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For a Brit, visiting our 'cousins across the pond' would on the face of it seem one of the easier trips to make if looking for gluten free food. However, in a strange place it is often hard to find somewhere but rest assured, someone will have been there before.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Del Mar Rendezvous
San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
Del Mar Rendezvous is one of my favorite restaurants on the planet. The chefs make exquisite Chinese-American food. Flavors are bold and vivid, veggies are crisp, and choices are plenty. Even better, Del Mar Rendezvous has an extensive gluten-free menu, and servers are remarkably attentive towards gluten-free diners. I have eaten food here that reminds me of some of the best Chinese-American meals I shared with my father when I was a child: hot-and-sour soup, beef with broccoli, shrimp with lobster sauce. There are terrific vegetarian options, as well.
Recommended By: yourgfplace.com On: 2013-01-17

Market Restaurant Del Mar
San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
For a remarkable upscale dining experience, try Market Del Mar. Chef/owner Carl Schroeder prides himself on providing delectable meals from locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients and his care and ingenuity shine through. No more than two miles away is Chino Farm, purveyor of some of the most sublime produce in all of the West coast, and much of it appears on your plate at Market. I love how each meal starts with an amuse-bouche to tickle both the fancy and the palate, and I am never disappointed by what I eat here. Most importantly, the staff at Market is deeply knowledgeable about food allergies and intolerance; I feel safe and taken care of as soon as I walk in the door. Enjoy.
Recommended By: yourgfplace.com On: 2013-01-17

Down River Grill
Spokane, Washington (WA) View On Map
Tucked away just northwest of downtown Spokane in the Audubon neighborhood, Downriver Grill offers up a handful of fine dining quality gluten-free options in a comfortable atmosphere. Once we'd tipped them off that we were gluten free customers, the server asked immediately if we were Celiac or intolerant (a good sign). We explained our situation and that we'd be ordering everything gluten free so we could share it. Since our options were rather limited, steak and salmon were the only gf mains on the menu and only a couple salads and no appetizers were gf, we didn't spend a lot of time pouring over all they had to offer. We picked a medium rare steak, stir-fried veggies, spinach salad, and two soups and dreamed of Omission pale ale while we waited. They also noted that they are willing to make other items on the regular menu gluten free that aren't marked if you're more adventuresome than we were.

The shrimp bisque came first and was so good I would go back just for that. All fantasises of making my own bisque at home were vanqished when Chef Ryan stopped by our table to check on our gluten-free meal. He informed me that it takes 3 hours to prepare this particular reduced shrimp bisque versus the wheat flour thickened versions many establishments rely on. Bummer, but great to know that there are places that are still willing to take the time to not only make such a superb dish right but also gluten free. Referring to that beautiful piece of meat on our plate as a mere steak also seemed kind of a crass after we cut into its pink interior and tasted the first bite. It was an amazing sauce-topped piece of melt-in-your mouth beef and nothing less. The sauce, a balsalmic, peppercorn veal juice conconction known as jus-de-veau, was incredibly complimentary without overpowering the beef.

By the end of it all, we were satisfied and on our way to feeling full but couldn't pass up the gluten-free Pot de Creme, a chocolate moose-like dessert with amaretto, that would also be impossible to ignore on any future visits to Down River Grill.
Recommended By: glutenfreespokane.com On: 2013-01-17

Giorgio On Pine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) View On Map
We got there about 7pm on a Tuesday night. We didn't have to wait at all and they weren't busy until later around 8pm. The hostess promptly seated us and brought over the menu. Pretty much anything on the menu could be made gluten free. They use Schar's pasta but also have a brown rice pasta and gluten free pizzas. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable about gluten free. It seemed as though they were known in that area for gluten free foods.

They brought out regular bread and garlic/oil for my husband and a separate gluten free bread tray for mine with my own oil to prevent cross contamination. I started with the soup, a potato soup with mozzarella and bacon. It was really good but lacking the potato pieces in the soup I hoped for. I chose the brown rice pasta with the beef goulash. It was very good. The pasta was cooked perfectly, just enough sauce and the beef was tender and juicy. Extra parmesan cheese on top and I was a happy camper. I only could finish about half of it so we boxed it up and took it back to the hotel.

