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For a Brit, visiting our 'cousins across the pond' would on the face of it seem one of the easier trips to make if looking for gluten free food. However, in a strange place it is often hard to find somewhere but rest assured, someone will have been there before.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Flying Apron
Seattle, Washington (WA) View On Map
Flying Apron is an awesome gluten free bakery in Seattle that you must check out if you're in the Seattle area. It's in the Fremont neighborhood (right around the corner from the Fremont Troll) with lots of little shops around it. Up front is a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie (with chunks of peanuts) and a chocolate chocolate cupcake. And yes, this was our breakfast.

Perhaps "bakery" is a misnomer, as Flying Apron also serves up delicious items like the lasagna pictured below. I've rarely seen something more beautiful. Best of all, the food we ate from Flying Apron was all delicious. Despite only being in Seattle for 3.5 days, we made it a point to stop in twice. If you're gluten free and in the Seattle area, Flying Apron is a must. My favorite part of the shop is that it is a fully functioning café, not just a bakery with a display case. You can bring your laptop, a book, or whatever and have a drink while snacking on gluten free food.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeways / glutenfreeways.com On: 2013-07-14

Baba Louie's
Hudson, New York (NY) View On Map
I tend to spend a fair amount of time up in the Hudson Valley throughout the year and I am always on the hunt for new gluten-free locales to sample. Just a few years ago the area was truly lacking in any significant gluten-free options but in the past five or so years there has been an explosion of restaurants either with dedicated gluten-free menus or at the very least an increased knowledge when it comes to handling diners with special dietary needs or food allergies. A recent visit to Hudson, New York, a sweet little town with lots of great small specialty shops, allowed me to visit Baba Louie's. As always, I did my research before the visit to get a handle on their menu and gluten-free options. There are actually quite a few gluten-free options and all are clearly noted on the menu - everything from sandwiches to pizza. Not only are the gluten-free items clearly marked on the menu but gluten-free diners also receive a laminated card that explains the kitchen procedures to ensure that diners will have a safe experience. Of course, in a shared kitchen, nothing is 100%, but I was extremely comfortable with the steps they were taking to make sure I would be just fine. Additionally, that laminated card also details where there gluten-free pizza crusts come from (Better Bread Company) and the full ingredient list. Nice.

I had a hankering for pizza when I visited. I created my own gluten-free creation of Gouda, Parmesan, Canadian bacon, and basil. The combination made for a delicious flavor combination. The mellow Gouda paired perfectly with the bold Parmesan and surprising subtle Canadian bacon. A generous top-layer of fresh fragrant basil rounded out this creation. The crust was perfectly cooked and crisp and actually one of the better pre-made crusts I have come across.
Recommended By: @glutenfreemike / glutenfreemike.com On: 2013-07-12

Kingston, New York (NY) View On Map
I was doing a bit of research and came across Dolce on Broadway on the way down to the waterfront. There was one thing on the menu that particularly caught my eye - gluten-free buckwheat crêpes - so I thought I would definitely give it a go. Dolce is a small and funky little breakfast and lunch place. Having lived in Nice, France for a while, I am a bit of a crêpe aficionado and rarely see buckwheat crêpes (or Galette) here in the States and Dolce did not disappoint. I opted for the ham and Swiss cheese crêpe. Not really sure what to expect would arrive I have to say that I was blown away when a tremendous, perfectly prepared (and folded) crêpe arrived at the table - it was truly a thing of beauty - but how would it taste.

Well, my worries were quickly appeased when I first cut-into the crêpe. It was perfectly crisp and wonderfully thin. The ham and cheese within were perfectly cooked with the cheese a fantastically gooey treat. The contrast of textures from crisp to soft and the perfect balance of saltiness to the earthiness of the buckwheat made this a delight for the palate. If you are in the Kingston-area, I would highly recommend giving Dolce a try. If memory serves, they only accept cash so be prepared. Also note that they are open for breakfast and lunch only - no dinner.
Recommended By: @glutenfreemike / glutenfreemike.com On: 2013-07-12

The Grand Hyatt Kauai
Kauai, Hawaii (HI) View On Map
I wanted to share our vacation last year and spotlight The Grand Hyatt Kauai as a gluten free accommodating resort. The resort exceeded every expectation in regards to their understanding of the gluten free diet, their entree selection and let's not forget to mention the amazing resort and pool. As confident as I feel at times with my diet and knowing what I can and cannot have, I still get nervous and anxious when traveling and venturing out of my comfort food bubble. Weeks prior to any of our vacation departure dates, you can find me determining what amenities our hotel room includes, whether there is a mini fridge, toaster, or microwave in the room and then I plan accordingly what snacks and food items I can take.

