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For a Brit, visiting our 'cousins across the pond' would on the face of it seem one of the easier trips to make if looking for gluten free food. However, in a strange place it is often hard to find somewhere but rest assured, someone will have been there before.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Claire's at the Depot
Warrenton, Virginia (VA) View On Map
We visited here this morning. I have celiac disease and therefore cannot have gluten, my partner is vegetarian. We both had a delicious breakfast. They make cornmeal pancakes which are naturally gluten free (also large and delicious!). The ambiance is lovely, we would definitely come back.
Recommended By: thecanadiansoutherner.weebly.com On: 2017-01-29

Richmond, Virginia (VA) View On Map
Having Indian friends who have cooked homemade food for me, I have grown a love for Indian food. I often will seek out Indian restaurants looking for the best. Anokha is a very good restaurant in Short Pump. They will deliver for a $5 fee and they will answer questions about gluten free food.
Recommended By: thecanadiansoutherner.weebly.com On: 2017-01-29

Richmond, Virginia (VA) View On Map
A cute pub located in a suburban area of Richmond. They have some unique options and the food is good. Gluten free items are marked on the menu, and the burgers are great.
Recommended By: thecanadiansoutherner.weebly.com On: 2017-01-29

WPA Bakery
Richmond, Virginia (VA) View On Map
WPA is a great bakery that offers normal, gluten free, and vegan cake and pie options. They do not suffer on quality for the GF, they are delicious. They are great for orders as well as drop ins.
Recommended By: thecanadiansoutherner.weebly.com On: 2017-01-29

Capt Jacks Island Grill
Singer Island, Florida (FL) View On Map
food made fresh to order, gluten free rolls, sandwiches, Seafood, salads, Breakfast. minimally processed.
Recommended By: Lori On: 2016-08-27

San Antonio, Texas (TX) View On Map
I was skeptical about an Italian restaurant in a hotel on the busy, touristy, River Walk having gluten free options. However, I asked and they produced a gf menu complete with breads and pastas. Our waitress even brought me some gf bread/toast to get started with. I ordered the pomodoro pasta which was delicious! Penne pasta with good pieces of seafood and just the right amount of spice. Service was top notch, and so was the food.
Recommended By: Kris On: 2016-02-23

The Beach Club
La Pointe/Madeline Island, Wisconsin (WI) View On Map
They have gluten free buns that are soft, fluffy, and delightful! Best fish sandwich ever.
Recommended By: Amy McClurg On: 2015-07-10

Shanty Creek Resorts
Bellaire, Michigan (MI) View On Map
Lakeview Restaurant inside Lakeview Hotel. Open atmosphere. Staff can accommodate GF food. Steak, salmon, ceasar salad are GF and chocolate lava cake is flourless. Another restaurant on site said they can also accommodate GF diet, more of a bistro.
Recommended By: Jennifer On: 2015-03-01

Toonies Fish and Steakhouse
Bellaire, Michigan (MI) View On Map
Family style restaurant in town of Bellaire, a lot of food for price. Waitress was very knowledgeable of contamination issues and accommodated requests happily. Side dishes were brought on separate plates. Steak and seasoning were GF. Whitefish & salmon available GF, baked potatoes, chips and green beans. Not a dedicated fryer though.
Recommended By: Jennifer On: 2015-03-01

Wildflour Bakery
Lawrenceville, New Jersey (NJ) View On Map
This 100% GF eatery is a dream come true. I am addicted to the lemon curd ricotta crepe w/fruit. Baked GF goods available too! Cakes and cake orders too! Whether I've gone by myself, with my daughter, or my Gluten Free Groove Meetup Group I ate well. Delish!
Recommended By: Patty Hicks On: 2015-03-01

Courthouse Pub
Mason, Michigan (MI) View On Map
They make GF pizza in a pan, comes in one size only, thin crust but can add what toppings you like. Staff knowledgeable of contamination issues. We have ordered it twice with no problems.
Recommended By: Jennifer On: 2015-03-01

Austin, Texas (TX) View On Map
I recently took a weekend trip to Austin, Texas and it was super awesome. Upon our arrival, we immediately parked the car and went to a gluten-free burger place called Hopdoddy's. Here's the thing - it's not the kind of restaurant that you just give your name, wait for a table, and go sit down. Instead, you are given an experience.

