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Gluten Free in China

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Lao She Teahouse
Xuanwu District, Beijing View On Map
So, I only spent 1 night on a layover in Beijing, however, I had such a good experience with the restaurant I ate at that I wanted to give them a feature. Lao She Teahouse is an icon in Beijing although we didn't know that when we haphazardly stumbled across it, I learned this as we were exploring the balcony seating area that includes photos of Henry Kissinger enjoying a sip of tea upon a visit in 1992. Initially we ordered the Peking Duck to share but shortly after our server left with our order, he returned to apologetically inform me that our choice was not gluten-free, per consultation with the chef. He instead suggested a veggie dish that contained asparagus and some other Chinese vegetables. I, knowing little of Chinese cuisine, followed the suggestion of the restaurant staff.

My veggie dish was tasty and satisfying and it was served with a cup of steamed white rice. I'm not certain what the vegetable dish was called, unfortunately, and I forgot to ask but the key was that the server and the kitchen staff were clearly vigilant in taking my situation seriously. I never felt that they were unconcerned.
Recommended By: celiacinallthewrongplaces.blogspot.com On: 2011-06-10