I was stressing until I came across "Grand Hyatt Kauai's Gluten Free Booklet & Dining Guide" my anxiety and fear went away instantly with one click. This is a "Celiac's dream come true" word document. Check it out! You might do a double take, I sure did! The booklet lists each item that is gluten free and/or can be prepared gluten free at each restaurant at the Grand Hyatt. Whether we were craving Italian, Japanese, a quick bite, ordering room service or just picking up a snack at the local hotel shop, their gluten free symbol (gf) was EVERYWHERE! Below is a summary of our stay at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai with details of the incredible gluten free dining we experienced at each restaurant.

Each night Mark and I declared that that night's meal was the BEST! But each night we ventured to another restaurant at the resort, and the Hyatt continued to delivered exceptional service and another gluten free mouth watering meal. I want to thank the entire staff at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai, for making my stay one that I will never forget and always brag about. Your gluten free hospitality and service exceeded every expectation, we cannot wait to visit your piece of paradise again soon.
Recommended By: @GlutenExchange / theglutenexchange.com On: 2013-06-12

Hearthstone Restaurant
Breckenridge, Colorado (CO) View On Map
My absolute favorite place we ate in the Vail area was Hearthstone Restaurant in Breckenridge, which is about 40 minutes from Vail. Hearthstone is housed in a historic, Victorian-era house in downtown Breckenridge, surrounded by mountains and a great Main Street atmosphere. The restaurant has an excellent wine list, as well as a large variety of unique dishes; it also offers a gluten-free menu separate from the regular menu, so there is no guesswork involved. I had the Wagyu beef flank steak, which came with sherry braised hazel dell mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes, spinach and parmesan truffle mashers. The potatoes were superb, with an excellent garlicky flavor, and the tomatoes were well roasted. For dessert, I had the banana split, a gourmet-designed dish with caramelized bananas with macadamia nuts and vanilla gelato served separately on a plate. The coconut rum chocolate ganache was served on the side, and was delicious.
Recommended By: lindseysglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-10

Old Forge Pizza Company
Vail, Colorado (CO) View On Map
On one of those nights in, we decided to order pizza. To my delight, most of the pizza companies in and around Vail offer gluten-free selections. We ordered from Old Forge Pizza Company, which offers regular pizzas as well as gluten-free personal pizzas. I ordered the gluten-free Piper Pizza, which included banana peppers, roasted red peppers, bacon, local goat cheese and fresh tomatoes. It was very delicious and had a gourmet-type flavor to it. The goat cheese was very creamy, and the peppers added spice without it being too much. I would definitely recommend Old Forge to anyone visiting the Vail area.
Recommended By: lindseysglutenfree.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-10

Black Walnut Cafe
Houston, Texas (TX) View On Map
A few weeks ago, I travelled to Rice Village. After my appointment, I decided to stop for dinner at the Black Walnut Cafe. I walked into the restaurant, and was immediately greeted by a "gluten-free bread available". Still sceptical (maybe they considered this gluten-free thing a fad diet, and were not well-versed in the art of celiac disease), I went up to order. As soon as I ordered the Rustic Grilled Cheese with gluten-free, I was asked if I had an allergy or intolerance to gluten. I immediately felt comfortable and awaited my order. I did not get a chance to find out the brand of gluten-free bread used, but it was quite a delicious sandwich!! The cheese melted fantastically onto the bread, and the bread was grilled to perfection! It was definitely an unhealthy gluten-free meal worth enjoying, and was the perfect rainy day treat. I highly recommend trying out Black Walnut Cafe if you're ever in Houston, especially for brunch, as their omelets are fantastic as well (you can substitute toast with corn tortillas, in true TexMex fashion).
Recommended By: @CeliacInCollege / collegestudentwithceliac.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-09

Ruby's BBQ
Austin, Texas (TX) View On Map
While I used to stop in for BBQ beef tacos when I was a UT student, I had a feeling those tacos were the soft, flour-y variety, and I was right. However, the dude behind the counter pulled out a gluten-free menu, which had the added advantage of warning you away from foods filled with gluten. Ruby's. You surprise and delight.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-08

