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Gluten Free in USA

From the big cities of New York and Los Angeles, to the beaches of Florida and everything in between. It is no surprise that so many people visit the USA each year. However, where can you eat Gluten Free when travelling across the country? Find previous recommendations here and do share your own as well.

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

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San Antonio, Texas (TX) View On Map
I was skeptical about an Italian restaurant in a hotel on the busy, touristy, River Walk having gluten free options. However, I asked and they produced a gf menu complete with breads and pastas. Our waitress even brought me some gf bread/toast to get started with. I ordered the pomodoro pasta which was delicious! Penne pasta with good pieces of seafood and just the right amount of spice. Service was top notch, and so was the food.
Recommended By: Kris On: 2016-02-23

Austin, Texas (TX) View On Map
I recently took a weekend trip to Austin, Texas and it was super awesome. Upon our arrival, we immediately parked the car and went to a gluten-free burger place called Hopdoddy's. Here's the thing - it's not the kind of restaurant that you just give your name, wait for a table, and go sit down. Instead, you are given an experience.

Step 1: Get in line - Yes, I said that right - there's a line, it actually wraps around the side of the building outside and then goes all the way through the restaurant. Now, I'm usually an impatient person, especially when it comes to waiting for food, but this was fun.

Step 2: Drink in line - When you're outside, a server walks through the line and takes drink orders.

Step 3: Order your burger - The staff is super friendly at Hopdoddy's. When we ordered our burger, I asked the employee about their gluten-free buns and he said they make everything in-house with Austin's Bona Dea Baking Company gluten-free flour. I think that's pretty darn awesome. He then noted my order and my sister's as gluten free.

Step 4: Sit down at assigned table - After you order, you sit down at the table that was assigned to you as you were standing in line. We sat there for a few minutes before our food was brought out to us. When I saw my burger and fries coming my way, I swear it was love at first sight. Absolutely delicious.

Step 5: Eat your gluten-free heart out - I literally ate every last bite of the meal.

If you're in Austin, you have to give Hopdoddy's a try. It's not just good gluten-free food, but it's an experience. Waiting in line there is actually fun to do, especially when you have a margarita in your hand!
Recommended By: @GFreeLaura / gfreelaura.com On: 2014-10-09

Black Walnut Cafe
Houston, Texas (TX) View On Map
A few weeks ago, I travelled to Rice Village. After my appointment, I decided to stop for dinner at the Black Walnut Cafe. I walked into the restaurant, and was immediately greeted by a "gluten-free bread available". Still sceptical (maybe they considered this gluten-free thing a fad diet, and were not well-versed in the art of celiac disease), I went up to order. As soon as I ordered the Rustic Grilled Cheese with gluten-free, I was asked if I had an allergy or intolerance to gluten. I immediately felt comfortable and awaited my order. I did not get a chance to find out the brand of gluten-free bread used, but it was quite a delicious sandwich!! The cheese melted fantastically onto the bread, and the bread was grilled to perfection! It was definitely an unhealthy gluten-free meal worth enjoying, and was the perfect rainy day treat. I highly recommend trying out Black Walnut Cafe if you're ever in Houston, especially for brunch, as their omelets are fantastic as well (you can substitute toast with corn tortillas, in true TexMex fashion).
Recommended By: @CeliacInCollege / collegestudentwithceliac.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-09

Ruby's BBQ
Austin, Texas (TX) View On Map
While I used to stop in for BBQ beef tacos when I was a UT student, I had a feeling those tacos were the soft, flour-y variety, and I was right. However, the dude behind the counter pulled out a gluten-free menu, which had the added advantage of warning you away from foods filled with gluten. Ruby's. You surprise and delight.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-08

Wild Wood Bake House & Cafe
Austin, Texas (TX) View On Map
Wild Wood Bake House & Cafe knows how to party as they offer more gluten-free beers than I've ever seen in one place, and an incredible amount of gluten-free baked goods including (but not limited to) muffins, breads, Ding Dongs. SO GOOD. The whole place is gluten-free, and amazing. So pull up a chair and chow down, gluten-free'ers.
Recommended By: @peveteaux / glutenismybitch.wordpress.com On: 2013-06-08