I often struggle with finding places that have not only a gluten free menu but an understanding of cross contamination and safety concerns. Even if the food was horrible, they would get a great review for having such a wonderful experience for me. I highly recommend this place for those of us looking for gluten free options!!
Recommended By: @PrettyLilCeliac / prettylittleceliac.com On: 2013-01-12

Las Canarias Restaurant
San Antonio, Texas (TX) View On Map
One amazing surprise that neither of us were expecting was the inclusion of a gluten free table in the breakfast buffet. The restaurant is connected to the hotel, called Las Canarias. The gluten free fare was off in the corner, and as soon as I noticed it I swooped in. There was a little table with a gluten free menu, laid out with gluten free english muffins and toast, complete with a dedicated toaster. There was also gluten free granola (Udi's, I think) and mini parfaits. Yes, they took the time to make mini gluten free granola and yogurt parfaits. There were also cranberry muffins that were made in-house. I was so happy! Recommended? Absolutely. I'd go out of my way to eat there again.
Recommended By: jacobithe-glutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2012-12-31

Little Aussie
San Antonio, Texas (TX) View On Map
Little Aussie not only makes the BEST gluten free bread I've ever tasted, but they have a completely gluten free restaurant AND bakery. I love this place. Seriously, I was in heaven. While we were waiting to order, the owner came by with sticky bun samples. Um, YES I would like a sample! I wish I could eat there every week. We started with dessert, of course. Mine was raspberry sponge cake and his was something chocolate & pecan. Then we enjoyed a delicious 100% gluten free meal. I had the meat pie, and my gluten-eating husband had a sandwich on gluten free bread that was delicious. I tell you what, I even ate the leftover meat pie cold a few hours later and it was equally delicious. Before we left, I purchased 4 loaves of bread, some rolls, and a cookie to take home.
Recommended By: jacobithe-glutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2012-12-31

Sushi Zushi
San Antonio, Texas (TX) View On Map
One night we found ourselves at Sushi Zushi. It's a small place, located on the street level of the riverwalk. When our waitress came by, she saw that I was looking at the gluten free section and seemed very knowledgeable about it all. It made me feel comfortable right away. The gluten free section of the menu is very comprehensive and thorough. We enjoyed the edamame and ordered a few rolls, and the one containing gluten arrived on its own plate, with the sauce on the side - just in case I changed my mind and wanted some. I love it when I can confidently eat a meal without fear of gluten. I've found that most sushi places are pretty easy to navigate gluten-free, but this place is just that much easier.
Recommended By: jacobithe-glutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2012-12-31

Joe's Crab Shack
, Chain View On Map
I've always heard of Joe's Crab Shack's gluten free menu, but had yet to try it. So when we happened upon the restaurant, we decided to try it. I asked for the gluten free menu, which had a reasonable amount of dishes on it, and ordered the Bucket of Shrimp. I wasn't very hungry, so that and a cocktail made the perfect little meal. I loved the ease of ordering, low risk of contamination, the atmosphere of the riverwalk, and our awesome waiter. Joe's is a winner in my book.
Recommended By: jacobithe-glutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2012-12-31

The Chancery
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI) View On Map
Having checked their website before we went yesterday: they now have a "lifestyle" menu and they have an entire section of gluten free offerings. Since the menu wasn't in place yet, they still had plenty of options for me, everything from gluten free pasta to gluten free pizza to gluten free buns for sandwiches and burgers. Our waitress, Taylor, was super knowledgable about everything that I could have and was careful to inform the cook staff of my allergy. She was absolutely awesome. I started off my meal with a gluten free beer, which is nice and refreshing once in a while.

After debating for a long time, I settled on a plain cheeseburger (with Swiss, of course). I haven't had a good cheeseburger on a bun in a LONG time, so I was more than willing to try it. Fries are unfortunately not an option at the Chancery, but they have a lot of gluten-friendly sides to make up for it: jasmine rice, veggies, fruit, warm bean salad or mashed potatoes. They had a stick that said gluten free RIGHT ON IT!

And boy, was it delicious. I came home with a full, happy belly. And for me, a full belly is a happy belly. Oh! They also had a gluten free salted caramel cheesecake, which of course, I just had to try. Wow.

Kudos to the Chancery for being so conscious of gluten as an allergen and for taking extra precautions to keep people like me safe. I look forward to coming back soon!
Recommended By: diaryofaceliac.wordpress.com On: 2012-12-31

Maggianos Italian Restaurant
, Chain View On Map
Sure enough, the waiter was very familiar with gluten free options and provided me with a description about what could and couldn't be made gluten free. I settled with the pasta dish I always get and it was delicious. It was nice to not spend over $25 on a meal for once during this trip. This chain really does gluten free right!
Recommended By: @PrettyLilCeliac / prettylittleceliac.com On: 2012-12-31

Social House - Aria Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) View On Map
The restaurant was dark and decorated in red and black colors throughout. It would be a great place for an intimate dinner with a significant other. I would not recommend for families or people with children. This sushi restaurant was a bit on the pricey end but completely worth every dollar spent! Imagine my comfort level when our waitress explained she also struggles with a gluten intolerance and was well aware of how to prepare the foods and when to check on items to make sure I was safe. She answered all my questions about the menu and made me feel extremely safe about eating there. When I had questions she didn't know the answer, she immediately went back to the kitchen to ask the chef to ensure I was staying gluten free!

