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Gluten Free in Lebanon

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Kitchen Confidential
Patriacat, Beirut View On Map
We received a message announcing the opening of a restaurant that is ENTIRELY gluten-free in Beirut. What great news! It did not take us long to visit this restaurant in Achrafieh, Georges Tabet street (close to Rizk Hospital). A large table for tasting, is in the center of the room. For now, the restaurant operates more for delivery.

Here are 7 reasons why we love "Kitchen Confidential":

1. This is a dream come true for people with celiac disease: gluten does not cross the threshold of the place. No need to worry about contamination! You don't have to ask questions, explain, investigate ... [sigh of relief]

2 . Even better, it's healthy, it's organic, sugar free, no MSG, soy free, no frying...

3 . The menu is designed to appeal to children and adults: pizza, pasta, hamburger, manakich, cookies, brownies ... all healthy and gluten free!

4 . A friendly welcome :) Imad and Tania take the time to answer all our questions, and explain the details of the concept.

6 . They use toxic-free, eco-friendly packaging.

7 . It tastes good! Need we say more ;)

We wish Kitchen Confidential prosperity!
Recommended By: @sansglutenabey / sansglutenabeyrouth.blogspot.co.uk On: 2014-10-26