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For a Brit, visiting our 'cousins across the pond' would on the face of it seem one of the easier trips to make if looking for gluten free food. However, in a strange place it is often hard to find somewhere but rest assured, someone will have been there before.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Albergo Allegria
Windham, New York (NY) View On Map
This was our first stay at this bed and breakfast and we cannot wait to go back. The place is immaculate, spacious, and inviting. The family and staff were wonderful! Our daughter has coeliac disease and the gluten free baked goods and breakfasts offered were fabulous. We all looked forward to getting back to the house after long days of skiing and couldn't wait to see the baked goods that were waiting for us! We can't wait to visit again!
Recommended By: mcrea2 On: 2011-03-16

At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast
Saint Augustine, Florida (FL) View On Map
Tim and John genuinely want their guests to have a good time in St. Augustine and go out of their way to make everything go well. The B&B is extremely well run, the breakfasts delicious, the advice relevant and accurate. I have coeliac disease and Tim made sure I had gluten-free breakfasts and even baked fabulous gluten-free cookies for me. The location is perfect. We only used our car once in a three-day stay, and otherwise could easily walk to everything.
Recommended By: ladyluke On: 2011-03-14

Food For Thought
Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) View On Map
A wonderful place to eat. I found the atmosphere very pleasant. It almost had a coffee shop feel to it, like we could have stayed there all night. A great place for family dinners, friendly get togethers, and an all around good time. The service was outstanding. The timing of the food was perfect not too quickly where I felt I was rushed, but not too slow where I looking for it. They have a decent wine and drink list. Being a coeliac, I really enjoyed their gluten free menu. While obviously not as expansive as the regular menu, it was still quite big. I cannot even remmeber what my wife ate, because my ribs were soo good. They were perfectly cooked, almost falling off the bone. Would go back everytime in Williamsburg for sure!!!!!
Recommended By: tanney9 On: 2011-03-05

Second St
Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) View On Map
This is how impressed I was with the Second St staff. I gave this restaurant great reviews, and our dinner was almost a complete disaster. I'll explain. The power kept going out b/c of a blown transformer down the block. They had a back up generator, but it still effected the kitchen equipment. The managar and our server continuously updated us on our meal. Even after the addtional wait, not too much, b/c honestly we didn't notice unless they came over. Once our food came out, it was perfect temp and tasted fantasitc. I have a gluten allergy and they have a decent sized dinner and lunch menu. My meal was great. I had the gluten free Crab Cakes, which are a slightly modification from the regular crab cake dish. They were an A+. Also, the cornbread skillet smelled ridiculous. I could not eat, but my wife raved. Would go back in a heart beat.
Recommended By: tanney9 On: 2011-03-05

Manhattan, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Located within walking distance of Broadway, Nizza NYC is a great pre- or post-show restaurant. Nizza's food is inspired by both French and Italian cuisine and offers lunch, weekend brunch, and dinner menus. Nizza is a member of GFRAP so the entire staff of Nizza NYC is well-versed in gluten-free dining. As soon as you mention you are gluten-free, you will be given a gluten-free menu and delicious gluten-free breadsticks with your own dipping oil. The signature dish at Nizza NYC is socca, a crispy, naturally gluten-free, chickpea pancake cooked in a brick oven. It is the cross between a really thick pancake and a pizza and is delicious. Nizza NYC also offers La Veneziane corn pasta for their pasta dishes. Ask about the gluten-free desserts which tend to rotate on the menu.
Recommended By: @gfreefun / glutenfreeglobetrotter.com On: 2011-02-11

Greenwich Village, New York City (NYC) View On Map
GustOrganics is the first and only certified organic restaurant in New York and America's first restaurant to use 100% USDA certified organic ingredients. GustOrganics holds a very dear place in my heart. In early 2009, I read a random article that mentioned this restaurant had a gluten-free 'hempanada' (This was a play on the classic empanada but made with gluten-free hemp flour.) I contacted the restaurant and was immediately inspired by their owner, Alberto Gonzales. He was so passionate about his organic restaurant and was eager to learn more about catering to his gluten-free clients. Over a couple of months, I worked with Alberto on perfecting his gluten-free menu. By February 2009, GustOrganics had easily integrated a gluten-free menu with their already amazing organic menu. Soon after, GustOrganics joined the GFRAP program and the rest is history. Tip: The GustOrganics organic cocktails are delicious!
Recommended By: @gfreefun / glutenfreeglobetrotter.com On: 2011-02-10

