sure to please most eaters, from gluten free to vegetarian. The dishes are traditional Irish fare, which to me means good old fashioned comfort food. Highly recommended.
Recommended By: @CeliacBaby / coulditbeceliac.blogspot.com On: 2013-08-20

Burgoo Restaurant
Vancouver, British Columbia View On Map
A lovely, vintage style restaurant at Lonsdale Quay. A separate book of recommendations for all sorts of allergies, with ingredient list at the back. I had the pulled pork, which is supposed to be a sandwich, but it was no problem to have it with rice, potatoes or nachos. delicious chili chocolate pot for dessert and even Bard's gluten free beer. So good we went back again, and I had the Kentucky Burgoo. Delicious again. They also have 3 other restaurants in downtown Vancouver and sell souvenirs.
Recommended By: Alan Shearer On: 2013-06-09

Matterhorn Bakery
West Kelowna, British Columbia View On Map
Great bread, with various varieties, seeded, sesame,raisin and regular white. Also brownies and muffins. They will do sandwiches for sit in or takeaway too.
Recommended By: Alan Shearer On: 2013-06-06

Accent European Lounge
Edmonton, Alberta View On Map
This was our first time dining at Accent European Lounge so as I always do when dining out at a new restaurant I called the restaurant beforehand to see if they accommodate eating as someone with Celiac disease and having to have a gluten free meal. The young lady on the phone knew at once what Celiac Disease meant and let us know that the Accent European Lounge definitely had options for us. We decided we would then go with the flow and decide once we were at the restaurant and what was presented to us what we would eat. The waitress once I identified that we were celiac with a gluten free requirement for eating, was able to go over the menu with us give us a few options and let us know that the chefs were knowledgeable and able to make adjustments to most entrees on the menu. We decided to go with the special of the evening - it was a "New York Tenderloin with a Peppercorn sauce and a side of vegetables" - once the waitress checked with the chef she came back out and let us know that the sauce would have to be omitted because of a gluten thickener but that the rest of the dish would be ok. So we stayed with that order. We were not disappointed - the steak was done medium rare with a tasty seasoning. We were pleasantly surprised with the awesome vegetable side to accompany our steaks - roasted potatoes, broccoli, zucchini, carrot, pepper, cauliflower and a lovely little fresh tomato cucumber garnish. The vegetables were cooked very well, and seasoned nicely. It was a great steak and awesome dish. Beautifully presented.
Recommended By: @HighonlifeandGF / highonlifeandglutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2013-05-25

Block 1912
Edmonton, Alberta View On Map
This is a very cute and trendy coffee house on Whyte Avenue, totally set up so that groups of all sizes can enjoy chatting and sampling the delicious fare. As it was later in the evening our group of theatregoers decided to stop for coffee/tea and sweets. At first Kevin and I were only going to get a couple cups of Soy Chai Latte but as some of the group came back to the table with yummy desserts we were wondering if we should go and take a look to see if Block 1912 had any sweets to accommodate Celiacs ;) Well when our friend Steve came back to the table with a delicious looking chocolate cake and then announced to us "know what this is also Vegan and Gluten Free they told me" well then of course we had to try a piece for ourselves. So Kevin went up to see what they had that evening, and brought back to the table a piece of heavenly (and rich) chocolate cake, and a hot mixed berry crumble. The chocolate cake was not really sweet - which was nice, and very smooth and rich, I could not finish my piece and it would have been good getting half the slice - delicious. Definitely will go back to the Block 1912 and see what other tasty fare would be on the menu for Celiacs and Gluten Sensitive folk.
Recommended By: @HighonlifeandGF / highonlifeandglutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2013-05-25

The Hour Glass Restaurant & Lounge
Sudbury, Ontario View On Map
On Saturday night we went to The Hour Glass Restaurant & Lounge. As soon as I stepped into the restaurant I knew I would love it. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but I did, and luckily my judgement was correct. I loved the decor and atmosphere of this little restaurant. There was a mix of new and old, with brick and funky artwork. What came next was even better...a complete dedicated gluten free menu. Every menu item had the alternative to be made gluten free, even the battered fish and chips. I ended up ordering the 'P.L.T', a spin off of the good ol' B.L.T, made with prosciutto instead of bacon. It was really delicious and I believe it was made on O'Dough's bread. I had a side caesar salad with my sandwich, and I'd have to say it was probably one of the best caesar salads I've had. The lettuce had the right amount of dressing, with a perfect balance of tangy and sweet. The cheese was freshly grated parmesan, on top of the salad was a single piece of crispy bacon, and within the salad were these enormous salty capers, it was just delicious. I really wish I had room for dessert, because all of the dessert items were made in house and were gluten free, such as cheesecake, tiramisu, and a pecan brownie sundae. Typing these desserts is stirring up a huge sweets craving! I really wish The Hour Glass was in Toronto, but I guess I'll just have to visit Sudbury again and come with a bigger appetite.
Recommended By: @theGutGazette / thegutgazette.com On: 2013-04-20

