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Gluten Free in Germany

Be it to see the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall, or to celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich, there are so many reasons to visit Germany. However, where can you eat Gluten Free when travelling across the country? Find previous recommendations here and do share your own as well.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

The Burger Lab
Altona-Nord, Hamburg View On Map
This specialty burger restaurant offers suitable burgers with gluten-free bread (I think the bread was the Schar brand burger bread which I love!). The workers are clear on the issue of celiac disease and they are developed in a way to reduce the risk of cross contamination. They are also clear which sauces are gluten free and which ones cannot change any of the burger sauces that you chose for a suitable sauce if necessary without additional cost.
The portions are generous and as a side you can order both potatoes and fried sweet potatoes. They were both tasty but we liked the sweet potatoes better.
We ordered three hamburgers, a portion of potatoes and another portion of fried sweet potatoes plus three drinks and spent around €45 in total.
Recommended By: viajosingluten.com On: 2020-10-08

Neustadt, Hamburg View On Map
This totally gluten-free bakery is located across the hall from a gallery and offers breakfast, cakes, sandwiches, quiche, macaroons, and lots of other sweet options. We had breakfast there and ordered two full breakfasts to share between the three of us, plus a coffee and a sandwich. Breakfast includes 3 different types of bread, a variety of cheese and cold cuts, butter, jam and a small tomato and cucumber salad. We spent around €30 in total but were very satisfied.
Recommended By: viajosingluten.com On: 2020-10-08

HafenCity, Hamburg View On Map
Highly recommend this restaurant on Poggenmühle 5. Gluten-Free pasta and pizza for normal prices! Delicious, everything we had. Not worried about cross contamination. I'm terribly sensitive to gluten and wheat and had no problem.
Recommended By: Teresa On: 2013-08-11

RomantikHotel Schloss Rheinfels
Sankt Goar, Rhineland-Palatinate View On Map
We stayed at the RomantikHotel Schloss Rheinfels overlooking the river. The hotel is adjacent to the ruins of a large and very old castle, and the parts of the ruins have been integrated into the hotel. We had a great time exploring the ruins and clambering over walls and through tunnels. The hotel restaurant, Auf Scharffeneck, had stunning views and excellent food. In fact, the gluten free bread they brought me here was the best I have ever had. It actually had the texture of real bread with a flakey crust. Wow.

We had breakfast in the restaurant the next morning and I asked them to find some more of that gluten free bread for me, which they did. Mmmmm. I had fresh warm bread and nutella. Yum. I also had the only decent cup of tea I had while I was in Germany. The buffet had all the usual things on it... juice, fruit, yogurt, cheeses and meats, and breads. They also made eggs to order. It was an excellent breakfast and you just can't beat that view.
Recommended By: travelingceliac.com On: 2013-07-27

Burg Colmburg Hotel
Colmberg, Bavaria View On Map
The Burg Colmburg Hotel is a 13th century castle that has been renovated and turned into a hotel. Can there be anything better than spending the night in a real castle? It was awesome. We ate dinner there the night we arrived, and our breakfast was included in the room price. The dining room had a medieval feel, without seeming like you were dining in a dungeon. I did my usual "I must eat gluten free" routine, and they assured me that nearly everything on the menu was gluten free. I ordered a veal cutlet and potatoes (which of course came with white asparagus!) It also came with copious amounts of gravy, so I was very nervous and asked the waiter to double check for me. He came back and said it was definitely gluten free, so I ate it. Ohhhhhh, so delicious. I very rarely get to have gravy, for obvious reasons. I didn't have any gluten reaction, so the chef was right. It was probably my most authentic German food on the whole trip. Yum, yum, yum!

The breakfast buffet was good, featuring all the standards we had come to expect -- fruit, brie (and other cheeses), and assortment of cold cuts (much saltier than their American counterparts), and soft boiled eggs. I highly recommend a stop here. It was the best hotel we stayed in, and so much fun, not to mention the good food.
Recommended By: travelingceliac.com On: 2013-07-27

Ambient Hotel Salzburger Hof
Giengen, Baden-Württemberg View On Map
We stayed at the Ambient Hotel Salzburger Hof. It was not a luxury hotel, but it was clean and charming, and we were able to get a room that slept four people. Choices were limited in Geingen, however, and we ended up eating at the hotel after all. What a good decision!! The food was simple German cuisine, perfectly executed. They not only understood "gluten-free" but actually brought be some gluten free bread! It was some type of whole grain brown bread and it was very good. I ordered a veal cutlet, which they prepared without breading or gravy, and it was served with potatoes and white asparagus. This was our first introduction to white asparagus on this trip, but it would not be our last. Apparently the Germans are crazy for white asparagus, as it was nearly every menu we saw for the rest of the trip. I still prefer green asparagus, but it was fun to have the white version for a change.

Breakfast was included in our stay, so in the morning we had more of that delicious GF bread (it took them quite a while to bring it -- they had intended to defrost it that morning, but forgot. We were not in a hurry, however, so I waited the 20 minutes it took to bake.) Of course, there was nutella to go with the bread, as well as my brie, which I gladly ate every morning. They also made my daughter some scrambled eggs, and there was plenty of fruit, so all in all an excellent breakfast.
Recommended By: travelingceliac.com On: 2013-07-27

Neumarkt, Cologne View On Map
Amazing South African food! The chef - who is African - came out to visit with us and ended up making the sauce especially for me without flour. I have no idea what it would taste like with the flour but without it was absolutely delicious - I'm convinced that I missed nothing! I had an antelope filet while others had ostrich and there was even crocodile. I highly recommend going here if you want a little variety along with high quality food (good value as well), full-flavor, nice atmosphere, and nice drinks.
Recommended By: Brittany On: 2012-12-28

Eis Voh Bundesallee
Friedenau, Berlin View On Map
This family-run cafe has a wide range of really yummy home-made gluten free cakes (offer about 7 every day) and also has glutenfree ice cream. Even though it's not anywhere near tourist attractions, it's worth going there!!! (Prices are inexpensive - less than 3euros a piece.) I dont know if they speak English.
Recommended By: Anne On: 2011-12-05

Essen Fassen
Tiergarten, Berlin View On Map
The two men running the restaurant are really nice and definitely know what they are doing. I especially recomment the schnitzel so if you want to eat something typical German (they offer a glutenfree version). Prices are not cheap either but still okay. At lunchtime I heard it's quite packed. The restaurant is not far fromm the western city centre (Ku-Damm and Zoo).
Recommended By: Anne On: 2011-12-05

Sauvage Sauvage
Treptow, Berlin View On Map
This restaurant does paleolithic cooking. This means that the whole restaurant is gluten free. It's yummy as well. Prices are not cheap for Berlin but still okay (for me as a student it's expensive because there are so many other places which are cheaper, but for "normal" working people and especially for English people prices are okay). You definitely need to make a reservation beforehand. Website is also available in English.
Recommended By: Anne On: 2011-12-05