Heartland Brewery Midtown West
Times Square, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Conveniently located at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and just steps from Times Square and Bryant Park, Heartland Brewery Midtown West is an awesome option for both commuters and tourists. In conjunction with GFRAP, Heartland Brewery-Midtown West launched their gluten-free menu in the summer of 2010. Nachos, chicken wings, BBQ shrimp, and mussels are just a few of the gluten-free options on this lively brewery's menu. The label clearly identifies all of the gluten-free items and the servers are happy to answer all of your questions. Currently, the Heartland Brewery Midtown West sells the gluten-free Bard's Tale Beer to accompany your lunch or dinner.

Tip: At this time only the Midtown West location of the Heartland Brewery offers the gluten-free menu. Don't get confused with the other six locations in Manhattan!
Recommended By: @gfreefun / glutenfreeglobetrotter.com On: 2011-02-10

Soul Dog
Poughkeepsie, New York (NY) View On Map
Soul Dog has been in my dining repetoire for years. They always have the best music playing and the grown-ups can play Connect Four. When I was diagnosed with Coeliac, I went from casual diner to serious patron. Soul Dog is the go-to place for the gluten-free, because almost every menu item is gluten-free. They offer 20 toppings for their Hot Dogs, all on a tasty homemade Gluten Free bun. Yesterday, I ordered a Dog with guacamole, chipotle sour cream, Soul Sauce and a side of their killer Soul Fries. This is an eatery chock full of choices. Go there and bask in the comfort of Mac and Cheese, Fish & Chips, Pizza, Jalapeno Hush Puppies, Grilled Cheese, BLTs, Sloppy Joes, soup, salads and on and on.

If you're still with me and haven't already thrown your coat on and are out the door, it gets even better. So far, they are the only eatery that I have come across who serve baked goods. There is a serious lack of sweet endings for meals when you are gluten-free but here you will find fresh-made cupcakes, magic bars, chocolate chip cookies, and much more. Tiffany bakes many of the goodies and presented my g-free companion and I with something she calls "Cake Balls". If you've been missing chocolate chip cookie dough then this is the dessert for you.

I had the chance to speak with owners, Adam and Jenny and find out why they do what they do. Four out of five members in their household either have Coeliac disease or suffer from gluten intolerance. Therefore, they are sensitive to the needs of our community and they cook what they miss. According to Adam, Soul Dog is growing up and out in a big way. They sell their packaged bread, which is named "Food For All", to local stores and restaurants. Well, it's become so enormously popular that they are running out of room at Soul Dog to bake it and as a result are really close to mass production.
Recommended By: blogs.poughkeepsiejournal.com/glutenfreeinthehudsonvalley On: 2011-01-20

Seasons 52
Orlando, Florida (FL) View On Map
We had a wonderful 30th anniversary meal at Seasons 52. I have coeliac disease so I called ahead to ask if they could offer gluten free options. When we arrived, I was handed my own menu that clearly specified options. My husband ordered off the regular menu. The food, service, desserts and drinks were wonderful. Flavors fabulous. Healthy options. A great dinner.
Recommended By: Lisachristine0 On: 2011-01-09

Andy Nelson's BBQ
Baltimore, Maryland (MD) View On Map
Football is in the air. What goes better with football than food? Andy Nelson's BBQ is the place to get all your football eats. With a history in Baltimore football, Andy Nelson himself is an icon. Andy played for the Baltimore Colts in 1957 and when he was not playing football he was cooking BBQ. From a Gluten Free perspective there is no other place in Baltimore to get BBQ.