Wild Wood Bake House & Cafe
Austin, Texas (TX) View On Map
Wild Wood Bake House & Cafe knows how to party as they offer more gluten-free beers than I've ever seen in one place, and an incredible amount of gluten-free baked goods including (but not limited to) muffins, breads, Ding Dongs. SO GOOD. The whole place is gluten-free, and amazing. So pull up a chair and chow down, gluten-free'ers.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-08

Black Market Liquor Bar
Los Angeles, California (CA) View On Map
So we rolled up to Black Market Liquor Bar and went on to throw back the whiskey drinks. Which are inventive, and crazy good, as well as being gluten-free. Although one whiskey drink has a beer factor (which is clearly marked on the menu) so skip that action. Of course once it came time to order I was looking over the seasonal menu of artisanal cheeses and ahi tuna, and started to sweat it a little bit as it appeared that gluten was on the side of most dishes. Yes, we did consider leaving but wow, am I glad I stayed put and asked the waiter about the gluten-free options available. He came back with a menu that was not only fully marked, but warning signs on dishes that, while gluten-free, had the possibility of cross-contamination. Solid. I had an amazing dish of Kurobuta pork cheek, creamed polenta mushrooms, and pickled shallots. I was also able to enjoy some of that ahi tuna I mentioned earlier, a lovely kale salad, and a BBQ short rib situation. Yes, droooooool.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-08

Tupelo Junction
Santa Barbara, California (CA) View On Map
When my husband made a reservation at Tupelo Junction in Santa Barbara I was suspicious. After all, I'd enjoyed some lovely fried chicken there years ago when were visiting from New York and first dating, and long before I was no longer allowed to shove gluten in my fried chicken hole. But guess what? That SoCal gluten-free friendly thing came in very handy as the menu was marked with items that could be made gluten-free! Like lovely Red Beans and Rice with roasted corn, tomatoes, greens and shallots and Tupelo Honey Vinaigrette Salad w/roasted sunflower seeds.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-08

Mon Ami Gabi at The Paris Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) View On Map
If you read any blogs at all about being gluten free in Las Vegas, they all talk about Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel. I will be no different. First of all, they have gluten free bread, which they bring out separately from the regular bread to ensure no contamination. They also brought out separate butter, along with olives. For my entree, I chose the chicken breast paillard. It was well seasoned and juicy, which I imagine must be a bit hard to do considering how thin it was. FYI, they also have a gluten free breakfast, which is quite good.
Recommended By: @glutenfreenme / glutenfreeandmeinboston.blogspot.com On: 2013-06-06

Nine Fine Irishmen
Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) View On Map
As the name indicates, it is an Irish Pub. Unfortunately, no gluten free beers, which surprised me a little, but they did have apple cider. I got the gluten free lamb stew. The lamb was very juicy, the potatoes still had some tooth to them, and the broth was nice and salty. Half way through my meal, my gluten free dinner partner and I switched meals, so I also got to have the gluten free shepards pie. The beef tips were cooked quite nicely, the mashed potatoes were nice and creamy with the top having a nice crust to it. These two meals were great comfort food.
Recommended By: @glutenfreenme / glutenfreeandmeinboston.blogspot.com On: 2013-06-06

Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) View On Map
Scarpetta is a restaurant that is owned by Scott Conant. You most often see him as a judge on Chopped. He not only has a gluten free menu, but a vegetarian menu as well. I started off with the white asparagus soup with blue crab. It was good, with the texture coming from small pieces of whole asparagus. I do wish it had been a little hotter. For my entree I got the spaghetti tomato basil. This was homemade gluten free pasta, so extra props to Scarpetta for that. I thought the spaghetti was very good, and the sauce - though simple - was really delicious.
Recommended By: @glutenfreenme / glutenfreeandmeinboston.blogspot.com On: 2013-06-06

C Casa
Napa, California (CA) View On Map
The menu was divine - you can view it on their website - and my friend chose a salmon taco, one of their blackboard specials. Honestly, the whole menu looked amazing and I wished that we had been able to have several meals there to try a few more things! The meals tasted fresh, the flavours were piquant and combined well. The salmon was beautifully cooked and our only complaint was that it was impossible to eat tidily! It was a very impressive meal, a very healthy option, and it was wonderful not to have to pick and choose from the menu to try and find things that appeared to be gluten-free. If you're ever in the township of Napa, run (don't walk!) to the Oxbow Centre for a meal from C Casa.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-02

