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For a Brit, visiting our 'cousins across the pond' would on the face of it seem one of the easier trips to make if looking for gluten free food. However, in a strange place it is often hard to find somewhere but rest assured, someone will have been there before.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Whole Foods Market
, Nationwide View On Map
Whole Foods Markets sell a wide range of Gluten Free produce, including Redbridge Lager and Bard's Beer. The closest one to the Las Vegas Strip is at the Town Square Mall, which is walkable from the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. You can also get there easily on the SDX Bus. We also picked up a copy of a quarterly Gluten Free Magazine while we were there - Delight Gluten Free Magazine, which is well worth a read. On our trip to Las Vegas last year we went to the Whole Foods store at West Lake Mead Boulevard.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-17

Yard House
, Chain View On Map
The Yard House has two restaurants in Las Vegas. The closest one to the Las Vegas Strip is at the Town Square Mall, which is walkable from the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. You can also get there easily on the SDX Bus. They serve a great range of Steaks (I always go for the Rib Eye with Garlic Mashed Potato) and they also stock Redbridge Gluten Free Beer. The staff are knowledgeable about Gluten Free options. We've dined there on both of our visits to Las Vegas and have enjoyed the food and atmosphere each time.
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-16

Outback Steakhouse
, Chain View On Map
There are two Outback Steakhouses on the Las Vegas Strip, one is next to Planet Hollywood, the other is at Casino Royale. The menus at each restaurant differ slightly, but if you're in Las Vegas for a week or so it's worth checking out both. Plenty to choose from for Coeliacs and the staff are knowledgeable. I had the BBQ Ribs, and the Rib Eye on my visits. Both were tasty, as were the Cocktails (The Captain's Mai Tai is very good indeed).
Recommended By: @putting_gott / hamandeggerfiles.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-16

T.W. Food
Cambridge, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
T.W. Food is amazing. Located in North Cambridge, about 3/4 of a mile away from Harvard Square, near Huron Village, the restaurant has a lovely homey, dining room with exposed brick walls and understated decor. I like that the dining room is intimate, there are fewer than 20 tables in the restaurant. This is also a locavore/foodie heaven: T.W. Food sources locally and celebrates the produce of the region and season. I am impressed by the simple, inventive ways they highlight New England proteins and produce.

The service was excellent. We were seated immediately. The staff was very pleasant and attentive. After we ordered our coffee, I asked our waitress about appropriate gluten-free options. She was able to point out every item on the menu off the top of her head, which was suitable or could easily be modified for my food allergy. Except for the obvious villains of fried chicken, pancakes, toast etc, I could have everything else on the menu and they were happy to make substitutions of home fries instead of toast.

My friend ordered the buttermilk-fried chicken served with flash-fried kale. I ordered the goat cheese omelet with beets and beet greens. We split an order of fresh, homemade sausages.

You eat with the eyes first, right? When our dishes were put down in front of us, we were both just happy to stop and look at the food for a minute. The plating is simple and really restrained, but appealing. My omelet was incredible. The beet greens were perfectly cooked, just a little bit crispy. I loved that they retained just a touch of bitterness, which was a nice counterpoint to the sweet beets and the creamy omelet. The goat cheese was rich and tangy. The potatoes were great; some were a bit crispy and others just perfectly soft. The sausages were really good. They had a simple, salt and pepper flavor to them. They were savory without being thirst inducing. I liked that some came out as patties and others as more traditional links. They were a fantastic complement to the omelet.

After we filled ourselves to the brim, the waitress brought over some beautiful Madeline's with our bill. I asked if they were ok for me to eat. She said no, but she would be right back. She returned moments later with two small meringue cookies. They were so cute and were the perfect accompaniment for my last cup of coffee.

The prices here are very reasonable, especially considering the quality of the meal, the great service and wonderful jazz music. It worked out to be about 3 dollars more than brunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Worth every penny (and more). This is a really special restaurant and I can't wait to go back for dinner.
Recommended By: @gfhub / glutenfreehub.wordpress.com/ On: 2011-09-15

, Chain View On Map
What's not to love? Great ingredients, simple, fast. The burrito bowl is always a great option, but more recently I've fallen in love with the soft corn tacos. So delish. (Just be sure to specify corn, not flour. My husband caught me making that very mistake recently. Thankfully it was before I'd eaten anything!)
Recommended By: terricajoy.com On: 2011-09-13

Picassos Pizza
Dallas, Texas (TX) View On Map
I can honestly say I haven't found a store bought gluten free option I enjoy much, and pizza is one of the few things I've missed since crossing over. I was recently introduced to Picasso's and I have to say, I'd never have known it was gluten free. In fact, I preferred my own pie to my husbands non g-free. (And I think he actually might have, too!)
Recommended By: terricajoy.com On: 2011-09-13