The Laughing Buddha
Sudbury, Ontario View On Map
The Laughing Buddha was the restaurant we went to on Friday evening. It is a casual, intimate spot, with wooden tables and chairs. The menu includes items such as sandwiches, pizza, salads and different dips and bites for appetizers. I loved the assortment of different pizzas, however it made it difficult to choose which one I wanted! The pizzas had a gluten free crust option for an additional $1.77, so of course I opted for that. I had the 'Llama Rama' pizza, which included: ham, pepperoni, bacon, red onion, green pepper, mushroom, mozzarella and cheddar. The crust was a thin crust, so it made it easier for me to eat the whole plate of pizza...I was so hungry! I really enjoyed my meal at The Laughing Buddha. The service was pretty good, and there wasn't a long wait to get our food. The pizza was still piping hot once it came to the table and I loved the amount of meat they put on the pizza, there was a hefty amount of toppings. I also liked how fresh everything tasted on the pizza, the veggies seemed freshly sliced, and the bacon on the pizza tasted very fresh (not that packaged crumbly bacon). With my pizza I sipped on a margarita...which was delicious, and the price was amazing - $4. If you're a beer connoisseur (and not allergic to gluten), this is the place to go, they have a very large beer menu, from beers all around the world. I did wish they had a gluten free beer option though!
Recommended By: @theGutGazette / thegutgazette.com On: 2013-04-20

Edmonton, Alberta View On Map
We had a delicious supper at Lazia. We did call before we went to the restaurant we had noticed that on their website only a few items were marked so we call to inquire if there were more options available, and yes we were assured that we definitely could be accommodated with a number of items on the menu. So this was good to hear. When we were seated we let our waitress know that as Celiac we would need to be eating Gluten Free - she showed no hesitation in knowing what we were talking about and went to get us what Lazia has put together for a Gluten Free Menu. On this menu there were more items - including appetizers - that were not marked on the internet site. First we ordered the Mussels - which came in a Cherry Tomato White Wine sauce, they were delicious - in the sauce was also shaved carrots, cherry tomatoes and peppers - very nice.

Kevin had the Alberta Boneless Shortrib ... with mashed potatoes and vegetables ... the meat was very tender and the sauce very tasty. The vegetables in both dishes were very fresh and cooked to just right - still having just a bit of crunch to them. And the cherry tomatoes in our mussel dish and Kevin's Shortrib dish were not mushy .. loved that. I decided to have the KL Seafood Pot - that comes with a side order of white rice, it was delicious. The sauce in the seafood pot was just a bit spicy, I spooned it on to my white rice and it was so yummy.
Recommended By: @HighonlifeandGF / highonlifeandglutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2013-02-23

Rio Vida Bakery
Edmonton, Alberta View On Map
My guys was recently at Rio Vida Bakery to pick up some awesome perogies that Najah makes there and he came home with something new for us to try. Najah is serving soups now as well. She has a deal on for 5 bowls (good sized bowl) of soup and 5 buns for $19.95. Kevin brought these home and we popped them into the freezer - today I remembered to take one to work with me (with one of her yummy onion cakes instead of a bun, I admit I have become addicted to her green onion cakes - will have to try the buns it came with another day ha ha) and at lunch popped it in the microwave here - for first 3 minutes - gave it a good stir and then for another additional two minutes.

Oh my - I have to honestly say this Chicken Vegetable soup I had today is one of the best soups I have tasted. It is just full of vegetables and lots of chicken, and has a vibrant and warm flavour (if you can call a flavour warm ha ha) - seriously DELICIOUS! It is a great deal - a good sized bowl of soup and a bun for appr. $4.00 - can't beat that for a take out soup. The soup froze very well and heated up nicely.

We shall be new regulars to enjoy all her soups - can not wait to try the next flavour ...
Recommended By: @HighonlifeandGF / highonlifeandglutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2013-02-23

La Bamba Cafe
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan View On Map
In an unassuming strip mall in East College Park sits a restaurant that is serving up the best in authentic Mexican cuisine in Saskatoon - La Bamba Cafe. This little cafe seats about 40 people and on a Friday night was full to capacity with people standing in the cold waiting for a free table. And the food is definitely worth standing in the cold waiting for. The menu is 100% gluten free. When we've dined at La Bamba Cafe in the past they did offer some menu items with flour tortillas and apparently if you ask you can still get flour tortillas but why would you? Traditional corn tortillas is what Mexican food is all about!

