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Gluten Free in Honduras

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Bay Islands
West Bay Lodge
Roatan, Bay Islands View On Map
Lush tropical grounds with nice pool. Very convenient restaurant on site with delicious food and attentive staff. They bent over backwards to accommodate a variety of dietary needs from gluten free, onion free, vegetarian, and sea food lovers. Marlon even invented a gluten free corn pancake recipe and had special quick cooking rice special delivered when we wanted to cook in the bungalow. The staff interacts as a family and truly loves their work.

Bear in mind that I am gluten intolerant and not coeliac, so I wouldn't be able to vouch for the extreme coeliac needs. They were preparing flour tortillas in the same kitchen as they were preparing the homemade corn tortillas, so a true coeliac would need to do a little more research. But they were most helpful in substituting when I needed it. They have no gluten free menu as such, but were very willing for me to tell them how they could substitute for my family's needs.
Recommended By: Colorcat On: 2011-01-26