Fireside Pies
Dallas, Texas (TX) View On Map
Pizza craving? Do try Fireside Pies. Their Triple 'Roni is so yum! You can order almost any of their pies gluten free, just do a quick double check of the toppings first.
Recommended By: terricajoy.com On: 2011-09-13

Pei Wei Asian Diner
, Chain View On Map
I was thrilled when Pei Wei jumped on board offering a gluten-free menu to diners. I adore the Vietnamese Rolls, a meal in itself!
Recommended By: terricajoy.com/ On: 2011-09-13

Company Café
Dallas, Texas (TX) View On Map
Gluten issue or not, you must check out Company Café! Almost their entire menu is gluten free, local and organic when possible. Try the gluten free chicken fried steak with sweet jalapeno gravy or delicious chicken and waffles. And don't miss the dessert menu. Their Chocolate Tres Leches cake is an all time favorite at our house!
Recommended By: terricajoy.com On: 2011-09-13

Anchorage, Alaska (AK) View On Map
Even though this place is Italian and Italian for me flashes a big read NO sign, this place is very aware of catering to gf needs and allergies. They have delicious food and an awesome bar atmosphere. Great bar area to go on a date or meet up with friends.
Recommended By: glutenfreeworldtraveler.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-12

Snow City Cafe
Anchorage, Alaska (AK) View On Map
The BEST breakfast place ever. And now they mark which items are gf on their menu! There is a big wait time for this place, especially on weekends. But you can choose to do the call ahead option (call and put your name on the list as you leave your house). This usually saves you about 20 or 30 minutes of waiting.
Recommended By: glutenfreeworldtraveler.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-12

Bear Tooth
Anchorage, Alaska (AK) View On Map
Moose's tooth's brother. This place probably will go even more gf in the next year since Moose's tooth now offers gf pizza. I imagine Bear Tooth will integrate it shortly. However, as of now you can get a lot of gf dishes at this place, without modifications. Just ask and the server will be able to check for you. On the grill side I enjoy the enchiladas. However on the theater pub side I recommend the Mandarin Chicken Salad. Seriously where else can you eat gf while watching a movie for 3 bucks?
Recommended By: glutenfreeworldtraveler.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-12

Anchorage, Alaska (AK) View On Map
I have eaten a lot at this place since being diagnosed. They have always catered to my needs and now they have a whole gf menu! Great atmosphere and great location downtown. I recommend the red curry dish.
Recommended By: glutenfreeworldtraveler.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-12

Anchorage, Alaska (AK) View On Map
This place has NEVER let me down. You can really order whatever you want and if it isn't gluten free, they will deliciously modify it to be gf. And trust me it is pretty much the same thing if not better than what the person next to you is eating! I recommend the bacon wrapped dates and any fish dish.
Recommended By: glutenfreeworldtraveler.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-12

Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe
Chapel Hill, North Carolina (NC) View On Map
A highlight for me this weekend included a visit to Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe' to enjoy some delicious Indian Food with good friends. Now I have been hearing raves about this special place but this was the first opportunity I had to taste the cuisine. My experience was beyond my expectations. Vimala's is located in the courtyard area of West Franklin Street. It has a small indoor dining area and outdoor seating in the courtyard. It was difficult to decide what to order because there were so many gluten free options to choose from!!! The clearly marked gluten free items included: Pakoras, Rice and dal, Tandori chicken,Beef curry, Kofta curry and several others. I enjoyed the Tandoori chicken entree, which came with basamati rice and a salad, reasonably priced at $9.00.

The service and hospitality at this restaurant were outstanding. The staff are accomodating to food allergies and gluten free dining. Vimala personally visited with us at our table and even treated us to samplings of their delicious fish stew, gluten free brownie, and these yummy carrot cookies called Gaajar Halwa.
Recommended By: glutenfreedurham.blogspot.com On: 2011-09-08

Chatham Fish and Lobster
Nantucket, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
Chatham Fish and Lobster is a must-try if you're headed to the Cape or Nantucket. It's slightly out of the way on a trip back from Nantucket, but not prohibitively so, and I'm glad I made the stop. I haven't had fish and chips in years, and being able to eat it again was incredible. The fish was perfectly fried and with a squeeze of lemon and a dip of tartar sauce, it was divine. It's not the most diet friendly food, but can easily be shared between two people. It's a casual, family friendly environment, and they do more than just fish and chips. I can't wait to stop in again one day and try the fried shrimp!
Recommended By: @misterbelly / misterbelly.com On: 2011-08-31

The Green
Nantucket, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
Oh the Green, my savior in Nantucket! I discovered The Green on Yelp and was so glad I did. I ended up stopping by twice on my trip for their yummy burritos made with gluten-free tortillas. I had the chicken burrito for lunch one day and the breakfast burrito another day, and both were great, although I enjoyed the chicken burrito a bit more. The smoothies were great, and they can be made dairy-free, which was a huge win for me. The atmosphere is cute and casual, perfect for families or a quick bite during a biking trip.
Recommended By: @misterbelly / misterbelly.com On: 2011-08-31

Cafe Formaggio
Carle Place, New York (NY) View On Map
I am guilty of driving by this place like a million times since I moved to Long Island and not giving it a second glance but in April when I was driving by it, something had changed. There was a sign that announced a gluten free menu. I made a mental note to check the place out when I had a moment. Fast forward to my birthday and I am looking for a gluten free place to grab a bite and sit and chill. I remember this restaurant and we decided to check it out.

