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Gluten Free in Brazil

Click on one of the more popular locations or search for where you want to go or what you want to eat. Alternatively, use our Map to find all Gluten Free locations near you!

São Paulo|State of Santa Catarina|Rio Grande do Norte
Casa Santa Luzia
, São Paulo View On Map
Casa Santa Luzia is a supermarket where you can find a gluten free section. There's a great variety of breads, cookies, pasta and chocolates.
Recommended By: Gabriela Brito On: 2018-06-23

São Paulo, São Paulo View On Map
There's one unity of the restaurant at the neighbohood Jardins and another one at the mall Pâtio Higienópolis. The kitchen is safe from cross contamination. The food is really delicious. You can eat healthy meals, cakes and desserts, breads, sandwiches and drink a great beer.
Recommended By: Gabriela Brito On: 2018-06-23

Ello Orgânico
Natal, Rio Grande do Norte View On Map
Gluten-free and no animal milk meals are served at the restaurant. The kitchen is safe from cross contamination. Good food.
Recommended By: Gabriela Brito On: 2018-06-22

Ponta dos Ganchos
Governador Celso Ramos, State of Santa Catarina View On Map
This place was breathtaking. We stayed here during our South American honeymoon. Everything about Ponta dos Ganchos is luxury and style. I hated to leave this place. The service was amazing, the food was so delicious, and the accommodations were superb. I have coeliac disease and am unable to eat gluten and they were able to accommodate my dining limitations with ease. I was able to eat anything on the menu and they just adjusted it to fit my needs. I was treated so well that I don't think any trip will ever be able to stack up to this place. I would give it 6 stars if I could!
Recommended By: mccubcakes On: 2011-05-22