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Gluten Free in USA

From the big cities of New York and Los Angeles, to the beaches of Florida and everything in between. It is no surprise that so many people visit the USA each year. However, where can you eat Gluten Free when travelling across the country? Find previous recommendations here and do share your own as well.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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Cooper's Hawk Winery
Chain View On Map
If you haven't been there yet Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant is one of those places you will want to visit. Their gluten-free menu is quite extensive, so for those of us on the gluten-free diet that like to eat out on occasion, Cooper's Hawk will not disappoint you. One of the things we love about Cooper's Hawk is they bring gluten-free bread that's warm and soft to your table. Their gluten-free bread is not made on site, but it's made by a dedicated company called "OMG... It's Gluten Free."

Cooper's Hawk takes special precautions when preparing your gluten-free meals. When you order something off the gluten-free menu an allergy ticket is born. This allergy ticket goes to the front of the house manager and to the back of the house manager before the chef receives the info. Once the chef receives the info, he coordinates specific skillets and specific utensils that are only used for the gluten-free meals. Gloves are used and changed when handling gluten-free items. There is a specific area that is only used for gluten-free meal preparations and the gluten-free bread is never placed on a wooden bread board, it is always placed on a plate. At one point we actually ordered something that was not on the gluten-free menu that we thought could be made gluten free, 10 minutes later, the chef and the manager were at our table to let us know that the Betty's potatoes could not be made gluten free. Thank you Allergy ticket!
Recommended By: @GFreeLivingNow / glutenfreelivingnow.blogspot.com On: 2013-09-29

Islands Restaurant
Chain View On Map
We were in the mood for burgers when we passed an Islands Restaurant. An Islands had just opened up near us and as hamburger connoisseurs, we were curious to try it. So, before the lunch rush, around 11am, we pulled into the parking lot and I ran in to see if they had any safe alternatives for MT who has dairy and egg allergies. The manager immediately stated that they did have options for MT. In addition, he printed out the restaurant's allergy information, sat down with me in a booth and walked me through the items that were safe. He also answered my questions about food preparation and cross-contamination. By the end of our conversation, I felt comfortable that Islands would take MT's food allergies seriously.

The allergy info on their website is a little confusing. It lists out the menu items that you must avoid if you have certain allergies, rather than listing out the items that are safe. Also confusing is that it breaks out the components of each menu item and which allergens it includes (which is useful if you want to be able to custom order - but still very confusing). So, I was glad to have the manager review the list with me. It was refreshing to get this kind of service when we were in an unfamiliar town at an unfamiliar restaurant. We ended up ordering the Jr. Wave Burger (without cheese) with a side of Steamed Veggies and the Island Fries for her. It was nice to be able to order off the kids menu - which happens so rarely for us. MT was one happy customer - devouring her entire hamburger, broccoli and all of her French fries.

Please note that when researching Islands for this post, I found a very detailed disclaimer at the bottom of their allergy information. So, this may not be the place for you if you have very severe food allergies.
Recommended By: @PlateItSafe / plateitsafe.com On: 2013-09-24

Bamboo Asia
San Francisco, California (CA) View On Map
When walking around the Financial District of San Francisco during lunch hour, I can't help but notice all the new cafes that pop up seemingly overnight. Bamboo Asia is one of my favorite 'new' gems with gluten-free dishes and more. It is separated into three counters; India, Vietnam and Japan. You can see how everything is prepared, so besides mentioning your allergen, you can also pick what goes into your salad, wrap, bowl or roll, depending on which "country" you end up ordering from. They are extremely accommodating with their menu when it comes altering dishes from my experience. Bamboo Asia is also a great spot for vegetarians as anything can be modified to exclude meat - and the dish will still be full of delicious ingredients.

The Vietnam counter is a no brainer for those with gluten intolerance. Everything is gluten free in this area except the Banh Mi aka Sandwiches due to the bread. Their bowls and salads are delicious.

The India counter is is also quite gluten-free friendly. Note: it's the sauces and dressing that gluten-free folk must avoid here. The Roti Wraps are delicious. The Rice Bowls and Salads are also gluten-free - just be sure to mention you're gluten free to avoid any sauces or dressings.

The Japan counter is best not explored for those with severe and multiple food allergies and gluten-intolerance. They are comfortable admitting such - there're just too many food allergens in one area.
Recommended By: @PlateItSafe / plateitsafe.com On: 2013-09-24

San Francisco, California (CA) View On Map
Craving an allergy-friendly Japanese restaurant? Look no further than Rocketfish. Located in the Potrero Hill district of San Francisco, not only is a quaint and lovely little neighborhood joint, they have many items on their menu that are allergy friendly. They also do catering; so Rocketfish is a great solution for a party, office gathering, etc. and especially for those with guests of all sorts of food sensitivities. Note, besides having a great selection for vegans and vegetarians as you'll see on their website, Rocketfish is also kid-friendly and has a kids menu (though inquire about allergens if it's your kid who suffers). Obviously, communicate your food allergy restrictions and general needs to the manager and server or call ahead to familiarize yourself with what you can expect to order. Here is a sample of their dinner menu, but dishes can be made without certain ingredients on request, and can also obviously change in a day's notice.
Recommended By: @PlateItSafe / plateitsafe.com On: 2013-09-24

Inn On Randolph
Napa, California (CA) View On Map
The Inn on Randolph in downtown Napa was completely renovated by new owners Dan and Karen Lynch in 2012. Karen was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity seven years ago and wanted to provide a place for those who are gluten free or who have Celiac disease to be able to feel safe. That mirrors my family's experiences in many places. We now limit our hotel choices to places that have a kitchenette, just in case. The Inn on Randolph eliminates this need. The remodeled kitchen has never known a spec of gluten. This means that every delectable item on the menu is gluten free, including their signature breakfast dishes: smoked salmon, vanilla pancakes, bacon wrapped polenta, corn cakes with homemade applesauce, and Mexican souffles.

