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For a Brit, visiting our 'cousins across the pond' would on the face of it seem one of the easier trips to make if looking for gluten free food. However, in a strange place it is often hard to find somewhere but rest assured, someone will have been there before.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Cyrus Restaurant
Healdsburg, California (CA) View On Map
The service was perfection. The servers had great personalities that shined, which was great because I hate stuffy service! We called a few days ahead of our reservation to inform them of our dietary restrictions (I am gluten-free and pregnant) and they went above and beyond to accommodate us. Being someone with these dietary restrictions, I'm used to having a very limited menu to work with; it was not the case here at all! They made us our own batch of gluten free bread, as well as brownies to send home, cookies, and they even made fried green tomatoes with gluten free flour. They were very knowledgeable about these restrictions and worked around their menu for us. The food itself was amazing too; the foie gras melted like butter, the caviar was like butter too (we really like butter!), and the choices of butter for our bread was superb, as my husband basically ate a whole stick of it with his bread! It's a place to splurge, and treat yourself to the most amazing, creative food in all of Sonoma County. We already have reservations to return!
Recommended By: Lou33055 On: 2010-10-24

Manhattan, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Cavatappo offers a wide menu of wonderful Italian food in New York which also caters for those who need gluten free food. We have been eating there on holiday for about 12 years now (it was originally called Luca after the owner/chef). The food is excellent and the staff are friendly. Check out their menus online.
Recommended By: @katwoo2 / katrinawoodrowdigestivehealth.com On: 2010-10-21

Causeway Restaurant
Gloucester, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
DON'T MISS this place if in Gloucester!

....and don't be put off by the very plain and dated decor, which clearly isn't the restaurant's priority. Terrific food and service are! (Not to mention huge portions, very reasonable prices and prompt, courteous service.) My husband has to have gluten-free food and the waitress knew exactly how to advise him. We shared a fish chowder that was absolutely outstanding, and then he had the very good mussels with wine and garlic. I had scampi over linguini, which so many places overload with too much butter or oil. The Causeway's version had a light but very flavorful sauce with a bit of white wine in it, and both the shrimp and the pasta were perfectly cooked. I got three meals out of it. We're not into greasy fried stuff, but judging by what others were ordering, it looks like the Causeway does those things well, too (as well as lighter grilled seafood entrees).

I'd recommend getting there by 11:30 for a weekend lunch, and bring a picnic cooler if you won't be able to refrigerate your doggie bags for a while!
Recommended By: Jeffsdate On: 2010-10-20

Posana Cafe
Asheville, North Carolina (NC) View On Map
The decor is very attractive, the menu is nicely varied, the food is contemporary and delicious, the service is very friendly, and there is absolutely no gluten in any of the food, which makes it an unusually easy place to eat for a person with allergies. However, you would never know that the food is gluten free without asking. Most of the diners are unaware of this aspect, all they know is that everything tastes great!
Recommended By: travelmad54 On: 2010-10-18

Dinner For Two
Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM) View On Map
My husband and I met our friends in Santa Fe for the big wine fest and had dinner here on Friday night. Everything was wonderful! Our server was great, food was great, ambience was great, can't say one bad thing. Our friend is gluten free plus a bunch of other allergies and they went out of their way to accomodate him and serve a fabulous lamb with pomengranate sauce that was so yummy. The ladies had the veal marsala which was delicious and my husband had the tuna which was fab. I had the tasting menu, which was a really great deal, loved everything I had. We all (except our gluten free pal) had the doughnuts with coffe ice cream for dessert, OMG they were SO GOOD. We will be back. By the way, they had a really good, reasonable wine list. All four of us thought it was wonderful.
Recommended By: janeynm On: 2010-10-13

Barre, Vermont (VT) View On Map
We stayed in this B+B for one night during our tour around New England and only wish that we could have stayed in it longer. Originally the home of a Scottish Granite worker, the location of the house is lovely and the decor is really pleasant. We were staying in the tower room so named for the turreted folley that is attached and our travelling companions were in one of the other rooms down the corridor.

