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Canada's main export of maple syrup may well be gluten free but I think that you may struggle to survive on just that for your visit! Coupled with the fact that different languages are spoken in different areas then it might seem dauniting, hopefully we can help.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Boston Pizza
, Chain View On Map
Currently South Edmonton Common location of Boston Pizza is piloting an individual-sized square-crust pizza dough. It's most likely the Kinnikinnick gluten free crust.
The following are details collected by speaking with staff at the Terwillegar Boston Pizza and confirmed by Matthew Hoag, Boston Pizza Corporate Chef: Read More...
Recommended By: @gfreeYEG / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-11-16

, Chain View On Map
Joey's in Edmonton is definately a great restaurant. It was to my surprise that Joey's has a gluten free menu. I had heard through the grapevine about this menu, and emailed Joey's directly because I could not find the menu online. I was immediately forwarded a copy of their gluten free menu Read More...
Recommended By: @gfreeYEG / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-11-16

Pizzeria Prego
Edmonton, Alberta View On Map
Pizzeria Prego is a small independent pizza shop located near Southgate mall. Almost everything on their menu can be made gluten free. They use Kinikinick pizza crusts for their pizzas and have a large selection of gluten free toppings (including sausage and meat products). Read More...
Recommended By: @gfreeYEG / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-11-16

The Creperie
Edmonton, Alberta View On Map
When it comes to gluten free restaurants, The Creperie is probably at the top of every Coeliac's mind. Located in the heart on downtown Edmonton (10220 103 Street Northwest), The Creperie serves up the most comprehensive gluten free menu in the city. Read More...
Recommended By: @gfreeYEG / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-11-16

The Dish and the Runaway Spoon
Edmonton, Alberta View On Map
The Dish, and it's catering companion The Runaway Spoon, have a full gluten free menu that includes everything from pasta dishes, roasted lamb stew, sweet potato shepards pie, a variety of sandwiches and salads and even feature a gluten free brownie with toppings for dessert. Read More...
Recommended By: @gfreeYEG / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-11-16

La Crema Caffe
Edmonton, Alberta View On Map
A recent trip to the St. Albert Farmers Market had us stumble across a gem of a place called La Crema Caffe. La Crema Caffe is a boutique Italian cafe with a nice gluten free menu including quiche, soups, salads and pastries all served at a separate counter to avoid cross-contamination. After speaking with staff, I learned that the gluten free menu is inspired by the owner who has Coeliac himself. Read More...
Recommended By: @gfreeYEG / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-11-15

Merle's Eatery
Chilliwack, British Columbia View On Map
Merle's Eatery came to my attention as I was searching for Coeliac friendly options in BC. After reading many reviews, I re-jigged our intinerary so that we could eat there. Wow! I was not disappointed.

You ever eat a meal while you are on a trip, and it is so good that you just can't get it out of your head? You keep thinking about it, but you are back home and so just can't get it again? Well, that is how I have been feeling about my lunch at Merle's last week. Expecting to get breakfast, but late getting going from our hotel, we arrived just before 11 and were told that the lunch menu was now being served. No problem, it was an extensive menu and the friendly waitress was happy to tell us which items were either naturally gluten free or could be modified to be gluten free.

I chose one of the daily specials--can't remember the exact name, but it was pulled chicken with salsa and apple and I had mine served on a corn masa bread rather than the wheat tortilla. OMG, it was so yummy. Huge serving, but I managed to eat it all because it was just too good to leave even a bit. I couldn't eat again until 8 that evening.

My hubby and two kids also really enjoyed their food: mango quesadilla, grilled cheese with special twists, and a burger and fries for son who doesn't eat much else. The side salads were fresh and flavourful as well. Coffee was good and cups were kept refilled.

If you are travelling from/to Vancouver, do your tastebuds and tummy a favour and stop at Merle's for your breakfast or lunch. You will be happy that you did. But remember, she is closed Sunday and Monday. Thanks Merle for a great meal!
Recommended By: pumpermum On: 2010-10-15

The Joint
Victoria, Vancouver Island View On Map
When we took a trip to Victoria and we came across The Joint and it said Gluten-Free right there in the window, I did a happy dance. It's been SO long since I've been able to eat at a pizza place. If I have pizza, I have to make it myself. But these guys do it for you! They cater to allergies and food preferences, like gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free. It' s so awesome.

I had the Mama's Girl on gluten-free crust. Alfredo base, spinach, artichoke hearts, chicken, fresh tomato, jalapenos, mozzarella. DELICIOUS. They also carried gluten-free desserts. I had some kind of cake with cream cheese frosting. Yummy!
Recommended By: johannalynn On: 2010-08-26