Most of Andy's menu is Gluten Free, except for the cornbread and sandwich rolls. Chicken, beef, and pork, they have it all and it is all good. In addition to their meats, their side dishes are also Gluten Free. Nothing goes better with BBQ than coleslaw and theirs is amazing. The potato wedges are baked not fried, so they can help you keep your New Year's resolution for one more week. Their sweet tea is the perfect drink to wash it all down. Andy Nelson's offers a dine-in restaurant experience, as well as, bulk orders and catering. For football fans the atmosphere of the restaurant is part of the experience. Football memorabilia lines the walls and Andy Nelson himself could end up bringing you your food. Bring on the playoff season and the BBQ, Andy Nelson's is the place to go.
Recommended By: Lavender Bouwens On: 2011-01-08

Brown Palace Hotel
Denver, Colorado (CO) View On Map
My husband and I were married at the Brown 4 years ago and go back every year to celebrate our anniversary. The Palace Arms is by far the most luxurious and high class restaurant in Denver. When we are not willing to spend the money for the Palace Arms we have high tea. I have a gluten allergy and they always freshly prepare gluten free scones and finger sandwiches for me. I could not recommend this hotel enough for staying, dining, or using the spa. You will always get the most upscale service and accommodations!
Recommended By: MeganEmmerich On: 2010-12-30

The Old Post Office Restaurant
Edisto Island, South Carolina (SC) View On Map
We had our 'last night on Edisto' dinner here, having heard so many good things. Their people are superb, the host even recognizing my voice from a telephone conversation! Our server was extremely knowledgable, understanding my Gluten Free needs, making wine recommendations, and offering recipe suggestions. (Do note that they are only open for dinner, and do not answer the phone before 5:30 pm.) Really a very enjoyable evening.
Recommended By: burrodad On: 2010-12-30

Curly's Bar and Grill
Lackawanna, New York (NY) View On Map
I recently heard about Curly's as a great restaurant to visit, but they also had a lot of gluten free options on their menu. Not only did their menu choices blow me away, it was some of the best pizza and pasta I have ever had. Mary was our server and she was such a delight - more than willing to share stories with us about Curly's history, and she just added to the atmosphere, lighting, music and food that was already creating a wonderful dining experience. The gluten free, fresh baked, chocolate chip cookies were heavenly! We will definately return.
Recommended By: themotoguzzies On: 2010-11-17

Simply Bed and Bread
Chestertown, Maryland (MD) View On Map
I made this reservation based on Cheryl, the owner's, exceptional telephone personality. When booking I noted my wifes dietary requirements.Upon arrival we entered the gluten free capital of MD. Cheryl went out of her way to provide excellent home made goodies, all safe to eat. No one would go wrong at this clean, tidy, loving establishment. Enjoy it when you can, just make sure you tell Cheryl you are GF when booking!
Recommended By: kevintrux On: 2010-11-13

Rosa Mexicano
Miami, Florida (FL) View On Map
What a great Mexican restaurant this was -- probably one of the best I have ever tried. Our concierge at the Hotel suggested this little place to us. We found the ambiance to be upscale and very inviting. To start we ordered the Guacomole en Molcajete which is a guacomole prepared tableside (seriously a cool experience) and served with gluten free tortilla chips and small, round, warm corn tortillas (also GF). We all loved this appetizer! It was sooo delicious and it was made to our taste in terms of spiciness. We also ordered chicken tacos and they too were delicious. We shared an order of tacos between two people and we found it to be more than enough food. Also the tacos are served in those small, soft gluten free warm corn tortillas which were served with the guacomole. It was definitely more authentic than any taco I have ever had and delicious too. Hopefully, I will find another Rosa Mexicano some day, so I can revisit the experience.
Recommended By: @gfnotebook / glutenfreenotebook.com On: 2010-11-04

Flatbread Co
Paia, Maui, Hawaii (HI) View On Map
We found this Pizza place in Paia, a cute little hippie town at the beginning of the road to Hana. This little pizza joint has its own wood/brick oven. You can watch them make your pizza from beginning to end. They also happen to offer an excellent gluten free pizza crust. All of their meats and vegetables are as local or organic as possible. Their meats are nitrate free as possible. I think I ordered a pepperoni, mushroom and pineapple pizza. I loved the crust but I have to say I am not a big fan of nitrate free pepperoni, it just doesn't have the zing which I like. Go figure I like the taste of unhealthy meat better? Anyways, I loved the concept of this place. They even have a list of all the farms from which they source each pizza topping. So cool to see!
Recommended By: @gfnotebook / glutenfreenotebook.com On: 2010-11-04

