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Gluten Free in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Island|Central|Pacific Place|Causeway Bay
Soho, Hong Kong Island View On Map
Fast Slow Food. That is, MANA! serves slow food, fast. Let me break it down for you. "Slow Food," is food that is sustainably and locally sourced. The Slow Food Movement promotes farming and small business. MANA! makes fast food healthy, organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and eco friendly. Really, it's fast food for people who are concerned about what they are putting into their bodies.

The stars of the menu at MANA! are their flats. Served on freshly baked organic flatbreads, MANA! flats are what I would call a wrap. Gluten free bread products have a bad rep because, frankly, a lot of them just don't taste nearly as good as their gluten-filled counterparts. MANA!, however, has the gluten free flat on lock. I'm a regular at MANA!, and their gluten free flats have never left me missing the gluten. Seasoned with a special spice mix called "Zaatar," order your flat from one of their suggested menu items, or have it filled with your choice of veggies, spreads, cheese, and tofu. While I totally dig the flats, the MANA! soups of the day and raw, vegan, gluten free desserts keep me coming back for more.
Recommended By: @samsamplesfood / samsamples.com On: 2014-02-23

Life Café
Soho, Hong Kong Island View On Map
To welcome in the Year of the Snake, the gluten free kid and I went to brunch at Life Cafe last weekend. She was absolutely delighted to have gluten free pancakes and declared the place to be her new "favorite restaurant in the world." Brunch, which features gluten free pancakes as well as a number of egg dishes that could be made gluten free (basically leave the toast off) is served weekends and public holidays from 9 am until 4 pm. They also serve lunch and dinner every day of the week. All of their menus can be viewed via their website. Frustratingly, their on-line menus are misleadingly imperfect. For example, if you look at the brunch menu, you'll note that the "gluten free pancakes" list "whole wheat flour" as an ingredient, which certainly would not be gluten free!

I contacted the cafe back in December to confirm whether or not the pancakes were actually gluten free (they are), and yet the menu mistake remains posted on-line two months later. Sigh. So, as always, double-check the gluten free status of menu items in-person when ordering! The restaurant's ground floor coffee shop also offers juices, smoothies and snacks, including gluten free brownies and several other gluten free cakes. The day we visited, several of the gluten free desserts in the display case included "organic oats" so if you are celiac (like my daughter) or otherwise very sensitive to gluten, you should check whether or not they are "gluten free oats."

We love sushi (the easy way to eat out gluten free in much of Asia), but were delighted to enjoy something different for our girls day!
Recommended By: @GFKidsTravel / glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2013-03-09

City Super
Chain View On Map
This supermarket sells a full range of imported foods from New Zealand lamb and Norwegian salmon to Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips and Washington apples. Specialty gluten free items include: Tiniyada pasta (our worldwide favorite brand) and a few cake mixes.
Recommended By: @GFKidsTravel / glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2012-01-19

, Pacific Place View On Map
Another fancy supermarket with a basic range of gluten free items: pasta, biscuits/cookies, cereal. Convenient if you're staying in one of the three pricey hotels above Pacific Place mall.
Recommended By: @GFKidsTravel / glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2012-01-19

Health Gate
, Central View On Map
This small, well-stocked store focuses solely on special diet foods and is the place to stock up. Items I frequently bought included: Tinkyada pasta, Gluten Free Pantry and Pamela's baking miexes, breakfast cereal, EngerG gf bread, gf pretzels, Thai noodle instant soup pots, gf tamari soy sauce and cookies/biscuits. Their website provides an up to date list of their current offerings.
Recommended By: @GFKidsTravel / glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2012-01-19

Little Giant
, Causeway Bay View On Map
I rarely visited this store, because it was out of my way, but their focus is also on special diets with an emphasis on the gluten free, casein free diet. Their website provides an updated list of their current offerings, which includes bread, pre-made cakes, mixes, cereal, Glutenfreeda brand instant oatmeal, etc.
Recommended By: @GFKidsTravel / glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2012-01-19

Three Sixty
, Central View On Map
This supermarket also sells international brands, but specializes in organic food and carries a wider selection of gluten free items including: pasta, breakfast cereal, baking mixes, porridge, cookies/biscuits, crackers and sometimes loafs of vacuum packed gf bread. They also stock frozen gluten free items like Van's gf waffles and Amy's gf lasagna.
Recommended By: @GFKidsTravel / glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2012-01-19

The Peak Lookout
The Peak, Hong Kong Island View On Map
Lovely old building with great views off the backside of the Peak. Staff are very good and you should easily be able to explain your gluten free needs to them. Off the top of my head, the items that appeared safe during our visits (of course, double check) include: fresh seafood, curries with rice, steak, sushi, etc.
Recommended By: @GFKidsTravel / glutenfreekidstravel.com On: 2012-01-19

Life Café
Soho, Hong Kong Island View On Map
On my flight back to London from Cambodia I had a 9-hour stopover in Hong Kong. I took the opportunity to get the airport express into the city to cram in some sightseeing, and with the help of Blackberry Maps, found my way to Life Café in Soho. Life Café is an organic vegetarian restaurant and bar spread over three floors, with a menu that marks dishes as vegan and gluten free.

I was disappointed to realise I'd arrived too late for the lunch menu and too early for dinner, so I had to order from the tea menu, which offers soups, salads and baked treats. That turned out to be fine, because I had a delicious dhal and salad combo that set me up for the rest of the day rushing around town. The green lentil soup was seriously good, I chose quinoa salad, which was basically well-seasoned quinoa with cucumber - simple but still good. I couldn't resist trying a gluten-free, vegan chocolate and courgette brownie, which I wasn't sure I would like but was actually delicious too.
Recommended By: @gfsfvegan / dineglutenfreevegan.co.uk On: 2012-01-19