Step 1: Get in line - Yes, I said that right - there's a line, it actually wraps around the side of the building outside and then goes all the way through the restaurant. Now, I'm usually an impatient person, especially when it comes to waiting for food, but this was fun.

Step 2: Drink in line - When you're outside, a server walks through the line and takes drink orders.

Step 3: Order your burger - The staff is super friendly at Hopdoddy's. When we ordered our burger, I asked the employee about their gluten-free buns and he said they make everything in-house with Austin's Bona Dea Baking Company gluten-free flour. I think that's pretty darn awesome. He then noted my order and my sister's as gluten free.

Step 4: Sit down at assigned table - After you order, you sit down at the table that was assigned to you as you were standing in line. We sat there for a few minutes before our food was brought out to us. When I saw my burger and fries coming my way, I swear it was love at first sight. Absolutely delicious.

Step 5: Eat your gluten-free heart out - I literally ate every last bite of the meal.

If you're in Austin, you have to give Hopdoddy's a try. It's not just good gluten-free food, but it's an experience. Waiting in line there is actually fun to do, especially when you have a margarita in your hand!
Recommended By: @GFreeLaura / gfreelaura.com On: 2014-10-09

Fowl & Fodder
Toledo, Ohio (OH) View On Map
Fowl & Fodder is a restaurant that shops local and has a scratch made menu along with a fresh juice bar. The owner of the restaurant sources all menu items from local farms, not only offering customers better tasting food with a higher nutritional value, but also helps to maintain the farmland in our community. I've had the opportunity to visit the restaurant twice so far and my taste buds were happy campers on both occasions. While the Fowl & Fodder menu is full of gluten-free options, on my first visit the gluten-free bread was not in stock so I opted for the Pork Confit Tacos with a gluten-free corn tortilla. The tacos were absolutely delicious with cilantro, cabbage, cracklings, verde, and avocado.

On my second visit to the restaurant, the Eban's Bakehouse gluten-free bread was in stock and ready for me to enjoy! It was one of those days where I was just craving a legit sandwich, made from somewhere besides my own kitchen/toaster. I ordered the Cuban Style Panini subbed with gluten-free bread. The sandwich consisted of ham, pork confit, bacon, local cheese, and aoiloi. It was AH-Mazing. I could even pick the sandwich up without it crumbling.

I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a delicious gluten-free meal in a laid back environment. When ordering gluten free, let the employees know of your dietary restrictions. Double-check to make sure that the food will be prepared in a separate area so you are not at risk for cross-contamination, and if there are certain items that will need to be substituted out, they can help you with that.
Recommended By: @GFreeLaura / gfreelaura.com On: 2014-10-09

Spice Kitchen & Bar
Cleveland, Ohio (OH) View On Map
Spice Kitchen & Bar in Ohio City is a great gluten-free destination. The restaurant offers the perfect dining atmosphere with several fresh, local menu items that can easily be made gluten free if they aren't already. We chose to plan dinner at Spice because I had come across a Cleveland publication that referenced Spice Kitchen as a gluten-free dining option, highlighting the chef's use of fresh ingredients from farmers' markets and suburban and urban gardens. It seemed like the perfect new restaurant to try out!

After ordering our drinks, I notified the server that I was gluten-free and she happily went through the menu items letting me know what I could and could not have. The first thing that stuck out to me was the Polenta Chickpea Fries appetizer. The server told me that to make sure they were gluten free; they would prepare my fries in a separate pan on the stovetop. You have to love restaurants that take simple steps to accommodate us g-free folk!