I usually never deviate from my favorite - enchiladas verde - but since someone else in our group ordered it, I tried something new and like expected, I wasn't disappointed! I ordered the Enchiladas Rojas. Since I like spicy food the waitress recommended this one as an option. The corn tortillas were stuffed with refried beans and sauteed onions then slathered in the red enchilada sauce. The rice is nicely seasoned and not sticky or over-salted. This was easily one of the best meals we've had in ages. There are other Mexican-type restaurants in Saskatoon which have some glutenfree options but La Bamba has them beat by a mile.
Recommended By: @MeganTheGFVegan / theglutenfreevegan.com On: 2013-01-24

South St. Burger & Co.
, Chain View On Map
Finding fast food restaurants that offer gluten free items is not an easy task. Most have gluten in everything from the patties, to the buns and fries. For someone like my son, who cannot consume gluten, stopping somewhere on short notice for a quick bite to eat is often a difficult task. This is why I was happy to learn that South Street Burger & Co. had taken steps to make their restaurants welcoming and safe for gluten free consumers.

In addition to using hormone and antibiotic free beef in their patties, they are also gluten free. So are the grilled chicken breasts, pulled pork topping, mayonnaise, guacamole, and most of their burger toppings. The best part? All Canadian locations now have O'Dough's certified gluten free buns available. To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, the South Street Burger & Co. locations in Canada have added separate toasters, knives and cutting boards for gluten free items, and require staff to change gloves when handling gluten free orders.

At the restaurant that we went to, the server confirmed that there was in fact a separate fryer for the french fries, and one just for the onion rings.

The food was great. The burger was a good size and one burger was satisfying enough for my husband. The gluten free bun tasted like a real bun, with a soft texture, not the spongy, cardboard like buns I've had in the past. We enjoyed our visit, and left happy and full. I did have my eye on a milkshake, but decided to postpone it for our next visit. We will definitely be back!
Recommended By: @CeliacBaby / coulditbeceliac.blogspot.com On: 2012-11-28

Frankie's Ristorante
Uxbridge, Ontario View On Map
This weekend we took a drive out to Uxbridge, Ontario to take our boys for a ride on the train. While there, we decided to try out a restaurant that we had heard about when we grabbed their card at the Gluten Free Expo in Toronto. Frankie's Ristorante is a 100% gluten free restaurant serving traditional mediterranean food. On top of that, they make all of their food in-house, and are able to customize your order, at no extra cost, to accommodate any allergy. The restaurant is peanut and nut free. They are a member of the Canadian Celiac Association. This, to me, is pretty incredible. In addition, they use ingredients sourced from local farms, and highlight which farms are featured wach week on a board in the restaurant. I couldn't wait to visit and see what was on the menu.

The restaurant was easy to find, with parking readily available. We arrived before noon on a rainy Saturday, and walked into a small but pretty restaurant. The space has large windows, a beautiful wooden bar, and a cozy fireplace. I was beginning to worry about how kid-friendly it would be, but was relieved when our server brought a kids menu to the table with a handful of crayons for my son. I was intrigued at the idea of a completely wheat and gluten free restaurant serving mainly traditionally gluten filled meals, like breads and pastas. We decided to order an appetizer, a main and a dessert to really get an idea of the quality of their food. We started with the lunch sampler platter, which came with bread, salsa, hummus, chutney and raw veggies. The bread was what I was most interested in. It was toasted and buttered, and was the perfect texture. It wasn't dry or crumbly. My son liked it so much that he was asking for more when we ran out.

I really, really liked this restaurant. The service was friendly and the food was great. It's a place that I would recommend to anyone who wants a good meal at a nice place. That it caters to those with multiple food restrictions or allergies and still manages to offer great food options should serve as an example to other restaurants looking to expand their menu items. I was most surprised by the price. The kids meal was $10. Pastas were $12.50. The sampler platter was $8.95. These are reasonable prices. The best part was watching my son eat ANYTHING he wanted, and not have to worry that he was going to be cross-contaiminated and get sick. That was a great feeling!
Recommended By: @CeliacBaby / coulditbeceliac.blogspot.com On: 2012-11-28

The Elk & Oarsman
Banff, Alberta View On Map
I was very excited to find that The Elk & Oarsman actually have a separate two page (!!) gluten free menu. I usually go to the Elk and Oarsman on a Tuesday night for steak night. The first time I went I got my steak on gluten free bread however they charged me $3 extra for this so from then on I have just asked for no bread. It's a bit hit and miss on whether your steak is cooked to the right temperature but overall it's a good cheap meal ($8 for a steak sandwich).

One night I ended up at the Elk and Oarsman on a night other than Tuesday so I decided to get the Lamb Shank... and it was delicious - the meat fall off the bone and had so much flavour. I would definitely recommend checking out The Elk & Oarsman not only for the food but for the great atmosphere.
Recommended By: @sydgfadventures / glutenfreezones.com On: 2012-11-04