For guests who plan to visit wineries, Karen provides guests with a complimentary bag of gluten-free crackers and is working with local Napa restaurants to help broaden the gluten-free menu options for her guests. In addition, the inn offers gluten-free cooking classes taught by Jeffrey Larsen. When travelling gluten free, the question of where to eat is borne from more than just a desire to try local food, it is a matter of staying healthy and safe. Inn on Randolph takes the guesswork out things by providing a gluten free experience that doesn't compromise on quality or comfort for guests.
Recommended By: @CeliacBaby / coulditbeceliac.blogspot.com On: 2013-09-24

Boston, Massachusetts (MA) View On Map
I must say, this restaurant was an absolute delight. On Yelp, they get 3.5 stars. Not great, but I am determined to try as many restaurants in the North End that serve gluten free Italian food as I can. All I can tell you is, the food was delicious and the service was great.

I started off with the Mussels Marinara. I love mussels, and in general, I love dishes like this. The mussels were juicy, and cooked well, not rubbery at all. But the star of the dish was the wonderful broth. The mussels are cooked in white wine, garlic, butter, diced tomatoes, and then their wonderful robust marinara sauce. A real winner. And then came the first surprise. The waitress came over and asked how it was. I told her I wished I had some bread to sop up the sauce. She said, "Hold on." Five minutes later, she came out with a gluten free pizza crust that the Chef had put some butter and some herbs on and cooked. So I was able to sop up that perfect broth. The gluten free pizza crust/bread was served in a separate tin to prevent cross contamination.

As for my entree, I had their Bolognese, which uses beef, pork, and veal. This Bolognese was a little different than the others I'd tried so far in the North End, as the others had a smooth, almost velvety texture. The sauce here was kind of chunky; similar to the way I make it at home. The gluten free pasta they used was quite good, cooked al dente and spot on. Finally, I ordered a gluten free pizza to go. I ordered the Spukone, which has sweet Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, garlic, basil and extra virgin olive oil. It was very similar to Bertucci's Sporkie pizza, which used to be my favorite until I went gluten free. Again, this was cooked in a tin to prevent cross contamination.

So all in all, it was a wonderful meal. I would go back again, no doubt about it.
Recommended By: @glutenfreenme / glutenfreeandmeinboston.blogspot.com On: 2013-09-24

Messhall Kitchen
Los Angeles, California (CA) View On Map
It surely helped a ton that my meal at Messhall was safe and sound even though we did a prix fixe situation as part of the "Dine and Ride" thing for The Greek. I haven't done a prix frixe since I was diagnosed, you know, because of the specialness. But I did it! And it was gluten-free!

I had tomato soup which I have not had at a restaurant, again, since my celiac diagnosis. My waitress at Messhall has a celiac BFF. Sweet. I LOVE it when that happens. I mean, I hate that someone has celiac, but damn does it make a difference in the safety when you dine out. I felt so secure that I ordered the speciality cocktail called "Roll the Dice" which means the bartender basically makes whatever he/she wants.

For dinner I had a short rib dish with bacon mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. And, yes, gluten-free. Honestly, it was incredibly amazing and delicious.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-09-24

Real Food Daily
Chain View On Map
They have a ton of gluten-free and vegan options there, and I just discovered it this week. Sure I decided to simply go with chocolate cake, but at least I know that g-free joint is there when I go back to my lentil-eating ways.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-09-24

Tortilla Republic
Los Angeles, California (CA) View On Map
The menu looks crazy good, and what's even better is everything is labeled that is gluten-free. Which is even more helpful when you go into a Mexican style restaurant, as it's tempting to think you're safe no matter what you order. I totally would have had carnitas tacos had it not been on the "unsafe" list. So major points for Tortilla Republic's commitment to safe dining for us sensitives.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-09-24

Sweet Marie's
Kauai, Hawaii (HI) View On Map
I was pleasantly surprised to come across Sweet Marie's, a gluten free bakery, cafe and local favorite on the beautiful island of Kauai. Sweet Marie's offers breakfast, lunch and an array of baked good for dine in or take out. Sweet Marie's not only caters to the gluten free diet but also caters to other allergies including egg, dairy, oats, wheat, rye, barley, or spelt. My goal was to make Sweet Marie's our first stop once we landed. I wanted to pick up a few items to have for the week, whether for a snack, breakfast item or dessert. Once we landed we enjoyed a turkey meatloaf which was moist and delicious for $8.99. We also enjoyed a 10' cheese pizza perfect for sharing for $19.99. We also stocked piled several treats including muffins, cookies and her famous Triple Chocolate Explosion for the week! I recommend calling ahead and placing an order for pickup based on your flight schedule to guarantee specific flavors/goodies are available. Marie can also package items for the plane trip home. Thanks Marie for providing a gluten free haven for individuals with dietary restrictions.
Recommended By: @GlutenExchange / theglutenexchange.com On: 2013-09-22