The Spicy Remoulade dipping sauce that came with the gluten-free Polenta Chickpea Fries was out of this world. We ate every last fry and I debated on getting a second order because they were *that* good! Next up on the menu was the Beef Tenderloin, one of the main entrees designated to be gluten free. It included rutabaga smashers, brussel sprouts, carrots, and red wine reduction. It was delicious and prepared to perfection. There was a dessert on the menu that was gluten free but we were both too full to even try it. It was Chocolate Pana Cotta with smoked whip, marshmallow, and marcona almonds.

I highly recommend checking out Spice Kitchen & Bar if you're in the Cleveland area. It not only offers gluten-free menu items, but also an atmosphere that is very enjoyable.
Recommended By: @GFreeLaura / gfreelaura.com On: 2014-10-09

Border Grill
Marquette, Michigan (MI) View On Map
lots of gluten free choices good food
Recommended By: anthony On: 2014-09-13

Frontier House
Wewoka, Oklahoma (OK) View On Map
A fine small town restaurant with all the trimming. Have the best burgers in town.
Recommended By: Laura On: 2014-09-03

Glory Days Sport Bar
, Chain View On Map
Glory Days has an actual Gluten free menu.
Recommended By: Sara Hayden On: 2014-07-30

Montgomery, Alabama (AL) View On Map
Moe's on east chase pkwy did an excellent job of taking care of me!
Recommended By: Jenny snow On: 2014-05-06

Asian Palace
Columbia, Maryland (MD) View On Map
Asian food doesn't usually bring up nightmares of gluten for most people. Most people envision rice. Lots of rice. Unfortunately, most soy sauces on the market and available in Asian restaurants have gluten in them. So, since having to be gluten-free, I am always on the lookout for Asian food with gluten-free soy sauce.

Recently, my husband I were looking to go out for sushi. We almost defaulted to our usual, standard sushi favorite. But then I looked online for a gluten-free friendly sushi place. I called ahead and was underwhelmed with the gluten-free knowledge of the staff I talked with on the phone. Why was this place listed as gluten-free friendly? But I made a reservation for that Saturday evening anyways. This place is tucked away in a small, corner shopping area. There were people out and about, but the restaurant was lightly populated on this Saturday evening. I explained my gluten-free needs to our waiter. He seemed to understand. He indicated which things I could have and which I could not. This gave me more confidence that what I got over the phone earlier in the day. Most of the sushi choices come with either soup or salad. That really means miso soup or Asian salad. The miso soup is gluten-free, but the dressing on the salad is not. We ordered the sushi sashimi plate for two, which comes with a rainbow roll and spicy tuna roll. Sounded good! Finally our waiter returned bearing small plates, sauce dishes, chopsticks and a surprise. Surprise! Gluten-free soy sauce for me! In individual packets, so I was absolutely confident that this was safe for me! Now I get it! This place really is gluten-free friendly! They have much more on their menu than just sushi. They also have Chinese and Thai selections. We have already decided that we will be going back. There are just so many other things on the menu to try!

What more does one need in this world besides chopsticks and gluten-free soy sauce?! Oh, right. Sushi!
Recommended By: gluten-freebookclub.com On: 2014-03-29

Barrio Cafe
Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) View On Map
It wasn't even the holiday season yet, but I was looking at a layover of undetermined length in the Phoenix airport. I had enough time for a real meal. And I thought I had better take advantage of that time to get just such a meal, since the rest of my day was still so undetermined. I'm always on the lookout for a gluten-free meal, especially when traveling. Often the gluten-free compromises are less than satisfying. This restaurant is in the D concourse of the Phoenix airport. At prime time lunchtime, this place was swarming. I had to wait in line just to be seated. I'm glad I had time and I'm glad I waited. My server was knowledgable and helpful. As soon as I explained my gluten-free needs and asked about the tortas, he told which things I couldn't have. He noted that everything is cooked together.

So, based on his information, I ordered the Ensalada del Barrio. "Grilled chicken breast over a bed of spinach, sweet and spicy vinegrette, toasted pecans, queso fresca, roquefort, apples, and roasted tomatoes." And it was a great salad! Fresh and tasty and gluten-free! No slimy spinach!
Recommended By: gluten-freebookclub.com On: 2014-03-29