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For a Brit, visiting our 'cousins across the pond' would on the face of it seem one of the easier trips to make if looking for gluten free food. However, in a strange place it is often hard to find somewhere but rest assured, someone will have been there before.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Bella Frutteto
Wexford, Pennsylvania (PA) View On Map
Normal people book their hotels near where they need to be. I book mine near restaurants I want to try (within reason). I flew into Pittsburgh two weekends ago and I needed to be in Butler the next afternoon for a meeting. I booked my hotel somewhere between the Pittsburgh Airport and Butler so I could eat at Bella Frutteto.

I went to Bella Frutteto on a Saturday night by myself. It was busy so I decided to eat at the bar. The reason I wanted to try Bella Fruttto was because they have a huge gluten free menu. After much deliberation I ordered the Sausage and Chicken Pasta with a side Spinach Salad. They were both really good. I started with the salad which had granny smith apples, gorgonzola, and walnuts. The pasta had chicken, sausage, mozzarella, and a tomato cream sauce over gluten free pasta. It was amazing. If I ever have the opportunity to go back I'd love to try the Harvest Chicken Salad or Balsamic Chicken. If you ever find yourself within an hour radius of Wexford, PA, I highly suggest you stop by this place.
Recommended By: @_anyak_ / anothergfblog.blogspot.com On: 2011-11-15

Myers + Chang
Boston, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
Myers + Chang is in my old South End neighborhood and was the first dining out experience I had when I was first diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Upon perusing their on-line gluten free menu, I was very pleasantly surprised to find chicken and broccoli chow fun! Pre-coeliac, chow fun was one of my favorite things to eat. The wide rice noodles are great for soaking up the delicious sauce and I can't get enough of Chinese broccoli. Myers + Chang did not disappoint with their gluten free version. I practically inhaled it before stopping myself so I would have lunch for tomorrow. I also ordered the fresh rolls. They were just how I had remembered them. Veggie full and tasty with the perfectly spicy dipping sauce. Yum. I've tried to make these myself on several occasions and they never quite come out the same.

Along with my order, there was a bag of shrimp crackers. I was scurrying around and just assumed that they were gluten free because my whole order was gluten free. This is a perfect example of: 1. Always check what is in your food before eating it, especially if there is any doubt. and 2. You are solely responsible for the food that enters your mouth, not the restaurant. It is always your choice. The shrimp crackers, while made of rice were fried in the same oil as gluten containing items. Chances are I contaminated myself and my stomach will be crabby for a little while. Lesson learned.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeBecky / glutenfreeboston.com On: 2011-11-09

Deliso Pizza
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (PA) View On Map
After taking in the cultural history of Gettysburg it was time for some dinner. We drove a mile or so outside of town to Deliso Pizza. It is a very casual pizza place where families were eating pizza and police offers were having some subs. We decided to get some food to go. They had gluten free baked ziti and I was sold immediately. I was very happy with my baked ziti. It's just the kind of thing I used to order from takeout before my gluten free days. I missed it in my life. If you ever find yourself in Gettysburg, PA, I recommend you stop by Deliso for some gluten free baked ziti, or pizza if that's your thing.
Recommended By: @_anyak_ / anothergfblog.blogspot.com On: 2011-11-09

Nordstrom Cafe
Santa Barbara, California (CA) View On Map
I had to pick something up at Nordstrom today, so I figured I might as well go have a salad in their cafe for lunch. When perusing the menu, I saw a note that they had GF pasta available there! This town is finally starting to catch on! I got the Pasta Primavera with the gluten-free penne. This included roasted zucchini, squash, peppers, carrots, onion, tomato, fresh basil and a herb butter sauce with some parmesan cheese on top. It was pretty light. The outside patio is the perfect place for lunch on a day when the sun is out.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeinsb / glutenfreeinsb.wordpress.com On: 2011-11-07