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen
Napa, California (CA) View On Map
I decided that as I'd never eaten Venezuelan food, Pica Pica was for me! PicaPica Maize Kitchen is located in the Oxbow Centre in Napa itself. The Oxbow Centre is full of amazing food outlets. There was a sign saying everything 100% wheat and gluten-free. Yippee!!!! I decided to try some things I'd never heard of, and selected a Cachapa with Pepeada. Yep, there you have it! It was a sweet corn pancake with chicken and creamy avocado filling. And although I'd had Empanadas before, I thought I would also give those a go. I would describe this as comfort food really. The cachapa was sweet and crispy and the filling balanced it out nicely. The empanadas were three different flavours - refried beans, cheese and a three-meat stew, and came with a chipotle sauce. They were deep fried, soft but crispy and truly delicious. The gluten-free beer was Bards, which I'd had last year when I was in the US. It was so nice to be in a place where eating gluten-free was easy and just another of the offerings available.
Recommended By: glutenfreenz.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-02

East Village, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Sarita's Mac and Cheese (or S'MAC for short) is a chain of mac and cheese restaurants that also caters to the gluten-free crowd. But what makes this place unusual, compared to the hordes of restaurants that claim to cater "gluten-free" , is that this place is actually coeliac friendly. A lot of restaurants with a gluten-free menu will either specifically say they are not suitable for coeliacs, or make such a vague and ambiguous statement that you aren't sure whether to trust them or not. But S'MAC is as safe as you can get. The owner wanted to make a place that would welcome everyone regardless of allergies, but during the process of tasting and developing her recipes, developed gluten intolerance as well! The East Village branch was pretty trendy, catering to a fairly young crowd. There were some carefully calculated bare brick walls, with brand new light fittings but the place still retained a kind of "run-down diner" feel, while remaining new and clean. Every type of mac and cheese they serve is available with gluten-free macaroni, so the choice isn't restricted at all.

Oh this was so delicious! The smallest size was plenty big enough for lunch and it tasted so wonderfully indulgent. I was really keen on the use of figs, which provided a surprising sweetness that worked well with the other ingredients. The only downside is the $1.50 supplement for the gluten-free pasta. This seems to be far more common in the US than over here, where I guess gluten-free is seen as more of a "lifestyle" than a medical necessity.

I enjoyed S'MAC so much that I went back with my friend and got a "take and bake" - where they prepare it for you and you bake it at home. Unfortunately they had put the wrong labels on the boxes, which my friend noticed because the gluten-free pasta is a slightly different colour. It just goes to show that even in a "safe" place, you must always be vigilant.

Overall, S'MAC is a "must try" place for any coeliac visiting New York. It isn't fine dining, but it is delicious, informal, quick, easy and oh so comforting!
Recommended By: @TheHappyCoeliac / thehappycoeliac.com On: 2013-06-02

Tu-Lu's Bakery
East Village, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Tu-Lu's Gluten-free Bakery is the one place you can let your guard down. The entire bakery is, as the name suggests, gluten-free and they bake everything right on the premises. Situated in the East Village, like many commercial properties in New York, it's pretty tiny, so it's good to know there is at least no stray gluten lurking. It's difficult to review a bakery really since service doesn't really come into it and it relies on you sampling the entire menu. Ahem. Which I DIDN'T do, I hasten to add. So I picked the cinnamon sugar doughnut, which was also dairy-free and then I asked what was most popular amongst the customers. The man replied without hesitation, "The red velvet cupcakes". So I bought one of those for good measure. I was the only customer in at the time, so I sat down to savour my baked goods. Although no one else sat down, there was a steady stream of customers coming in and out, and a lot of regulars, it seemed. I was glad it is doing well, since it's a safe haven for coeliacs.

On to The Doughnut. My first since diagnosis and it was wonderful! I can't tell you how much I miss doughnuts these days. But these were freshly baked, lightly spiced, not too sweet and just melt-in-your-mouth yumtastic. I ate the whole thing. I soon realised that I should have sampled a little bit of both because I started to get quite full, but I went on to the red velvet cupcake, lovingly dolloped with an American-sized portion of cream cheese frosting. I can honestly see why it's so popular! Words can't describe, the cupcake was moist and dense, the frosting was creamy with a tangy kick. Even in my state of sugar-crazed delirium, I could only manage half so stowed it away in its box for safe keeping.

