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Gluten Free in Singapore

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

Singapore|Marina South
Bras Basah, Singapore View On Map
Located in the Fairmont Hotel, Prego offers gluten-free pasta and a few gluten-free mains. This restaurant was on the more expensive side but being a Fairmont hotel, they are great with food allergies. They brought gluten-free bread while we waited for our food to arrive which was a nice touch. I had a gluten-free pasta in a rose sauce, it was a big portion and the sauce was delicious but the noodles were a bit too al dente for my liking. I should also note that they have a gluten-free section on their breakfast buffet that has a separate toaster for gluten-free bread, this was also a nice touch.
Recommended By: seasaltandsandcastles.com On: 2019-02-12

El Mero Mero
Chijmes, Singapore View On Map
This super cute Mexican restaurant is located in Chijmes, a historical building in Singapore filled with restaurants, bars and cafes. El Maro Maro is open for lunch and dinner. Their corn tortillas are gluten-free but they do require pre-booking for food allergies, so their kitchen can prepare. I had a Classic Green Enchilada and it was delicious. So, pre-book and check this restaurant out.
Recommended By: seasaltandsandcastles.com On: 2019-02-12

The Curry Culture
Cuppage Terrace, Singapore View On Map
Curry is comfort food for me and this restaurant did not disappoint, which is why we ate at this restaurant twice. It is located just off Orchard Road on the cute Cuppage Terrace, a walking street with a number of restaurants offering Al fresco dining. While the prices are a bit higher, the curry was well worth it. The staff were very knowledgeable about what was gluten-free and what wasn't. Most of their curries were gluten-free as well as their chutneys, rice dishes and poppadum. I had a butter chicken with basmati rice and more poppadum than I can count. The butter chicken had lots of chicken in it and was enough to share. I should note that they have great kid's meals too, they are specially designed not to be too spicy and they come with fries or rice, a good portion of vegetables and naan bread. They can also make the kids meal gluten-free if required. I would highly recommend this restaurant and I would go back to The Curry Culture again.
Recommended By: seasaltandsandcastles.com On: 2019-02-12

Sentosa, Singapore View On Map
Casserole is located in the Shangri La hotel on Sentosa (Shangri La has two locations in Singapore). The staff at this restaurant are very knowledgeable about food allergies and were great at offering gluten-free options. They have a buffet most evenings but also offer an a la carte menu. We stayed at this hotel a few years ago for my birthday and they even brought me a gluten-free cake to celebrate. I can confidently say that the breakfast buffet at this restaurant is one of the best I have ever had. They have a gluten-free section with a separate toaster and lots of GF options from the main buffet that were freshly prepared when requested.
Recommended By: seasaltandsandcastles.com On: 2019-02-12

Super Loco
Chain View On Map
This chain of restaurants has three locations in Singapore, I ate at the Robertson Quay location which offers brunch and dinner menus. Their menu is great because unlike most menus that have symbols beside the items that are gluten-free, theirs has symbols beside the dishes that contain gluten. This is due to most of their menu being gluten-free. The staff were great at helping me pick the best gluten-free option for dinner as well as a gluten-free tequila for my margarita. I would definitely eat here again.
Recommended By: seasaltandsandcastles.com On: 2019-02-12

The Soup Spoon
Chain View On Map
This place, as you may have guessed, served soup. BUT it was amazing soup and the only place I saw on my travels that had the crossed wheat symbol on the menu! Get the beef goulash - it's absolute heaven. These are dotted all over Singapore so keep an eye out!
Recommended By: @gfreehorizons / glutenfreehorizons.com On: 2018-07-28

Oriental Western Bistro - Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay, Marina South View On Map
This place was at the food area by the Supertree Grove - I need to put a warning on this as the first time I was completely fine, the second time I got glutened - lesson learned - avoid the mashed potato!
The first time we went, we found that a couple of gluten free options were marked on the menu. Our server Wendy was an absolute angel and ran backward and forwards to the kitchen finding out about cross contamination and if there was any flour on the meat- they use cornflour on the grilled lamb and pork but wheat flour on the chicken.
I had grilled lamb and pork with rice and salad. Slight warning, it was served with a pot of gravy that wasn't safe - I did suspect as much and she ran over and let me know when she realised it had been served with my meal!
Recommended By: @gfreehorizons / glutenfreehorizons.com On: 2018-07-28