Olio Pizzeria
Santa Barbara, California (CA) View On Map
Tonight we went to Olio Pizzeria to try the gluten-free pizza. We started with the Calabrese-style olives which were very spicy. I then had the Favorite Salad which was good. It was a pretty large portion for a starter salad so I would share it in the future. Then, my husband and I shared two gluten-free pizzas. The Umbra pizza had robiola cheese, crimini mushrooms and umbrian black truffles. I am not a fan of mushrooms, so I just pushed them off, but the truffle taste was fantastic. The Margherita Pizza had fresh bufala mozzerella, san marzano tomatoes, parmesan, basil and e.v.o.o. My only complaint about this pizza was that the cheese wasn't melted enough. I would also prefer more cheese coverage on my pizza. As far as the crusts themselves, I found that they were good. The bottom was firm enough to hold the toppings. The edge was crispy and had a nice flavor. I asked the waiter where they get the crusts from, and he told us that they were supplied through Sysco. Overall, the individual ingredients in these pizzas were far superior to the other pizzas in Santa Barbara that I have tried thus far, but it comes at a price.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeinsb / glutenfreeinsb.wordpress.com On: 2011-11-07

Plow And Angel
Santa Barbara, California (CA) View On Map
This evening, we went to Plow and Angel at the San Ysidro Ranch. Plow and Angel is the more casual dining option at San Ysidro Ranch. They also have Stonehouse which is more upscale. Both eateries have outdoor patios that are the most romantic, magical setting you can ever imagine. Seriously. If you have a special occasion that is worth celebrating, sit outside and just be in awe.

On to the food... the first thing you will notice on the Plow and Angel menu is that it says on the bottom, "We are happy to accommodate all dietary needs such as vegetarian and gluten free diets." It is true. They are very knowledgeable about the GF diet and even have gluten-free pasta available to substitute in on any dish with pasta. Another thing worth mentioning? If you dine at Plow and Angel, you can also order any dish from the Stonehouse menu. I started with "SYR's Famous Tortilla Soup". It includes avocado, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, and corn tortilla crisps. This soup was SO good. I already am thinking about going back just to get this soup again. Then, for my main, I got the Maine Lobster Bolognese with GF penne all Chitarra, tomatoes and basil. Now this dish comes at a price ($69.00), but it was delicious. There was plenty of lobster meat and the bolognese style sauce complimented the dish perfectly. If you are on a budget, just ordering the soup and a salad would be satisfying and enjoyable as the setting outside is just that special.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeinsb / glutenfreeinsb.wordpress.com On: 2011-11-07

Andora Restaurant
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) View On Map
As part of our culinary tour around Pittsburgh our friends took us to Andora Restaurant in South Lebanon. Lunch for fourteen people, and our Pittsburghers say that this is one of their favourite restaurants. We could certainly see why!! An extensive menu, plenty of choices for everyone and wait staff who were able to tell me if a dish was gluten-free or if it could be gluten-free. I had the salmon with asparagus and potatoes, followed by a local specialty - an ice cream ball rolled in pecans and chocolate sauce and it was truly yummy! Everything else looked wonderful and we had the most delicious lunch. The icing on the cake for me was the beautiful stained glass window which ran alongside our table. We were upstairs in a private area and the stained glass just made the whole meal something special. Full marks to the Andora for ambiance, wait staff and food!
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2011-11-06

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) View On Map
We finished our tour with lunch at Kaya. Apparently the fish tacos are to die for! The first thing I noticed was Bard's Gluten-free beer - yippee!! So I had beer with my friends. The next thing, as normal, no gluten-free notations on anything. I looked at the fish tacos and they weren't gluten-free, but when the waiter stopped by and I asked what WAS gluten-free, he said "Which dish are you interested in?". I said the fish tacos and he said he would check with the kitchen but he was sure they could do it. Two minutes later and he's back to say that they can sub in a corn tortilla for the flour one, grill the fish with no coating on it, et voila. The fish tacos, gluten-free version, were in fact to die for - fresh, flavoursome and very, very tasty. A fabulous experience.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2011-11-06

2 Locations, New York City (NYC) View On Map
I had my half-birthday at Blossom earlier this month. I picked the restaurant because I know that it has great organic, vegetarian food, and an organized celebration is one of my few chances to get all my friends together at a vegan restaurant. Blossom has 2 locations: in the meatpacking district at 189 Ninth Avenue at 21st Street and uptown at 466 Columbus Avenue at 82nd street. We went to the downtown location...

