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Canada - Chains

Whilst it is often nice to find a small family run business on your travels, often the easiest option is to use a chain pub, restaurant or hotel. With links to relevant websites, this is a guide to what you can expect to find on your travels.

Use the links below to either choose the first letter of the chain you want to visit or search for it using the box. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Boston Pizza
Currently South Edmonton Common location of Boston Pizza is piloting an individual-sized square-crust pizza dough. It's most likely the Kinnikinnick gluten free crust.
The following are details collected by speaking with staff at the Terwillegar Boston Pizza and confirmed by Matthew Hoag, Boston Pizza Corporate Chef: Read More...
Recommended By: @gfreeYEG / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-11-16

Boston Pizza
Their gluten free menu is a bit basic - but they have a small offering of salads and entrees to choose from - but they have gluten free pizza! They use the Kinnikinnick crusts for their pizza, and then add toppings that are gluten free, on the menu you have a decent choice of about 12 pizzas and toppings that you can either mix or order one of their favorites. I selected the Great White North pizza - gluten free - at this location they only have the one size - which would be the individual size - definitely filling for one person - at a cost of $9.90 so a couple dollars more than the individual I ordered for one of the kids. And it was good - not a wow factor though and definitely like a pizza you could make at home - but good to have somewhere to go if you all want to have a pizza together and you have a mixed group.
Recommended By: highonlifeandglutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-07

Boston Pizza
I was slightly concerned when I first decided to move to Banff in Canada for the winter season. But it turns out I had no need to be worried, as there are plenty of options when eating out including gluten free pizza from Boston Pizza. My friends actually thought it was quite funny when I first saw the words 'gluten free' on the pizza menu, I think I squealed and jumped up and down in my seat. I decided I had to order a gluten free pizza, choosing the BBQ Chicken pizza (I checked to make sure all toppings were gluten free also). I also ordered the starter Spinach Salad (fresh spinach leaves tossed with poppy seed dressing and topped with sliced mushrooms, smoky bacon, diced tomato, chopped egg and crumbled feta cheese). Both the pizza and salad were delicious and it was far too much for me to finish.
Recommended By: @sydgfadventures / glutenfreezones.com On: 2012-01-29

East Side Marios
East Side Marios now has a gluten free menu! Yay! Please tell your server as soon as you sit down, if you plan to order the gluten free pasta as it takes longer to cook. Also, the East Side Mario house salad is not gluten free because of the dressing and croutons. But you can get the salad plain without croutons and ask for oil and vinegar - I do this because I love the italian peppers in the salad!
Recommended By: glutenfreechickie.com On: 2011-04-29

Joey's in Edmonton is definately a great restaurant. It was to my surprise that Joey's has a gluten free menu. I had heard through the grapevine about this menu, and emailed Joey's directly because I could not find the menu online. I was immediately forwarded a copy of their gluten free menu Read More...
Recommended By: @gfreeYEG / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-11-16

Very good spot for the meat lover, excellent chicken and ribs. Gluten free options available.
Recommended By: Barry On: 2012-07-02

South St. Burger & Co.
Finding fast food restaurants that offer gluten free items is not an easy task. Most have gluten in everything from the patties, to the buns and fries. For someone like my son, who cannot consume gluten, stopping somewhere on short notice for a quick bite to eat is often a difficult task. This is why I was happy to learn that South Street Burger & Co. had taken steps to make their restaurants welcoming and safe for gluten free consumers.

In addition to using hormone and antibiotic free beef in their patties, they are also gluten free. So are the grilled chicken breasts, pulled pork topping, mayonnaise, guacamole, and most of their burger toppings. The best part? All Canadian locations now have O'Dough's certified gluten free buns available. To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, the South Street Burger & Co. locations in Canada have added separate toasters, knives and cutting boards for gluten free items, and require staff to change gloves when handling gluten free orders.

At the restaurant that we went to, the server confirmed that there was in fact a separate fryer for the french fries, and one just for the onion rings.