Good To Go
Katy, Texas (TX) View On Map
I have been waiting for a gluten free restaurant in Houston. Not just a bakery, or a gluten free menu, but a restaurant. 100% gluten free. Today, Missy suggested we eat at Good To Go, mentioning that it was gluten free, and I figured they had a gluten free menu. After looking at the menu I was psyched! The entire menu is gluten free! I called to ask how late we could order, and chatted with the lady for a bit. She said the entire kitchen is dedicated gluten free. Woo! Previously, I had to wait until my travels took me to San Antonio to get great gluten free grub at Little Aussie (and about 10 loaves of bread). Now, I can get my gluten free jollies any time I want, worry-free!

So, what did I order? A chicken pot pie. It was DELICIOUS. My only critique is that I wish it had more delicious crust. I also got a loaf of bread, which is hearty. This is no loaf of white bread, my friends. Spongy, not hard, with a wholesome taste. Yum. It did not knock my current favourite off the shelf, but it's still very good. Oh, I also got two cupcakes from the display case. Honestly, they were nothing special. Did it bum me out? Not at all. I was super full from the delicious food. I'm super happy that this place exists, and that it caught Missy's eye. I will be going there again.

P.S. It's currently pick up or delivery only, but the lady on the phone mentioned that they're getting tables soon.
Recommended By: jacobithe-glutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2013-04-20

Galaxy Cafe
Austin, Texas (TX) View On Map
We were welcomed with a big gluten free menu and I ultimately opted for the G-Free Veggie Burger, a gluten free vegan patty on a rice bun. It was great! The meal was very filling. The bun was great, with full flavor and good cohesion. The veggie patty itself tasted fresh, not over cooked, and the side of vegetables was delicious too. All in all, it was a great kick off to our trip in Austin.
Recommended By: @glutenfreeways / glutenfreeways.com On: 2013-02-13

Las Canarias Restaurant
San Antonio, Texas (TX) View On Map
One amazing surprise that neither of us were expecting was the inclusion of a gluten free table in the breakfast buffet. The restaurant is connected to the hotel, called Las Canarias. The gluten free fare was off in the corner, and as soon as I noticed it I swooped in. There was a little table with a gluten free menu, laid out with gluten free english muffins and toast, complete with a dedicated toaster. There was also gluten free granola (Udi's, I think) and mini parfaits. Yes, they took the time to make mini gluten free granola and yogurt parfaits. There were also cranberry muffins that were made in-house. I was so happy! Recommended? Absolutely. I'd go out of my way to eat there again.
Recommended By: jacobithe-glutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2012-12-31

Little Aussie
San Antonio, Texas (TX) View On Map
Little Aussie not only makes the BEST gluten free bread I've ever tasted, but they have a completely gluten free restaurant AND bakery. I love this place. Seriously, I was in heaven. While we were waiting to order, the owner came by with sticky bun samples. Um, YES I would like a sample! I wish I could eat there every week. We started with dessert, of course. Mine was raspberry sponge cake and his was something chocolate & pecan. Then we enjoyed a delicious 100% gluten free meal. I had the meat pie, and my gluten-eating husband had a sandwich on gluten free bread that was delicious. I tell you what, I even ate the leftover meat pie cold a few hours later and it was equally delicious. Before we left, I purchased 4 loaves of bread, some rolls, and a cookie to take home.
Recommended By: jacobithe-glutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2012-12-31

Sushi Zushi
San Antonio, Texas (TX) View On Map
One night we found ourselves at Sushi Zushi. It's a small place, located on the street level of the riverwalk. When our waitress came by, she saw that I was looking at the gluten free section and seemed very knowledgeable about it all. It made me feel comfortable right away. The gluten free section of the menu is very comprehensive and thorough. We enjoyed the edamame and ordered a few rolls, and the one containing gluten arrived on its own plate, with the sauce on the side - just in case I changed my mind and wanted some. I love it when I can confidently eat a meal without fear of gluten. I've found that most sushi places are pretty easy to navigate gluten-free, but this place is just that much easier.
Recommended By: jacobithe-glutenfree.blogspot.com On: 2012-12-31