Even though Blossom doesn't have a ton of gluten-free options, they do have a separate menu that you can order off of that tells you which items are prepared gluten-free and which can be made gluten-free using substitutions. I started with the Field Greens Salad with mixed greens, grilled pears & candied walnuts. I had wanted to order the Sweet Potato Spring Rolls with shredded coconut, jicama, carrot, red and yellow peppers, scallions, avocado that has to be served without the almond ginger dipping sauce in order to be gluten-free, but unfortunately they were out of it!

For my main course, I had a really interesting tofu dish. All of the food at Blossom is vegan and some of their dishes are also raw. Even though it was cooked, my tofu main course reminded me of raw food meals that I've had in the past
Recommended By: @Emibeth10 / egfblog.com On: 2011-11-01

, Chain View On Map
I recently went out for a nicer lunch in celebration of my co-worker's upcoming wedding. We chose Wagamama in Faneuil Hall Marketplace because of its gluten free options. Their menu automatically has the gluten free options listed on it with a little red symbol.

I chose the Yasai Itame, which is tofu, vegetables and rice noodles in a coconut based soup. This is one of my favorite menu options at this place. The coconut is sweet and indulgent yet healthy. I love the hint of lime and the crunchy bean sprouts. You can also get a bunch of freshly made juices which are incredible and Popsicle for desert! (At least during summer)
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeBecky / glutenfreeboston.com On: 2011-10-25

Vertoris Pizza House
Bradenton, Florida (FL) View On Map
Vertoris is definitely more than a pizza house. We think the owners should change the name to Vertoris - a Coeliac's Delight! Yes, they do serve a variety of gluten, vegan & dairy-free pizza, but their menu offers a wide assortment of gluten-free (as well as MSG, vegan, & dairy-free) options. GF menu items include: (appetizers) Turkey Chili, Buffalo Wings, Organic Eggplant, French Onion Soup, Foccacia bread with roasted Garlic Butter; (entrees) a "signature" Chicken Parmesan and Eggplant Parmesan; meat (or meatless) Lasagna, and Cheese Ravioli Florentine with organic baby spinach... and for dessert try the NY Style cheesecake (dairy-free version available), Tiramisu, Key Lime Pie or a delicious muffin of the day! GF beer also available. Owner Christine Harmon introduced gluten free items to Vertoris' menu after a friend was diagnosed with Coeliac. If you are in or near Bradenton and looking for delicious gluten-free food made with healthy ingredients, do not pass this one up! Interior is small, casual, and family friendly. The servers are pleasant and efficient.
Recommended By: @CeliacCorner / celiaccorner.com On: 2011-10-21

Bloom's New York Delicatessen & Restaurant
Murray Hill, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Thought NYC-style deli's were off limits, think again! Bloom's has an extensive GF menu. Try the 2" high hot pastrami on toasted GF bread sandwich with a side order of golden french fries! Breakfast items include GF omelette's, pancakes and waffles; for lunch there are numerous burgers (pizza, turkey) and sandwiches (chunky chicken salad, pastrami, roast beef, etc.) and an assortment of salads. Entrees include: NY Cut Sirloin, Lemon Sole, & Red Snapper. And for dessert ... try the rice pudding! Typical deli-style décor, casual & family friendly. The servers were well accustomed to answering questions regarding GF menu items - which definitely adds to the comfort level!
Recommended By: @CeliacCorner / celiaccorner.com On: 2011-10-21

