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Gluten Free in USA

From the big cities of New York and Los Angeles, to the beaches of Florida and everything in between. It is no surprise that so many people visit the USA each year. However, where can you eat Gluten Free when travelling across the country? Find previous recommendations here and do share your own as well.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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M Street Kitchen
Santa Monica, California (CA) View On Map
My friend suggested a few restaurants in Santa Monica since most of my friends live on the westside of the city. After reviewing the suggestions, M Street Kitchen seemed like the best option: a restaurant with a full gluten free menu. I went on a long, beautiful walk and after a few miles of walking and working up our appetites. I was so happy to see the other guests that I was a little overwhelmed and it took me some time to get through the menu. Ultimately I went for the vegetarian tacos. I loved the tacos! They were deconstructed so I could prepare them however I liked; there were plenty of vegetables, plenty of guacamole, and a heaping portion of black beans and rice. The portions were enormous and definitely enough after the long walk in Santa Monica. All in all, M Street Kitchen was a great recommendation and definitely a good lunch or breakfast spot. It's a big restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating and a large bar attached to it to suit all of your needs. I'd definitely visit again, especially since the menu suited everybody in the party.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeways / glutenfreeways.com On: 2013-02-13

The Plant
San Francisco, California (CA) View On Map
With many delicious dining options in San Francisco, The Plant is one of my favorite cafes, either to sit in or take out. It also happens to have some awesome allergy-friendly and gluten-free options on their menu for people like me and you. The Plant is committed to offering organic, healthy choices for diners of all kinds, from vegans to vegetarians to those who are gluten free. They also mark on their menu which items are vegan and gluten-free, which is super helpful. The Plant also caters should you find yourself in a pickle and needing a solid place to help you entertain a food-sensitive group of people. I find there is something for almost everyone here.

Some of my favorite noteworthy allergy-friendly options include their chicken salad, curry rice bowls, quinoa bowl, MnM bowl salad and the masala vegetable stew is heavenly for cold days. In addition to their lunch/dinner menus, they also serve delicious breakfast items like gluten-free granola, gluten-free oatmeal and more.
Recommended By: @PlateItSafe / plateitsafe.com On: 2013-02-13

San Francisco, California (CA) View On Map
Minako in the Mission District of San Francisco is a very special place. It's not your typical Japanese restaurant, nor is it in San Francisco's charming Japantown like one would assume. But don't be fooled; Minako serves up authentic Japanese cuisine with a wonderful twist: their menu caters to vegetarians, vegans, and those who are gluten-free. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of meat and seafood (especially sushi) on the menu, however, there are pages (literally!) of options and daily specials for those who have extremely sensitive food restrictions. It's just a fantastic gluten-free and allergy-friendly Japanese restaurant.

Minako is perfect for those with a gluten allergy, egg allergy, or dairy allergy. Try the gluten-free and vegan tempura, gluten-free chicken katsu, gluten-free teriyaki dishes, vegan gyoza and vegan wakame salad. This is just a small idea of what you can expect when you show up to order. They have so many more allergy-friendly menu options. And of course, they have gluten-free soy sauce on hand for all dishes. Be sure to let them know about your food restrictions; they are very aware of "our community", cross-contamination, and truly cater to those who have food allergies and intolerances. They even have two fryers; one for gluten-free dishes and one for regular dishes. I truly believe Minako serves up the best allergy-friendly Japanese cuisine in the Bay Area.
Recommended By: @PlateItSafe / plateitsafe.com On: 2013-01-24

La Farfalla
San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
La Farfalla is a bit out-of-the-way for me. It is a sweet, unassuming little place in Escondido that I might not have noticed had I not been diagnosed with celiac disease. However, I am so touched by the efforts of the chef/owner, who makes customers special gluten-free meals from scratch; including Italian dishes, breads, and holiday meals people like me might not be able to partake of outside of our own homes, otherwise. At La Farfalla, you will eat humble, affordable, delicious comfort food made by loving hands. That's something to be grateful for.
Recommended By: yourgfplace.com On: 2013-01-17

Del Mar Rendezvous
San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
Del Mar Rendezvous is one of my favorite restaurants on the planet. The chefs make exquisite Chinese-American food. Flavors are bold and vivid, veggies are crisp, and choices are plenty. Even better, Del Mar Rendezvous has an extensive gluten-free menu, and servers are remarkably attentive towards gluten-free diners. I have eaten food here that reminds me of some of the best Chinese-American meals I shared with my father when I was a child: hot-and-sour soup, beef with broccoli, shrimp with lobster sauce. There are terrific vegetarian options, as well.
Recommended By: yourgfplace.com On: 2013-01-17

Market Restaurant Del Mar
San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
For a remarkable upscale dining experience, try Market Del Mar. Chef/owner Carl Schroeder prides himself on providing delectable meals from locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients and his care and ingenuity shine through. No more than two miles away is Chino Farm, purveyor of some of the most sublime produce in all of the West coast, and much of it appears on your plate at Market. I love how each meal starts with an amuse-bouche to tickle both the fancy and the palate, and I am never disappointed by what I eat here. Most importantly, the staff at Market is deeply knowledgeable about food allergies and intolerance; I feel safe and taken care of as soon as I walk in the door. Enjoy.
Recommended By: yourgfplace.com On: 2013-01-17

San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
It took me a bit of time, but I finally visited 2Good2Be and I'm definitely glad I did. I'm not even going to create any buildup; instead, let me just say that this place is unbelievably amazing and is a must for anybody who eats gluten free and is visiting San Diego. I was excited to walk in and see that 2Good2Be was a full cafe similar to a Starbucks. So many gluten free places that I've visited are small and, while welcoming, aren't conducive to bringing a book and hanging out with your gluten free treat. And what a treat it is. I absolutely love 2Good2Be and am really excited to have found a terrific bakery in my new city.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeways / glutenfreeways.com On: 2012-12-23

Barrio Star
San Diego, California (CA) View On Map
After signing on the lease at my new place my future roomie suggested we check out a Mexican place around the corner from our apartment. I'm always into Mexican food and not only because it is normally a simple meal to eat gluten free. We arrived and soon order margaritas and some chips and guacamole. The chips at Barrio Star are sprinkled with chili flakes which add a nice flavor. The guacamole is freshly made and delicious. The margaritas are strong and tasty; I've been to Barrio Star a few times since moving in and usually get the Pomegranate.

You can check out a dinner menu online. That PDF doesn't mark the gluten free items but in the restaurant the menu is marked with "gf" symbols. Barrio Star is very gluten free friendly and has a lot of options for the discerning gluten free eater.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeways / glutenfreeways.com On: 2012-12-23

True Food Kitchen
Santa Monica, California (CA) View On Map
True Food Kitchen located in Santa Monica was such a great experience! This should be a top destination for the gluten free community. This restaurant ranks #1 in Southern California. The gluten free selections are endless and they really GET IT!!!!!
Recommended By: glutenfreewilltravel.com On: 2012-12-22

Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza
Los Angeles, California (CA) View On Map
I had both breakfast and dinner (via room service) while staying in this hotel. The breakfast selection was quite broad, including gluten free bread that was a welcome addition! I ordered the 3-egg omelette, which was both very filling and very tasty; a lovely meal to set you up for the day. The dinner had to be slightly altered to suit my personal tastes, which the staff were more than happy to do, even suggesting other items I could substitute. The portion size was just perfect, neither too small nor too large. Overall, the level of service provided was exceptional. I would highly recommend this hotel, regardless of whether or not you are coeliac!
Recommended By: @SineadFoy / portaltothepages.wordpress.com On: 2012-08-28