However, the reason that we would want to go back is the hospitality provided by the inn keepers Dan and Yasunari. They were ready to bend over backwards to deal with providing a gluten free breakfast, buying in special corn bread and ensuring that at least 90% of the spread was gluten free even though no other guest required this. They were both extremely friendly and coupled with Yasunari's piano playing in the evening, the experience was top notch. It is always a good sign when the worst thing you can say is that the shower wasn't very powerful!
Recommended By: @TravGlutenFree On: 2010-10-03

Latitude 43
Gloucester, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
We were staying in the town of Manchester-by-the-Sea and our guesthouse owner recommended Lat43 as being good for seafood and sushi. Generally we guessed that we would be ok gluten free but on arrival I thought that I would double check. On asking I was presented with a separate menu that they had gone through, highlighting what was gluten free and what (if anything) was required to make a dish safe. Almost every dish could be prepared GF! Compared to what we are used to in the UK this was a massive step above and beyond what we had expected so very impressed and would go there again even though seafood isn't really my cup of tea.
Recommended By: @TravGlutenFree On: 2010-10-03

North Conway, New Hampshire (NH) View On Map
When we arrived in North Conway I had a quick check online to see if there were any good gluten free places to eat in the town and came across Bellini's. I can't remember a time that we have been able to eat out at an Italian since diagnosis of Coeliac's so we decided we had to check it out. As we wanted to stop at a couple of shops we poked our head in first and asked if we could reserve. Usually they only take reservations for tables 6+ but I think they were bowled over by my 'charming' English accent and made an exception for our four.

I had read a couple of less great reviews on tripadvisor around wait times etc. and there was a queue if you hadn't reserved but this was no worse than many restaurants in the UK so think may be down to difference in expectations. The main menu lists what can be done gluten free and they even had a gluten free beer available. When our server came and we asked her about the gluten free options she quickly returned with gluten free bread rolls as well, a very nice touch. We loved this restaurant and the food was delicious both for gluten free and normal pasta for the rest of the party.
Recommended By: @TravGlutenFree On: 2010-10-03

Dancing Bear Guesthouse
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
We stayed at this guesthouse as part of our tour around the whole of New England. Set in the beautiful town of Shelburne Falls we were made to feel really at home by the owner, his wife and their housekeeper in the short time that we were there. However, the reason that this guesthouse deserves extra mention is the gluten free lengths that they went to. Alongside breakfast they apparently always make cake, which those non-coeliac members of the party loved. However, as they knew that we were coming, an entire batch of delicious gluten free blueberry muffins were made especially. I would definitely go back again.
Recommended By: @TravGlutenFree On: 2010-10-01

West End Pub
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
After arriving in Shelburne Falls our guest house owner quickly ran through the options open to us in the village. We headed in to the centre and based on a combination of price, atmosphere and them having obvious GF dishes we decided to try this place out.

When the server came over we asked about what was/wasn't gluten free and were bracing for the option of steak but the girl serving was very knowledgeable and rattled off a list of meals that were safe. In fact, although only one member of the group is coeliac, we all had different meals that would have been safe. The meals arrived quickly and were of a very high standard using many local ingredients. The only thing I would say is that the kitchen looked very small so I wouldn't know how safe it would be for those with very sensitive Coeliacs.

Desert didn't have as many options but there were still one or two and we were able to leave the restaurant full and not too light on the pocket.
Recommended By: @TravGlutenFree On: 2010-09-30

Buddy's Pizza
Detroit, Michigan (MI) View On Map
Buddy's Pizza is widely known as "Detroit's #1 Square Deep Dish Pizza" and all of my non-gf friends tell me why. They recently came out with a gluten free pizza, and it is now one of my favorite places for a nice pizza. It is not in the style of their classic deep dish pizza, but more of a thin-crust crispy pizza, but it is still good. They have nine locations in the Detroit metro area.
Recommended By: @GF20Something / glutenfreetwentysomething.com On: 2010-09-28

Manhattan, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Nizza is a great Italian place in the Hell's Kitchen area of Midtown, Manhattan. They have a respectable gluten free menu with several pastas, pizzas, and other entrees. They even have gluten free breadsticks and dessert! Being a Midtown restaurant, it is a little more pricey; but I think it is very worth it for a night out.
Recommended By: @GF20Something / glutenfreetwentysomething.com On: 2010-09-28