This restaurant is not exclusively gluten free; they serve a regular menu to most of their customers. The gluten free menu however is the most extensive I have ever seen at an Italian restaurant serving regular "glutenous" food. The restaurant is beautiful inside and the staff is super friendly and are always willing to bend over backwards to make gluten free accommodations. They said nothing about me bringing my own dessert.

I like to try a lot of different things my first time at a restaurant which generally results in everyone sampling with me or lots of take home boxes. For my first time here, I tried the Formaggio Wedges, Calamari Fritti, and Ravioli Gratinate. Each dish was absolutely amazing. The ravioli dish would be one of those dishes. It looked amazing (cheese perfectly browned and melted), each ravioli the perfect shape without a hint of stuffing gone, smelled other worldly, tasted like nothing I have had before. I don't remember regular ravioli ever being this good. The calamari and cheese wedges also lived up to my memory of what non-gluten free Italian used to taste like. The calamari has a light flaky slightly crunchy breading that I could have sworn was made with real flour. The squid was cooked perfectly, not at all rubbery like some restaurants. The cheese wedges were equally amazing with a light crunchy bread crumb crust and cheese that melted in your mouth. This would definitely have to be one of my best gluten free Italian meals ever in eight years.

This is now my new go to restaurant for gluten free Italian food. If you are in the area, you MUST try this place.
Recommended By: drinkinnridin.wordpress.com On: 2011-08-30

Chelsea, New York City (NYC) View On Map
The famous Buddakan restaurant was a must see for the girls after our Sex & The City tour earlier in the trip. Whilst on tour I checked with the wait staff and they assured me there were gluten and lactose free options on the menu. We were all excited to experience Buddakan not only because of its reputation, but to see the restaurant in full swing of a night.

We were not disappointed on arrival to the restaurant where we were first escorted to the bar to wait for 5-10 minutes as our table was being prepared. The bar is well kitted out from top to bottom with a showcase of spirits, beers and wines all beautifully presented. We were not at the bar long before being seated in the blue section of the restaurant. The other areas were all just as full, but we were happy to be in the main dining area and not pushed off to the side.

Our waiter was extremely helpful throughout the night and explained to me what I could and could not eat. We ordered a selection of plates to share across the table, some of which were not gluten free. The food was very well presented and tasted amazing, but with one flaw. There was not much on the plate to eat and for the money it costed we felt a little cheated. Okay, I will not lie I felt completely cheated. For me the whole "food art" concept is great in theory, but is stupid in practice. I was very hungry when I arrived and even more so by the time I left.

All in all Buddakan was great fun to go and experience for a night, but I would not be a regular. I love my food and when I am hungry you need to feed me. My advice is go there to check out the architecture of the building, experience the atmosphere and enjoy a small bite to eat, but do not expect a feast. It's a small treat for the senses.
Recommended By: @LilMissStackIt / glutenfreemischief.com On: 2011-08-30

Theatre District, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Birdland is a restaurant that was not planned at all, but happened by random chance. Let me explain. The day before we left we bought last minute tickets to see the musical Chicago. On purchasing the tickets they told us that we could receive half price entry to Birdland Jazz Club on the same night. We all wanted to go and see a live performance at the jazz club after the musical and I was prepared to eat after all the events of the night if there was nothing at the club. Turns out Birdland have a very jazzy restaurant to go with the laid back tunes, which caters for allergy requirements. I could not have been happier, because truly I was starving.

The club itself is a very intimate setting where the tables surround the stage in a tiered format. We were seated in the middle where we could soak up the great jazz performances and even a little comedy on the side. Our waitress was extremely helpful and navigated me through the menu from which I ordered the salmon dish. Accompanying our meals were more fantastic cocktails. You can say we truly drank up New York's finest selection of mixes.

Overall the food was fresh, delicious and satisfying. It was not the best meal I had in NYC, but that's only because I am comparing it to everything I ate now. What sets Birdland apart is that it provides you not only with great food, but you get to sit back and take it all in whilst watching some of the world's most talented jazz artists perform. You come out feeling relaxed, calm and begging to never leave the city.
Recommended By: @LilMissStackIt / glutenfreemischief.com On: 2011-08-30