The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar
Newport, Rhode Island (RI) View On Map
Visited The Mooring Seafood Kitchen & Bar restaurant on historic Sayer's Wharf in Newport, RI with friends. The Mooring is somewhat of a dining institution in Newport, having been around for over 25 years. Filled with both locals and tourists, the atmosphere is always lively and welcoming. Two bar areas provide seating while waiting for a table. We chose to sit on the canopied outside patio, overlooking Narragansett Bay and the various anchored sailboats and yachts. This is my second time dining at The Mooring since my Coeliac diagnosis, and similarly to my initial experience, it was a pleasurable one. I asked the hostess if a gluten-free menu was available, knowing full well it wasn't. I feel the more inquiries a restaurant gets for a gluten-free menu, the sooner one will be created! The hostess said the chef would be able to prepare many of the items gluten-free. Our server reiterated this, and I opted for the King Cobia entree. Having never heard of a Cobia (aka black kingfish, black salmon) I thought I'd give it a try. The grilled fillet was accompanied by spring vegetable wild rice, and a citrus gremolata (orange & lemon zest mixed with garlic & parsley) served over a salad of assorted greens. My plate was delivered by the manager. The Cobia had excellent flavor and a nice texture, somewhat similar to swordfish. We declined dessert because we knew we were heading to another destination to enjoy not only dessert, but also a beautiful view.
Recommended By: @CeliacCorner / celiaccorner.com On: 2011-10-21

Carmine's Restaurant
Theater District, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Known for serving Italian comfort food, in family-style epic proportions, Carmines is one of my go-to gluten free restaurants when in NYC. When the server recommends ordering only a few dishes to share amongst your dining companions, believe him/her! Yes, the average dish costs $30+, but two or three people can share one dish. There are quite a few gluten-free options to choose from - appetizers such as Zuppa di clams and mussels, grilled Portobello mushrooms, and an assortment of pasta dishes including Pomodoro, Calamari, Pesto and Bolognese for entrees. We ordered the Chicken Contadina and the Shrimp Fra Diavolo which was accompanied by a mammoth sized portion of gluten-free ziti and we enjoyed both. We shared a gluten-free Tartufo for dessert which was out of this gluten-free world delicious! Although there was a disclaimer on the menu cautioning of the possibility of cross-contamination, I felt the sever was very knowledgeable about gluten-free and though it was extremely busy the night we visited, apparently the kitchen staff was careful as well, as I avoided getting sick!
Recommended By: @CeliacCorner / celiaccorner.com On: 2011-10-18

Garlic Jims
, Chain View On Map
Has a separate gluten-free menu with gluten-free pizzas, wings, and desserts.
Recommended By: @SouthBaySparkle / southbaysparkle.wordpress.com On: 2011-10-18

Black Olive Restaurant
Lomita, California (CA) View On Map
Has a separate gluten-free menu, including a flourless chocolate torte for dessert.
Recommended By: @SouthBaySparkle / southbaysparkle.wordpress.com On: 2011-10-18

Cupcakes Couture of Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach, California (CA) View On Map
Offers special gluten-free cupcakes, including chocolate fudge, blackberry velvet, and vanilla apple pie.
Recommended By: @SouthBaySparkle / southbaysparkle.wordpress.com On: 2011-10-18

Fresh Brothers
Manhattan Beach, California (CA) View On Map
Offers a separate gluten-free menu, including gluten-free pizza crusts and vegan cheese (dairy- casein- and soy-free), as well as salads and appetizers.
Recommended By: @SouthBaySparkle / southbaysparkle.wordpress.com On: 2011-10-18

Lido di Manhattan
Manhattan Beach, California (CA) View On Map
Offers a separate gluten-free menu including appetizers, salads, and entrees.
Recommended By: @SouthBaySparkle / southbaysparkle.wordpress.com On: 2011-10-18

Torrance, California (CA) View On Map
Offers gluten-free pizza, gluten-free hamburger buns, and gluten-free beer on the menu.
Recommended By: @SouthBaySparkle / southbaysparkle.wordpress.com On: 2011-10-18