Gluuteny Bakery
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA) View On Map
Gluuteny Bakery is a bakery that I actually have to give credit to my grandma for finding. She wanted to be able to send me a care package of cookies in college just like all other grandmas, and she wouldn't let my Coeliac Disease get in the way of that! She found Gluuteny, and she sends me food from them all the time, so I know that their stuff ships well. Some of my favorites are the Whoopie Pies, the brownies, and the chocolate chip cookies. Also, any time I am in Pittsburgh I always make a trip to their bakery, and it tastes even better fresh. I was impressed to find out that they even do wedding cakes! If you are in the Pittsburgh area, check it out. Or if you are not, the are still good to order from.
Recommended By: @GF20Something / glutenfreetwentysomething.com On: 2010-09-28

West On 6
Livonia, Michigan (MI) View On Map
My partner and I went to dinner at West on 6 this evening. I had heard about this restaurant and Chef Tom's gluten-free menu offerings from the Gluten Free Ann Arbor Yahoo group that had several members singing his praises. I wasn't disappointed. I have a wheat allergy, so I must avoid all foods containing wheat. Tonight I had gluten free pasta and bread and both were exceptional. Even my partner, who doesn't have an issue with gluten enjoyed the bread. I had the Shrimp Scampi with pasta, she had the Ravioli (not gluten free) and she said it was wonderful. We capped off our meal with a Maple Chocolate Torte dream of a dessert, gluten free as well.

Chef Tom came out to meet us, and couldn't have been nicer. We even purchased a loaf of his kickass gluten free bread to take home with us. (it is, hands down, the best gluten free bread we ever had.) Great service, great food, great experience. Thank you, Chef Tom, you rock.
Recommended By: Katiek80 On: 2010-09-22

Hukilau Lanai
Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii (HI) View On Map
Went there on a Tuesday evening w/ our family. 2 of the 4 of us are Coeliac and eat gluten free. The restaurant provides gluten-free homemade dinner rolls, which are delicious. The service was great and in addition, our waiter already had a GF cheat sheet so that he would know what we could order and what was not appropriate. They were also willing to perform substitutions of gluten ingredients with non-gluten equivalents. The Ahi appetizers were especially good. Our 10 year old says that the vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce was superb! I would highly recommend this restaurant for anyone, but especially for those w/ GF diets who appreciate thoughtful service.
Recommended By: SantaCruz850 On: 2010-09-11

BabyCakes NYC
Broome St, New York City (NYC) View On Map
BabyCakes NYC has got to be my favorite gluten free find to date. It's a pretty well-known allergy friendly (sugar-free, vegan, egg-free, etc) bakery in New York City. They are even popular enough that they have a location in LA and they publish books! Anyway, they have amazing cookies, muffins and cupcakes. The only problem is that their cupcake frosting melts very quickly, so if you pick them up on a hot day you have to get them into a fridge quickly. BabyCakes also sells spelt-based items.
Recommended By: @GF20Something / glutenfreetwentysomething.com On: 2010-09-09

Aubree's Pizzeria and Tavern
Detroit, Michigan (MI) View On Map
Aubree's Pizzeria and Tavern is a pizza chain with four locations near Detroit, MI. They have the best gluten free pizza I have ever had. Because they are an actual pizza place, instead of a gluten free restaurant that serves pizza, hey have LOTS of different toppings. They are also reasonably priced, and they even offer coupons for their gluten free pizza from time to time. They sell more than pizza, too, so it is a great place to go for lunch/dinner with friends who are GF or friends who are not!
Recommended By: @GF20Something / glutenfreetwentysomething.com On: 2010-09-09

El Tovar Lounge
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (AZ) View On Map
We made reservations at 530pm=we were seated at 535-we were able to watch the beautiful sun set via the large windows in the front of the restaurant. The main reason we dined here was to get a nice gluten free meal for our son. The waiter was fabulous and brought him his own warm bread, the chef prepared his meal perfectly. I would highly recommend this restaurant-especially if someone in your party has a food intolerance-they were very accommodating, the waiter even gave my son a half a loaf of rice bread to take back home with his doggie bag!
Recommended By: Mudturtle On: 2010-08-26