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Gluten Free in USA

From the big cities of New York and Los Angeles, to the beaches of Florida and everything in between. It is no surprise that so many people visit the USA each year. However, where can you eat Gluten Free when travelling across the country? Find previous recommendations here and do share your own as well.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Port Of Call
New Orleans, Louisiana (LA) View On Map
On a recent trip to New Orleans, my boyfriend and I discovered Port of Call. It was a top rated burger joint on tripadvisor. This is a no frills kinda place and the average wait time is around 1 hour. The space is small, however the bar takes up half the restaurant. You can put your name on the list or wait for a seat at the bar which is first come first serve.

For a restaurant that deals with so many people in one day, the staff at Port of Call are some of the nicest people. The bartenders were working their butts off but finding time to smile, take everyone's orders and listen to stories from locals who obviously go there frequently for the amazing deals on drinks. Once we sat down we were greeted by the sweetest waitress. She gave us a little time to look over the menu and got us some drinks. After reviewing the very small, yet focused, menu I inquired about the burgers. Turns out they put nothing on the grill except burgers and they don't add butter or anything to them. They serve baked potatoes instead of fries. I was so excited! The waitress said they frequently have people ask to have their buns toasted on the grill and they won't do it. I ordered a burger with no bun and baked potato plain. My boyfriend and I both agreed this was one of the best burgers we have ever had. It was thick, not greasy, not too salty and cooked just the way we liked it. We loved this place, and even though this is not your typical New Orleans restaurant (they don't serve red beans and rice, jambalaya or po-boys) it will knock your socks off and not break the bank at the same time.
Recommended By: @jgornto / glutenfreejacksonville.com On: 2014-03-15

Highland Kitchen
Somerville, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
We went to the Highland Kitchen on Saturday. I have been a few times, and have never been disappointed. Last Saturday was no exception. Admittedly, it looks kinda divey on the outside. However, the inside is very nice, lots of wood, a big blackboard on one of the walls that gives all of the specials, and a well stocked bar. They also happen to play really good music. Best of all - for me, anyway - a gluten free menu, gluten free beer, and very good food. Usually, four or five of their appetizers are gluten free, but I decided to go with their always gluten free vegetable soup.

For dinner, I went with one of the specials, which was pork short ribs. The meat was just barely holding on the bone, it was cooked beautifully.

For dessert, all three of us shared chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top. The pudding was nice and thick, much, much better than anything you would get in a container at the store.
Recommended By: @glutenfreenme / glutenfreeandmeinboston.blogspot.com On: 2014-02-03

Toledo, Ohio (OH) View On Map
Gradkowski's is a restaurant located on the edge of the University of Toledo campus. Owned by NFL player Bruce Gradkowski, the restaurant has a nostalgic, hometown feel mixed with an intimate dining environment.

Gradkowski's dishes are made-from-scratch using ingredients sourced through local food purveyors and growers. The items offered are unique and ever-changing with the seasons. If you take a look at the menu, you won't see a separate gluten-free only menu because a majority of the dishes can be prepared gluten free upon request.

I have visited Gradkowski's on several different occasions. They have various meals to choose from to suit almost every mood, from gluten-free pizza to a New York strip steak! The drink menu is also very unique, making it the perfect place to stop during a night out with friends.

If you are in Toledo and looking for a restaurant to have a great gluten-free meal at, Gradkowski's is the place to go!
Recommended By: @GFreeLaura / gfreelaura.com On: 2014-01-31

The Ocean House
Westerly, Rhode Island (RI) View On Map
We headed over to the Ocean House for dessert. The original Ocean House, a Victorian-style structure built in 1868, was sadly demolished (basically was beyond repair), and we hadn't yet visited the reconstructed hotel which is a replica of the original. We opted to dine on the outdoor verandah where we could feel the warmth of the late afternoon sun and take in the gorgeous views of the Atlantic. There were 5 or so options on the dessert menu that day, but the chef recommended only one as the safest gluten-free option. When the dish arrived to the table I marveled at the creativity of it for a few minutes, before plunging my fork in! Each ingredient of the Pumpkin Pannacotta (made gluten-free by removing the streusel and gingerbread ice-cream) was beyond delicious. I asked the hostess about gluten-free options for lunch and dinner and was told that many of the items from their various menus could be modified to be gluten-free. She said they often get requests for gluten-free dishes, and the chef and kitchen staff have no problem accommodating.
Recommended By: @CeliacCorner / celiaccorner.com On: 2014-01-31

Legal Sea Foods
Chain View On Map
Legal Sea Foods was a most excellent choice for our lunner on our hooky day. They have a dedicated menu for celiacs. I asked if they had a gluten-free menu and this is what they handed me. That is the first and only "celiac" menu I have ever laid eyes on. Plenty of gluten-free menus, but never a celiac menu. Thank you, Legal! Unfortunately, the mussels were not listed on the celiac menu. The chef chose to serve the mussels with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs. So I talked with our server and she talked with the chef. I strongly recommended that the chef leave off those nasty breadcrumbs and put the mussels on the celiac menu!
Recommended By: gluten-freebookclub.com On: 2013-11-23

Karoo Cafe
Provincetown (Cape Cod), Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
Karoo Cafe, a South African restaurant that offers an expansive gluten-free dinner menu. The restaurant was packed and there was a line to the counter, despite being 9pm so we figured, we had struck gold. The women at the counter could not have been more lovely or understanding of the allergies. You have to eat here if you go to Provincetown gluten-free or not! In our two trips to this restaurant, we cleaned our plates.
Recommended By: theglutenfreetable.com On: 2013-11-22

Patio American Grill
Provincetown (Cape Cod), Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
We had promised ourselves that we would have oysters before we left PTown and oysters we got! Our waiter was fabulous about the gluten allergy. He double checked without asking and prevented me from getting sick when he realized the potatoes that we assumed would be gluten-free were deep fried. The whole dinner was simple and perfect and just what we wanted as we watched people stroll down commercial street.

When the check came, we were particularly psyched to see that it listed each item as gluten-free. The chef takes food allergies very seriously so it is a perfect Provincetown gluten-free restaurant but also probably accommodating to other allergies as well.
Recommended By: theglutenfreetable.com On: 2013-11-22

The Lobster Pot
Provincetown (Cape Cod), Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
Our first dinner was at The Lobster Pot. All of a sudden we noticed "gluten-free menu available" so we walked inside. The wait was 45 min to an hour so we threw in our name, took our plastic lobster and walked around commercial street. The staff was really nice and very on top of the gluten allergy. The food was delicious and fresh. I can't remember the last time I had fish that was so flavorful and fresh.
Recommended By: theglutenfreetable.com On: 2013-11-22

Red Robin
Chain View On Map
Great experience with knowledge of GF allergy. service was perfect. will be back!
Recommended By: Kathy On: 2013-11-22

Seattle, Washington (WA) View On Map
I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with Boka. Their menu has several gluten free options - and they are noted right on the menu (always a plus). That helps to ensure in my mind that the staff all know why gluten free is important, and not just a fad.

I got the blackened salmon tostada, and it is delicious. It has a great mixture of flavors and textures (crunchy corn tortilla, mixed greens, flaky salmon and whipped avocado mousse that I loved). It is savory, with some nice tartness (lime), spice and saltiness that balances together well.

The staff I talked to was friendly and knowledgeable. They knew about celiac disease and how to handle food for me. They even came out and offered me a gluten free dessert - the "melon medley". I'm not gonna lie, this dessert is pretty awesome! The perfect cap to a delicious lunch in downtown Seattle.
Recommended By: myceliaclife.org On: 2013-10-05