Tu-lu's is a must visit for any coeliac or gluten-intolerant visitor to New York. Go there and gorge! It's not cheap, but you will find a premium on most gluten-free items in this city, so suck it up and look at it as an investment.
Recommended By: @TheHappyCoeliac / thehappycoeliac.com On: 2013-06-02

Lilli and Loo
Lexington Avenue, New York City (NYC) View On Map
Lilli and Loo describes itself as "Chinese Asian Cuisine & Sushi Bar" and came highly recommended to me by my friend, who I was staying with. The main reason being that it also advertises a gluten-free menu with over 30 items available! Win! It is on Lexington Avenue, a short walk from the south east corner of Central Park, making it the ideal place for hungry gluten-free tourists. Their gluten-free credentials are good, and their reputation for being coeliac friendly is the reason I went there in the first place!

When I first went I cut a lonely figure, eating for one, but when I asked for the gluten-free menu I soon realised that it was probably just as well nobody but strangers would see me make a pig out of myself. Their gluten-free choices are extremely varied and include fried things that are normally off limits - crispy General Tso's chicken, dumplings, sushi with tempura, spring rolls.

To start with I had the pan fried pork dumplings. These were absolutely delicious, although a little different to how regular dumplings are. There was definitely a glutinous texture to them, but they were crispy and chewy at the same time, and came with a tamari-based dipping sauce. After devouring the dumplings I was feeling rather full, but still my plate of crispy General Tso's chicken arrived. We don't really see this dish a lot in the UK, but it is battered and fried chicken pieces smothered in a sort of sweet sauce.

After the first visit, I returned with my friend, dragging her to the Upper East side while I lived out my dumpling fantasies once more. This time I ordered sushi for my main - with shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and avocado, topped with basil. It came very impressively laid out. This was delicious, and very freshly prepared. I wasn't so keen on the basil flavours, so I awkwardly peeled the leaves off. The waitress made a point of telling me that the soy sauce in the little pot was also gluten-free. After a large starter and main, it was all I could do not to try dessert. I mean, they had real gluten-free desserts! I chose the pecan pie. This may be one of the better life decisions I have made, because it was better than any gluten-containing pie I've had as well! The pastry was light, but not bland, and the insides were sweet and nutty.

Overall there isn't much bad to say about Lilli and Loo. The food is delicious. It's not cheap, but not eye-wateringly expensive. The knowledge of gluten-free food is absolutely great, although the servers can be a little surly. For a coeliac in New York City, it's absolutely unmissable.
Recommended By: @TheHappyCoeliac / thehappycoeliac.com On: 2013-06-02

West Village, New York City (NYC) View On Map
When I asked for gluten-free recommendations in New York, Risotteria, situated in the West Village, was the name on everyone's lips. It has become so famous throughout the coeliac community and beyond, that I read tales of lines around the block at lunchtime, and having to wait an hour for a table (they don't do reservations). With that in mind, I decided to go at midday, opening time, figuring at least the queues wouldn't be THAT long. In the end, we were seated immediately, and I could see why the waits were so long; there was only room for about 20 diners altogether. It's in another of New York teeny tiny spaces, spaces that make my small London flat look roomy.

As might be expected, the menu is largely made up of risottos, all sounding absolutely delicious. The difference between this and other italian restaurants is that almost everything on the menu is gluten-free. Some of the menu is not. But this is a restaurant that is safe and switched on when it comes to cross contamination and general understanding of gluten-free.

I generally don't order risotto when I'm out as I feel I can make it perfectly well at home, but the varieties of rice and delicious combinations of ingredients tempted me away from pizza on this occasion. I chose the italian sausage and portobello mushroom risotto with carnaroli rice. While we were waiting, gluten-free breadsticks appeared as if by magic. Surprisingly the breadsticks were chewy, not crispy, not unlike a soft pretzel. Mmm, I could have gone for some more of those! My risotto was everything I could have hoped for, and made me keenly aware of my own risotto-related shortcomings. The Italian sausage was delicious and the portobello mushrooms were great, as portbello mushrooms always are. The worst part of the meal was feeling too full for dessert. And it being my last day in New York, I had somewhat run out of money. Oh well :) I loved their dessert menu though. Risotteria is another stop on the "must visit" gluten-free tour of New York. It's safe, the staff are friendly and set in the very trendy West Village there is plenty to do in the area.
Recommended By: @TheHappyCoeliac / thehappycoeliac.com On: 2013-06-02