The food was great. The burger was a good size and one burger was satisfying enough for my husband. The gluten free bun tasted like a real bun, with a soft texture, not the spongy, cardboard like buns I've had in the past. We enjoyed our visit, and left happy and full. I did have my eye on a milkshake, but decided to postpone it for our next visit. We will definitely be back!
Recommended By: @CeliacBaby / coulditbeceliac.blogspot.com On: 2012-11-28

Swiss Chalet
Swiss Chalet is another chain restaurant that my wife, the person in my family with celiac, has had success with. Particularly the Dieppe, New Brunswick location. Staff at this location seem very well informed with respect to gluten intolerance. Always enjoy the food (usually get take out) and they typically use multiple friers to prevent cross contamination.
Recommended By: Barry On: 2012-07-02

The Keg
Invited out by an old friend for supper this week and one of her favorite places to go is The Keg. I haven't eaten at The Keg since diagnosed but as I am always up to expand my list of places "safe" or "accommodating" to eat out - especially with friends who are not Celiacs - I said yes ok to her and then did what I needed to do to start "the process" of checking and re-checking a restaurant where I am going to put my health in their hands. :) So I called the restaurant and was encouraged by the gentleman that answered the phone - that he was familiar with the term "Celiac" and "Gluten free" and the words "Cross Contamination" - yeah off to to great start. My dear friend also grilled the staff when she made our reservations - stressing that she does not want her friend sick and also "checking" with them on their knowledge and ability to serve me a "safe" meal. I was also touched and encouraged by this step - as we all know the struggles at points where those who are our friends or family may not understand the serious "issues" we have when putting our trust in an establishment to eat out. And how though we have to go through these steps - time and time again - they acknowledge the importance and so when they (our friends) actually take on some of that responsibility - well it is truly touching.

I know The Keg does not have a dedicated Gluten Free menu - but I have to say I was impressed by the staff - waiter / manager on duty - to check with the kitchen, give me options of what I could and could not eat, and then provide me with a tasty well seasoned meal - and tasty it was.
Recommended By: highonlifeandglutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2011-12-07

The Melting Pot
Last night my boyfriend and I went the The Melting Pot for a belated birthday dinner, and I was extremely happy with our experience. The menu has a feature of "Big Night Out" (a four-course meal) and then on the next page it has various different fondues that you can order separately. We chose to do the Big Night Out feature, and our sever knew exactly what did and didn't contain gluten. All of the actual fondues are gluten free, just some of the dipping pieces (like bread, Rice Krispies for the desert) were not. They served anything with gluten on a separate plate for my boyfriend to enjoy, but they stressed that he should not dip any of those items in while I was still using the pot to prevent contamination.

For dinner there was a wide range of sauces to dip your items in, and the only one I couldn't have (out of about 9 sauces) was the Teriyaki sauce. For desert they took out the gluten-filled items and gave us more fruit instead. It was delicious!

Overall the whole experience was great. I was very impressed with the server knowledge and the range of options available! I definitely recommend it to anyone in the Edmonton area for a birthday, anniversary, or romantic date night.
Recommended By: @gfreeyeg / glutenfreeedmonton.com On: 2010-12-30

Wok Box
Wok Box cooks up some really great take-out style noodle dishes. With items like Jungle Curry & Sizchewan Noodles, Wok Box has become one of my favourites.
*Please do note that you have to be specific when ordering. They do have a gluten free list of items (for a preview click HERE) but you have to make sure of the following to prevent cross contamination:
-ask them to use a new wok (rinsing out a wok on the stove with just water won't get the gluten off)
-make sure you get the thin Ribbon noodles (they are a rice noodle; if they are really thick, they gave you the wrong noodles) or the Rice
-with the Rice Noodles, ask them to heat the noodles in the microwave and to not use the pot of water that they use for other noodle cooking (the great thing is that everything is pre-packaged here)
-enjoy your experience! the food is great and it's fun to eat asian food out of real take out boxes again!
Recommended By: glutenfreechickie.com On: 2011-04-29