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Gluten Free in Netherlands

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Amsterdam|Utrecht|North Holland|Rotterdam|Groningen
Schildersbuurt, Groningen View On Map
This is an Indian gluten-free restaurant in the center of the student city of Groningen, The Netherlands. The buffet offers a good variety of gluten-free and also lactose-free delicious meals.
Recommended By: Daniela On: 2014-01-11

Brasserie Harkema
Binnenstad, Amsterdam View On Map
Gluten free bread by order. And they are really service minded to find a glutenfree (+ lactosefree) solution.
Recommended By: @sanseligdk / roervigkro.dk On: 2013-11-22

Woodstone Pizza
Haarlem, North Holland View On Map
Upon researching gluten-free food ahead of our move to Haarlem, I was extremely pleased to discover Woodstone Pizza, which sits a shortish walk from the train station. (Which itself is a 15 minute trip from Amsterdam) When we went there on Friday, the place was packed by 7:30pm, and we had to put our names on a list and find somewhere to have a drink for 20 minutes. But once we were seated service was efficient and friendly, although every new waiter and waitress got momentarily confused when we replied in English. We asked for the English menu and it was presented on a tablet.

They mark gluten-free options with a "G" next to the menu item, but there weren't too many gluten-free options except for the pizzas. The gluten-free pizzas are cooked in a separate oven to avoid cross-contamination. Their website suggested to give them some advance warning, but when we phoned up and tried to warn them they didn't seem that bothered about it. I had no problems ordering the base, and it didn't seem to take a long time, so I can only presume they stock plenty. They have a lot of weird and wonderful toppings, but I played it safe and went for the Americano: pepperoni, onion rings, peppers, mozzarella, garlic and jalepenos. The toppings were really fantastic - fresh, crunchy veg, juicy meat, tasty cheese, nicely flavoured by garlic and chilli. The base I would describe as fine. It was a little like a corn tortilla, and it didn't really try to have any dough-like properties, but when combined with the gorgeous toppings, you didn't really notice it that much. I would definitely come back here. All in all, it was a great dining experience. It seems incredibly popular with locals, which is always a good sign. The quality of the food and drink overall was great and the service was very friendly and efficient. All spoke English to a high standard. Definitely worth a day trip from Amsterdam.
Recommended By: @TheHappyCoeliac / thehappycoeliac.com On: 2013-08-23

Bagels & Beans
Chain View On Map
Just informing you about Amsterdam, Holland bagels n beans chain of cafes. They all searve glutenfree bagels as well as normal ones. Only place ive found .bagels n beans .they are delicious and the store is conscioud of allergy preperation.
Recommended By: Suzanne Faehse On: 2013-08-11

Haesje Claes
Historic Centre, Amsterdam View On Map
The best restaurant we found in Amsterdam was Haesje Claes. This is the only one I found on the internet and is listed in the Coeliac UK directory too. They have a proper gluten-free menu. It is a traditional restaurant with traditional home-made food. It is pricey but definitely worthy. This, on the left,was my lunch - lovely calf's liver with apple, mash and bacon. And gluten-free bread! Yum! And the service was quite good too.
Recommended By: @PTienza / paulatienza.com On: 2011-05-11