Tommy Bahamas
Wailea, Maui, Hawaii (HI) View On Map
I was a bit surprised to learn they offered a gluten free menu, albeit what they offer is a nicer sit down, fine dining experience in Wailea. I always love places which offer separate gluten free menu's and this place was no exception. They offered many gluten free options. This was one of the places I chose Mahi Mahi with salad--it was delicious. We finished our meal with their out-of-this world pineapple upside down cheesecake (also gluten-free). I found the staff to be very aware of gluten allergies and very accomodating. I would recommend them to everyone, even non-gluten free diners. The food was so delicious and they even had a guitarist who sat in the centre of the room and sang songs like Shakira's - Hips don't lie. I loved it, it was such a nice experience for us.
Recommended By: @gfnotebook / glutenfreenotebook.com On: 2010-11-04

West Village, New York City (NYC) View On Map
This place is a hugely popular restaurant located in West Village. West Village was one of our favorite places in New York. It's a cute neighbourhood with many shops, cafes and restaurants. Risoterria serves many gluten-free items. Some GF options on their menu include risotto, pizza, pasta and panini. We tried the risotto, pizza and the panini. But first lets talk about the yummy breadsticks. They bring out these large GF bread sticks before your meal and let me tell you, these are the most amazing-tasting breadsticks ever. I would come back just for the breadsticks! I didn't care much for the pizza, but found the panini to taste fabulous. The bread tasted great (great texture and crumb, like normal bread). The risotto was pretty good, especially if you are a fan of that dish. The atmosphere at this place is casual, yet social. Prices are average; the service is superb but you may have to wait awhile for a table as this place gets very busy and there isn't much seating. They also sell ready made GF cupcakes, cookies, muffins as well as packages of GF items such as cookie mix, bread mix, pizza dough mix. My sister tried the banana bread and she said it was delicious! One more plus: They also have gluten free beer.
Recommended By: @gfnotebook / glutenfreenotebook.com On: 2010-11-04

Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) View On Map
We were looking for a good lunch but didn't want to spend a lot on bad food. They offer gluten free pasta which caught my attention so we decided to try their food. We sat inside where it was quiet and cosy. We ordered a special of the day of fresh pasta with sea food (clams, mussels, shrimps and scallops) in a pomodoro sauce. My husband was served some flat bread to start. He loved it. The pasta was fresh and the sea food delicious. The portion was great and we ate everything. The price was good. We would definitely try them again. I don't know about their brunch but I wouldn't go to an Italian resto for eggs and bacon. If you like traditional Italian food this is certainely a good resto to go.
Recommended By: missfitVictoria On: 2010-11-01

Souper Jenny
Atlanta, Georgia (GA) View On Map
Since being on the gluten-free diet one of the items it is difficult to find when eating out is gluten-free soup. Imagine my surprise when we discovered that Souper Jenny offers gluten-free soup daily made with local/seasonal ingredients.

When we pulled up for lunch there was a line out the door that kept getting longer, so we knew the soup must be excellent. Upon entering the restaurant there are three posted rules: cash or check only, no saving tables and no cell phones. The restaurant is set up like a comfy coffee house with individual tables, couches and long shared tables to enjoy your soup.

Ordering at Souper Jenny is cafeteria style, so you order and move down the line, pay for your food and sit down to consume. When we made it up to the counter the server informed us about the gluten-free soups for the day and there were three to choose from. We also learned from Jenny herself that they had started serving gluten-free sandwiches on Sally's Bakery bread. The sandwiches were premade, but we really wanted soup, so we passed. There were three salad choices for the day that were gluten free and only one wasn't. They also offer at least two gluten-free desserts that are made by a 'friend of Souper Jenny' and rotate with the seasons. We arrived too late to enjoy a slice of their gluten-free carrot cake or ice box lemon cake.

I ordered the tomato artichoke soup and a salad for the side. Make sure you tell them you do not want a roll on your plate. You can order the $12 lunch special that includes a bowl of soup (huge portion), a side and a drink, which is what we chose to do. The soup was loaded with flavor and fresh, seasonal ingredients.

A couple words of advice would be to arrive early (before noon) to keep from waiting in the long line and bring cash. Also, the earlier you arrive the more like you will be to snag a piece of gluten-free cake. Their daily menu is available online and denotes which soups are gluten free, so you can plan accordingly. Oh and they are closed on Sundays.

Souper Jenny's is about to become a weekly stop for this family as the weather turn colder and warming soup is the order of the day. Jenny's turkey chili is always gluten free, so we can't wait to go back and try it.
Recommended By: @jenniferGFinGA / Original Article On: 2010-10-24