I decided to try the most expensive roll in the place - it had gold flakes on it! Kobe beef, king crab and yellow fin were some of the meats in this roll. It tasted like magic. I loved it and every single thing about it was phenomenal. I hadn't spent a lot of money so far on food during the trip so I decided to take a splurge. We also had roasted mini potatoes that were seasoned so perfectly and roasted to the greatest crispiness ever that we were all fighting over them at the table. Everyone at the table enjoyed different sushi rolls that were each equally delicious in their own way. (or so I was informed by the non-celiacs) If you are in Las Vegas looking for a unique, delicious dinner and aren't worried about the price tag - I would highly recommend Social House for dinner.
Recommended By: @PrettyLilCeliac / prettylittleceliac.com On: 2012-12-31

Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) View On Map
Prior to being diagnosed with celiac disease, this is probably one of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas. It always provided delicious Italian dishes with a decent price tag and a great atmosphere. I love eating outside the restaurant (but in the mall) on the cobble stone street being able to people watch while enjoying a delicious meal and glass of wine. We decided to stop there and have an early lunch one day while out shopping around. They do not have a dedicated gluten free menu but they were able to give me several options on the menu that could be prepared gluten free. While the waiter wasn't as confident about gluten free items, he was able to go back into the kitchen and talk with the chef about choices for me, which made me feel pretty good about eating there. I decided on a filet and mashed potatoes. It's probably one of the safest dishes we can eat at a restaurant without getting glutened. The steak was cooked perfectly and the mashed potatoes were delicious. I wouldn't expect anything less from Trevi. While they don't have a dedicated gluten free menu, I feel comfortable in saying that folks who can't have gluten but are able to explain and ask questions about their meal would be able to safely have dinner there without any problems.
Recommended By: @PrettyLilCeliac / prettylittleceliac.com On: 2012-12-31

San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
It took me a bit of time, but I finally visited 2Good2Be and I'm definitely glad I did. I'm not even going to create any buildup; instead, let me just say that this place is unbelievably amazing and is a must for anybody who eats gluten free and is visiting San Diego. I was excited to walk in and see that 2Good2Be was a full cafe similar to a Starbucks. So many gluten free places that I've visited are small and, while welcoming, aren't conducive to bringing a book and hanging out with your gluten free treat. And what a treat it is. I absolutely love 2Good2Be and am really excited to have found a terrific bakery in my new city.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeways / glutenfreeways.com On: 2012-12-23

Barrio Star
San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
After signing on the lease at my new place my future roomie suggested we check out a Mexican place around the corner from our apartment. I'm always into Mexican food and not only because it is normally a simple meal to eat gluten free. We arrived and soon order margaritas and some chips and guacamole. The chips at Barrio Star are sprinkled with chili flakes which add a nice flavor. The guacamole is freshly made and delicious. The margaritas are strong and tasty; I've been to Barrio Star a few times since moving in and usually get the Pomegranate.

You can check out a dinner menu online. That PDF doesn't mark the gluten free items but in the restaurant the menu is marked with "gf" symbols. Barrio Star is very gluten free friendly and has a lot of options for the discerning gluten free eater.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeways / glutenfreeways.com On: 2012-12-23

Bison Jacks
Middleton, Wisconsin (WI) View On Map
Bison Jacks is located in Greenway Station in Middleton. They are a relatively quick service restaurant that serves primarily hot dogs and burgers made from bison, with sides such as coleslaw, baked fries and salads. They cook the meat to order and then you can customize the toppings. The main pros of Bison Jacks are that they stock gluten free buns, appear to be very careful about cross contamination issues and there is hardly ever anyone in the restaurant, even on a Friday night which makes for very little wait for a made to order burger and/or hot dog. In the past I have received a copy of the list of items they carry that are gluten free, but they did not seem to have a copy at my most recent visit. I have only ever had their burgers and so can't comment on their hot dogs although they do have a number of specialty dogs to choose from in addition to being able to customize your own. As for the burgers, they do satisfy a burger craving if you are in the mood for an actual burger with a bun that you don't have to make at home but don't want to go to a bustling place like jacs. The burgers appear to only be made well done and can be topped with cheese and a variety of other topics of your choosing. I recently ordered the combo which came with a burger, soda and choice of side and was under $10, although it appears that the prices are increasing shortly according to a sign posted on the register. Overall, for ease of having a safe gluten free meal away from home, I would give Bison Jacks an A. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating. The burger itself is fairly average but the competition in the market for gluten free burgers in Madison is fairly limited and so I would consider Bison Jacks to be a solid choice. Enjoy!
Recommended By: glutenfreemadison.blogspot.com On: 2012-12-22

Red Dragon
Spokane, Washington (WA) View On Map
As the lit-up lettered sign on the corner of the downtown restaurant notes, Red Dragon has full gluten-free and vegan menus. The gluten-free menu fills up most of a page in the main menu and has a long list of familiar dishes to choose from: sweet and sour chicken, pork fried rice, crispy teriyaki chicken, broccoli beef, general's chicken, chowmein: the list goes on. Up top on the gluten-free page is a comforting acknowledgment that they only use gluten-free soy sauce and oyster sauce in their gluten-free items. Our waitress seemed accustomed to fielding questions from people ordering gluten-free food and had quick, re-assuring responses when we queried her about what precautions they take back in the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination: "Of course, we always use clean pans for each new order." We ordered sweet and sour pork ribs and a rice noodle dish with beef along with a cup of the gluten-free egg flower soup and some hot tea. While we waited briefly for our meal, we kicked back in our spacious bench seats to enjoy the funky yet comforting atmosphere complete with an entertaining mix of genre crossing tunes that complimented the clean but eclectic diner feel.

With so many gluten-free items to choose from, and such awareness and attention to the needs of people with gluten-free dietary restrictions, we'll be back again and again until we've worked the menu over.
Recommended By: glutenfreespokane.com On: 2012-12-22

Fort Worth, Texas (TX) View On Map
A far better meal can be had further north, on the border between Fort Worth and Keller, at Oliva, where they have an incredible array of gluten free pasta dishes including alfredo, marinara, vodka cream sauce, meat sauce, and more. My son loves the Pasta Oliva, with shrimp, clams, mussles, and calamari over GF linguini in a wine tomato sauce. I love both the Parmesan chicken and the chicken Alfredo.

Oliva is somewhat in the middle of nowhere, but it is worth the drive. The atmosphere is cozy and romantic, but not so stuffy that you wouldn't want to take children there. The staff has been very kind to us as well, and they know what they are doing when it comes to GF.
Recommended By: travelingceliac.com On: 2012-12-22

Riscky's BBQ
Fort Worth, Texas (TX) View On Map
I hadn't found much online about gluten free food at the Stockyards, but we took our chances and were delighted to find that Riscky's BBQ has a printed gluten free menu. Sandy had the sliced brisket plate with red beans and potato salad. Cathy had the Chopped Beef Brisket. Both entrees were tasty. I like the sauce, though everything was a little salty. The red beans were very good. The potato salad, not so much. The gluten free menu was extensive, so I would definitely go there again and see if I can find just the right thing to order.
Recommended By: travelingceliac.com On: 2012-12-22

True Food Kitchen
Santa Monica, California (CA) View On Map
True Food Kitchen located in Santa Monica was such a great experience! This should be a top destination for the gluten free community. This restaurant ranks #1 in Southern California. The gluten free selections are endless and they really GET IT!!!!!
Recommended By: glutenfreewilltravel.com On: 2012-12-22

Nobu 57
Uptown, New York City (NYC) View On Map
I was fortunate to dine at Nobu 57, in NYC. If I had to summarize the experience into one word, it'd be WOAH!! Expensive, oh yeah (but, what isn't in New York?)!! Worth it? Read on! Most importantly, the staff is fantastic, and extremely knowledgeable about what items are gluten free. When I asked if Nobu was accommodating, if I'd have options to choose from, whether or not the server knew those options, cross contamination issues, etc., I was met with an of course face - best face ever!! Nothing eases this Celiac like knowing my body is in good hands and I wont be sick thereafter.

I read some reviews and saw from fellow Celiac's that the Chocolate Bento Box was gluten free. It's a dark chocolate coulant and sesame crisp. Best way to describe this? INCREDIBLE!! The delicious chocolate brownie like dessert below has chocolate flowing on the inside as well. What an incredible way to start a meal!! Next up, Nobu Combination Lunch, I chose the chicken meal, and it comes with miso soup, salad and rice, as well as sushi. I haven't had miso soup in some time, most make it with soy sauce, but, Nobu, oh no! It's gluten free!!

Last up, chicken, rice, and bean sprouts. I'm a huge bean sprouts fan. These were cooked differently, still crunchy, but, also really tasty - a vinegar taste, that went perfectly with the chicken. And the chicken, so moist, and simple, yet so tasty. Was this meal costly? Yes! Felt akin to a rent payment!! Worth it?! YES! Worth every penny, especially for Celiacs. You have an extremely knowledgeable staff, amazing food (and dessert!!), and a gorgeous atmosphere.
Recommended By: @GlutenFreeBeat / glutenfreebeat.com On: 2012-12-22